Indian agri exports rise 18% despite Covid



NEW DELHI: India exported agri and allied commodities worth Rs 2.74 lakh crore during April 2020—February 2021 compared to Rs 2.31 lakh crore in the same period the previous year, recording an increase of 18%.


The commodities which posted significant positive growth in exports were wheat, rice (non-Basmati), soya meal, spices, sugar, raw cotton, fresh vegetable, processed vegetables and alcoholic beverages. Wheat export posted huge growth over last year, increasing from Rs 425 crore to Rs 3,283 crore — an increase of 727%.


The Nafed had exported 50,000 tonnes of wheat to Afghanistan and 40,000 tonnes of wheat to Lebanon under government to government arrangement. “Even during the difficult time of pandemic, India took care not to disturb the world food supply chain and continued to export,” said the agriculture ministry in a statement on Wednesday.


During April 2020-February 2021, the country imported agri commodities worth Rs 1.41 lakh crore compared to Rs 1.37 lakh crore in the same period last year witnessing an increase of nearly 3%.


Referring to the export-import figures, the ministry said, “Despite Covid-19, balance of trade in agriculture has increased during April, 2020 – Feb, 2021 to Rs 1. 32 lakh crores as against Rs 93,907 crore during the same period in 2019-20.”

在谈到进出口数据时,印度农业部表示,“尽管爆发疫情,但在2020年4月至2021年2月期间,农业贸易顺差已经增至1.32万亿卢比,而2019- 2020年同期为9390.7亿卢比。”


K Mohan

This is really good news that our farmers work silent and contribute huge to the country and we are indebted



Vilas Krishnarao

Good news! Best wishes for continued growth!!





Feku, aka Surrender Modi, is now behaving like our colonial rulers who kept on exporting our foodgrains even during the late 19th century famines. On top of that, it's no secret that Feku also exports more than twice the number of vaccine jabs used at home in the name of "vaccine diplomacy". All in all, "India first" should not be only a slogan.



Anand Mirle

This is clear indication that “farmers” in the farmers protests are fake farmers because farmers could not have bumped their production to this extent if they were to be sitting at protests enjoying pizza, sauna, massage, booze and bong…Real farmers are hard at work to give us the food grains



Strong Voice

Did production also rise? Or people lost their jobs and consumption went down so we needed to export it instead??


Anand Mirle

Everyone knows we have over supply of food grains so much so that major chunks are rotting...Get some life...


Strong Voice

when people can not buy food, there will be over supply of it.



I Am

farmers grow and govt export, what is the big deal, yet farmers are living below the poverty line. The best quality food is exported and what we get in the Market is expensive



Sanjoy Pandey

This is a real good news among all alarming news of Corona pandemic surge.




who all believes in fake feku data to stir up national sentiments on false growth. feku and his bhakts are terrorist who kills innocent and poor people

莫迪用假数据来煽动国民对虚假增长的热情。莫迪及其支持者是杀害无辜穷人的恐 怖分子


Gurunathan Rajamani

Good thing that Indian Agri Exports have increased. But then why farmers in India are not a happy lot



Indian farmers are happy: punjabi middlemen are not happy



I Am

Yet indian farmer is poor, the Businessmen who buy and export it are Richest



Anand Mirle

Not really...Government buys food grains grown from farmers at MSP and farmers should get their share...It is the middleman who take the major cut - That's where the problem is...



Paul S

How come so many Indians are starving or malnourished if there is enough food for bumper exports? Is this because our society as a whole has lost the soul and compassion for fellow countrymen?




Anand Kumar

A wonderful achievement, despite COVID 19




Great news.



Asok Datta

Like vaccine export, will food grain export will have any impact on availability within our country?



I Am

It is not an achievement , it is due to the present circumstances , The world needs food , India has it and will export every grain even at the cost of its people suffering.



A Singh

Yet the laws are against the farmers only to favor super rich business men like Ambani and Adani.



Rajesh E

Super modi ji


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