India to take back illegal UK migrants in return for professional visas



LONDON/ NEW DELHI: India and UK reset their relations with a ‘Roadmap 2030’, setting the ground for a free trade agreement, vaccine collaboration and a historic migration accord that will see India taking back illegal migrants in return for professional visas.


In a virtual summit on Tuesday, Boris Johnson and Narendra Modi set the course for bilateral ties for the next decade, which Johnson said marked a "new era in the UK-India relationship" in a post Bret environment. The leaders met virtually to compensate for Johnson cancelling his trip to India last month owing to the deteriorating Covid-19 situation.


Significantly, India and UK signed a pact on migration and mobility, wherein India will take back illegal migrants from the UK in return for employment visas for 3000 Indian professionals, said Sandeep Chakravarty, joint secretary in MEA, briefing journalists after the summit. "It is our solemn duty that Indian nationals who are undocumented, or are in distress abroad and not being given nationality or residence permits, have to be taken back," Chakravorty said.


Britain's interior ministry said in a statement that the deal aimed to attract "the best and best, and supporting people coming to the UK through legal routes, while stop the abuse of the sy em and speeding up the removal of those who have no to be in the UK". Earlier negotiations on this issue had gone nowhere.



Bharat Sharma

Modi must be crying inside that no foreign holiday in last 1 year.


Lakshmi Narayanan

What he'll enjoy on a UK trip at this age? People look at only his travel but international relations are very important for a country. These visits will lay a good foundation for improving international relations. Why is so many countries help India during covid crisis? It's all due to good relationships.



R Venkatesh Govind

In the last 7 years of Modi misrule, no PM has ever worked so hard in ion campaigning or foreign trips.

过去7年莫迪实施暴 政,没有哪位总理在竞选或出访方面如此努力。


Guest Login

What about absconders? They should be sent back without legal process ahead of illegal resi nts




Bhabhi Ji Ghar Pe Hai

Indians are hypocrites. British ruled India for 200yrs and on one hand everyone celebrates the fre m fighters sacrifice in gaining that independence. But on the other hand even now every Indian wants to run back to their White masters to serve them as of 200yrs wasn't enough..




Have any neighbouring countries like Bangladesh or Myanmar agreed to take back immigrants.Then why India agreed?


Tim Jaccobs

Because Fakendra didn't understand what he was signing!



FM Vacancies

Mutually recognize Master's degrees...nice, thats some lottery! Yaay



Travel and knowledge Earth

Such a good development but look at other comments...ab kya hi Karen aide logo ka..Negative people


WB New

You want to add to crowd, especially covid crowd, by bringing back illegal migrants to India? Feed and treat them with your own money.




First send back Mallya and Nirav Modi.



Shasti Brata

Why, I ask? Why should we take them back? Why cant they be classified as Syrian Refugees and given permanent residence?






All of them should be expelled from UK, and brought back to heir home country. Will UK cooperate on this, or it will become conscientious objector to return these Indians to India?



vijay bhatt

Not good move by brits as Professionl anyway going to get visa as Brits need them

And illegal have worked hard to become legal and supporting britis buisness




Most illogical deal by UK. Just ship all the illegals back to India as Trump did.



Alok Singh




Sunny Cal

Not to worry! Biden has invited illegal immigrants from all over the world to come to the US. He has thrown the US border open for illegal immigrants. Hundreds of thousands of illegals have entered the US in the past 3 months, many thanking Biden and sporting Biden T-shirts. Upon crossing the border, Biden gives them free healthcare, $1400 check, welfare benefits, free schools for children...the list is long, all paid for by US taxpayers.




WB New

For how long? Seems to be another Ob..



Tim Jaccobs

How shameless can you people get? First you facilitate export of people illegally and then demand a ransom in the form of equal number of legal professional visas for taking them back! Also, brain drain is no issue for this illiterate go nment!




vijay bhatt

Hello cobs , brits are more selfish and brits have inrtrued in india illegally for years


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