Telangana: Middle-class at risk during second wave, says offi al

特伦甘纳邦官 员称,中产阶级在第二波疫情中面临风险


HYDERABAD: The middle and upper middle-class category of resi nts are more prone to contracting the vir s during the ongoing second wave. Currently, around 5,000 patients are admitted at various private and corporate hospitals in the state, especially in and around the city, pushing bed availability to the brink.


“During the first wave, majority of the lower-class population already got affected. In the current wave, we are seeing more of middle-class and above getting affected. This is the reason we are seeing a large number of admissions in the private hospitals. Currently around 2,000 patients are admitted in go nment hospitals in the state while nearly 5,000 patients are in private hospitals,” said Dr G Srinivasa Rao, director of public health, Telangana.

特伦甘纳邦公共卫生主任G Srinivasa Rao博士说:“在第一波疫情中,大多数下层人口已被感染。在当前这波疫情中,我们看到越来越多的中产阶级及以上阶层受到感染。所以我们在私立医院看到大量的住院病人。目前约有2000名患者住在公立医院,近5000名患者住在私立医院。”

“This is going to be the more pronounced in the coming days and everyone who has not got affected earlier will get affected this time,” the director added.


Apart from upscaling testing and surveillance, the state health department has also increased vaccination centres and has ramped up vaccination in the recent days.


Meanwhile, sources at corporate hospitals too confirm the latest trend of upper middle-class resi nts getting infected more this time. “It is largely due to lapses on part of the public that entire families are landing up for treatment. Several people have admitted to taking things easy and attending social gatherings in recent days,” said an offi al from one of the corporate hospitals.


While admissions have already increased in private and corporate hospitals, the number of compnts ag inst hospitals for overcharging has also started pouring in. “Since majority of the patients from the middle and upper middle-class prefer the private healthcare setup and are able to foot the bills, the few who might be cash strapped are now approaching the health department with compnts. So far, less than 10 compnts have been received and out of them, only a few are about pricing,” said a source from the state health department.



rajesh joshi

Wow, this vir s is a class identifier. baseless reporting




Eye catching heading but no basis for conclusion.



Deepak Kabbur

The author of this news has not mentioned the scientific rationale why only middle class is at risk.




Middle class is at risk every year during the great sita ram budgets



Vikash Holla

Earlier only Modiji was taking middle class for ride, now even corona vir s taking us for ride.




Middle class at risk from the day BJP came at center




Dont worry. Middle class is always on risk in any situation!




Modis favourite rich class are safe. That's all what matters. Poor and Middle class are just junk for Adani and Ambani boy. So no action will be taken middle class have been given all free will to die on road in house etc because no bed no hospital for them under Modi Raj



Rajesh Ganesh

Why creating such a Hype??? Just consider it as a normal flu.




Ginger Guru

All tax payers will suffer this time, the country is doomed




Makes sense, so if I quit my job I will not get COVID.



Dhairyashil Raibagakar

why they are infected becoz they are out for there work due to heavyburden of loan and emis.



Santhosh Reddy

B S reporting, i know every class of people irrespective of social financial status and re gion are getting affected.



Stop over

Pvt hospitals charging 40000 perday



Iron Dome

Middle class in india was always at risk lol



Raghu Nandan

The middle class are tax payers and dont get benefits from go nment. so the vrus planned to attack the middle class.



Ravi Deshpande

Because Middle Class can pay the bills.

Corona, over the time has become intelligent to identify middle and higher middle class to attack




Giridhar Madhuranthakam

In India no one is serious about covid including nethas. At least middle classes should have taken care in terms of avoiding gathering in temples marriage functions shop malls markets etc. It is only the health workers and police suffer a lot due to the negligence of common people.



Nitin Kale

Next wave will be for the the rich?



Gayaz Global

All are getting infected. NO CLASS OR RELIGION FOR VIRUS .


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