Every second person getting tested in Kolkata is positive



KOLKATA: One of two persons undergoing RT-PCR tests in Kolkata and its suburbs is turning out to be Covid-positive. In the rest of the state, one of four RT-PCR report is Covid positive. That is a five-fold jump from the begng of the month, when only one of 20 tests was positive.


“Laboratories in Kolkata and surrounding areas are reporting a positivity rate of 45%-55% while in other parts of the state the positivity rate is around 24%, up from 5% at the begng of this month,” said a doctor attached to one of the largest laboratories conducting RT-PCR tests in the state.


This, a senior doctor at a state-run hospital said, is only the tip of the iceberg. “The actual positivity rate will be much higher. There would be so many asymptomatic or mildly symptomatic patients who are not getting themselves tested. We are not testing enough. We must not be deterred from testing more as this is one major tool to contain this wave,” he said.


Of the 25,766 samples tested in the state on April 1, only 1,274 samples were positive, a positivity of 4.9%. On Saturday, 55,060 samples were tested across the state and 25.9% samples or 14,281 persons were positive.


“One reason is the high transmissibility of the mutant vir s which is infecting a large number of people in a short span of time. In most cases, entire families are getting infected. Another reason for the high positivity is that only those who are symptomatic are going in for the tests,” said Bhaskar Narayan Chaudhuri, microbiologist at Peerless Hospital.

Peerless Hospital的微生物学家Bhaskar Narayan Chaudhuri说:“原因之一是变异病毒的高传播性,高病毒能在短时间内感染大量人群。在大多数情况下,整个家庭都被感染了。另一个高阳性率的原因是,只有那些有症状的人才会去做检测。”


R K Deva

thanks to Modi , Shah and their pet ion commission.



Prathamesh Yamgar

Vir s doesn't care who wins ion. Vir s only knows to sicken the person. God save Bengal now.



Prasad Ramesh Joshi

Slap mass murder charges on every po itician who held ion rally in Kolkata!!!

在加尔各答举行选举集会的每一个政客,都应该被判大屠 杀罪!


Surendra Mishra

very dangerous situation



Subbu India

If every second man tested in Kolkata is ve then how the covid ve number in Bengal is just around 14000 only



Imtiyaz Khan

We deserve this , Modi appoint all RSS members to all the important posts in India including ion commission.



buddha jyoti kar

And it has nothing to do with ion rally!!!




This is gift of our po iticians who talk big & spread lies all days



Tanmay Chakrabarti

Grave news indeed.



Rene Fernandez

We had such stupid CEC who allowed Po itical rallies and also allowed voting without social distancing . When many will die in Bengal will the Election Commission still sleep in peace ?




because of chor chai w he dont even bother what is hap in the country , but he was busy blaming didi



Desh Bhakt

Modiji tussi great ho..... you have single handedly made India number 1...in corona cases.... lol :)



Raj Kumar




Binny Aegis

Will the PM take responsibility or will blame Nehru for this too ?



Modis Mirror

Like Donald Trump, Mr Modi would not give up campaigning while the pandemic raged. India went ahead with five state ions in April, and an unmasked Mr Modi held huge rallies. Mr Modi’s brand of Indian exceptionalism bred complacency.



Anjan Kesh

Modi should be arrested for anti-national activities in spreading the pandemic



JAI Hind

thanks to idiot PM and HM.. now they will be very very happy.. thier objective is achieved...




Heartless Modi.



HappyTimes User

After gen ide in Gujarat feku does surgical strike in Bengal. His hands are stricken with blood of innocent people. Even if he wins the cost in terms of human lives will be immeasurable.

继在古吉拉特邦的屠 杀后,莫迪在孟加拉进行了外科手术式的打击。他的双手沾满印度无辜人民的鲜血。即使他赢了,人命的损失也是不可估量的。



Thanks to Modi, BJP and EC. Bengal is doomed so is entire country. BJP and Modi cares about power only.


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