With 9.5 lakh+ cases, Bengaluru pips Pune as India's Covid capital



BENGALURU: Bengaluru has pipped Pune to become India's Covid capital as a district with most number of infections - more than 9.5 lakh as of May 10 - in the country.


The IT capital always had most number of cases in Karnataka, but its precipitous climb to the top of the table came on the back of a massive surge in cases fueled by the pandemic's second wave.


As of May 10, Bengaluru Urban district had about 20,000 more cases than Pune. Comparatively, Bengaluru had 86,500 fewer cases than Pune as on April 30 and more than a lakh as on March 31, indicating the rapid growth in cases in the past 40 days.


With 1.9 lakh fresh infections reported in the first 10 days of this month, Bengaluru Urban district added more than 5.1 lakh cases since April 1. Pune added 3.9 lakh cases in the same period.


This means more than 54% of Bengaluru’s 9.5 lakh cases have been added in 40 days. Bengaluru’s daily case average for the said period is 12,901, while in the past 10 days, it stands at 19,451. No other district in India has added as many cases in the said period. While the Karnataka go nment has conceded it underestimated impact of the second wave, the case burden on Bengaluru is unmanageably huge.


Eight states have more than 10 lakh cases: Maharashtra (51.4 lakh), Karnataka (19.7 lakh), Ker (19.3 lakh), Tamil Nadu (14 lakh), Uttar Pradesh (15.2 lakh), West Bengal (10.1 lakh), Andhra Pradesh (13.2 lakh) and Delhi (13.3 lakh).



Tl Chaudhuri

Dont forget we have a worthless go nment in Karnataka. The CM when the Covid cases were touching 10,000 a day said, we will bring curbs after the bye ions are over. By the time the bye ions got over it went out of control



aaaa bbbb

With Yeddiyurappa and his boss Modi at the helm, what else can one expect?

莫迪掌 权,人们还能指望什么呢?


Ramesh Sargam

All "credit" goes to useless Karnataka state administration. Our ed ministers knows only to "loot" and not to admin.



Keshav Kaushik

presi nt rule is the only solution in karnataka



subrat patro

Sorry Karnataka is a BJP rules state.And BJP ruled states are dont make any mistake,,its all due to Nehru re gie.




Make Uddhav Thackeray the PM of India till 2024 and let him fight ag inst Covid 19 till 2024. Then hold the Polls



Nikhil M

Congratulations CM for making this a reality. None of us thought this would happen. The way how some strict rules were made last year, it helped a lot, but this time being casual and not taking actions at time has caused this.



Jong Hu

India is getting aid from the world.what more can you want. it's same like Somalia , they too get aid from all over the globe.




Just saw a video of dead bodies floating in Ganga river,most sad and scary video I have ever seen,bloated rotten bodies mostly eaten by dogs.



Mithilesh Kumar

Situation is very rming and precarious. There is need for the state Govt to wake up and take measures to check the growing infection. It is surprising why center is kee quiet in case of such rming condition in the state.



Deviprasad Nayak

Modi is responsible for this crisis,he hate Bengaluru.State Govt started vaccination last month but Modi denied vaccine and Oxygen and killed thousands of people in bengaluru




BJP is disgusting



I Am

Quit and accept defeat, accept that you cannot handle it, cannot run a nation on lies ,hoax and fake propoganda.




With clueless chaiw in centre and his usless follower here what else do you expect ?



Royal Padariya

We are lucky that today Congi is not in power otherwise, we would be facing the worst ever time...



Peepal Trees

We need to learn from Telengana on controlling the covid numbers , IT Companies may relocate to diff cities if the same thing neagtive news continues



Peepal Trees

Admn needs to learn from Singapore and Japan on how to control the covid cases



The Nationalist

People and Administration equally responsible . But 70 % from Administration



Pks Ma

Blore is the corrupted most city in India.. current govt. still busy looting ppl through their various services..and there's absolutely NO plan to create o2 plant, bring vaccine, be it anything..all are simply a$$holzz..

班加罗尔是印度最腐 败的城市。现任政府仍然忙着通过各种各样的形式来压榨人民,而且没有建氧气厂的计划,也没有疫苗截止计划


Ashwin Deshmukh

One Nation one medicine for all the disease. Let us bring the cows to the hospital and tie it to each patient bed instead of Oxygen cylinder. As andhbakth are saying cows inhales carbon Di ode and releases Oxygen.


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