Useless to debate Covid toll as dead won’t come back to life: Khattar



CHANDIGARH: Dismissing talk of Haryana under-reporting Covid-19 deaths, CM Manohar Lal Khattar said on Tuesday that there was “no point making a noise over the number of people who have died as the dead won't come back to life”.


“We should avoid playing with the data related to deaths,” Khattar said in Rohtak while responding to a question on the district administration allegedly withholding the exact number of deaths caused by Covid.


“Our entire focus at present should be on how we can provide relief to the people in the state. Our endeavour would be to save the mamum lives. There is no point arguing about the number of deaths. The main issue at present is whether we are able to streamline our sy em,” the CM said. “Nobody knew about the pandemic. We need everyone’s support at this time and nobody should make data related to deaths a point of contention.”


Congress's Randeep Surjew latched on to Khattar’s comments, saying “such words can only be of a ruthless ruler”. “It is necessary to debate each and every death in the state that has taken place because of the go nment’s failure. It is warranted to debate so that it can reach BJP, which has turned a deaf ear to the issue,” he said.


In Rohtak, Khattar had denied that the administration's handling of the Covid surge had been lax and insensitive. On senior officers of the administration being allegedly unavailable for any kind of assistance, Khattar said everyone was accessible to him over the phone even at odd hours. He also defended the state’s largest health institute, Rohtak-based PGIMS, shutting its doors to Covid-19 patients. The CM said admission was stalled by low oxygen pressure. “Once the oxygen pressure level came to normal, admission of patients was allowed.”


Haryana has reported 4.5 lakh Covid infections and around 4,000 deaths. At several places, deaths have been allegedly caused by unavailability of oxygen.



Umesh Singh

Is he lost his mind, what actaully he wants to say “ dead can not ve ; so why count them “

Mr Khattar they died becuse you failed ; if you would have shown numbers ; your department/center/ world whould have acted much earlier and thousand would have been saved .

I am ashamed that we ve such people to come in power !!





For Bjp, lives lost are just a number. People should remember these words when they press the button in 2024.



Arun Royappan

lease send ash of your beloved to CM and Pm .....psycho words from CM is hE educated ???



common indian

Who Cares about the number of common people... Our Cow dung only cares about the **ACHE DIN ** for ADANI and AMBANI.. FEKU sending Vaccines to foreign instead of giving it to Indians..



Akash Sarma

Yes no need to debate. Modi go nment just wants to test your Maths skills . So you just multiply it by 10 and that's the original death count. Simple.



Jaali Ne

He admits he has Fudged the death toll to save his chair and got more infected and killed



Prateek Siddhartha

i wish Khattar dies of Covid... that would be the best karma he deserves



Sudhi B

People are now eagerly waiting for 2024 to teach a lesson




Those who are still blindly following this , your end is near.



Gumnami Baba

Khattar is , next ions are too far to worry about those dying today.



Rony Rajan

Even many among from the dead may have trusted you and ed you. Literally we are paying the price with our lives because of your negligence and poor governance.You have proved that you and your go nment can't do anything good but atleast stop saying such statements which is nothing but hurting the sentiments of the people.



Ruchir Srivastav

That is a very carelss statement Mr. Chief Minister. Hopefully the people and the friends & relatives of the affected remember this the next time you and your is on yhe ballot. BJP has started taking things for granted. The Modi charisma and the Modi wave the country is banking on since 2014 is fading.



Anil Kumar

Bhartiya Jumla Party dest yed India...



Rajesh Kumar

It is no surprise that BJP/RSS is full of heartless people who think that they are gods and nothing will happen to them BUT there is God who will give them due rewards on this earth for their misdeeds. Modi has been upgraded to BUTCHER OF INDIA from BUTCHER OF GUJARAT Jai Ho Jai Ho



Mukesh M

Hope you also join the dead soon



Ansh Sharma

When his own die, then will see if he says same . Shameless !



Mangal Nagar

Khattar Ji...you're a one s!ck callous S0B, least show minimal empathy for grieving families, who feels hapless and grossly neglected by sy ematic failures. Hope you'll r your rewards for such heartless utterances.



Mukesh M

What else to be expected from a BJP neta, sab moti chamdi hain, 2-4 lakh mar jaye toh koi farak nahin. Ve for BJP and die like rats




I Am

Planet of Apes has become a reality. Baboons thriving and ruling Humans.




Dead would haunting back to him and his ….how can a man like this sleep at nights??


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