India’s maritime cms ‘excessive’, says Biden admin



WASHINGTON: India and the United States are having a rare moment of disagreement in their burgeoning defence ties, with Washington accusing New Delhi of "excessive maritime cms" while asserting the of navigation for its warships close to Lakshwadeep islands.


"I can tell you is that the USS John Paul Jones, a Navy dest yer, asserted navigational s and fre ms in the vicinity of the Republic of the Maldives by conducting innocent passage through its territorial sea in normal operations within its exclusive economic zone without requesting prior permission," Pentagon spokesperson John Kirby on Friday, said after India conveyed its concern over the matter earlier this week. Kirby said the move was "consistent with international law."

在印度表示关切后,周五五角大楼发言人John Kirby表示:“美国海军驱逐舰约翰·保罗·琼斯号在未经事先许可的情况下,无害通过马尔代夫领海,并在其专属经济区内进行正常活动,维护了航行权利和自由。”Kirby说,美国此举“符合国际法”。

Earlier, the US Navy said it conducted a fre m of navigation operation in Indian waters without prior consent to challenge India's "excessive maritime cms," triggering a sharp reaction from New Delhi.


"India's stated position on the UN Convention on the Law of the Sea (UNCLOS) is that the Convention does not authorise other states to carry out in the Exclusive Economic Zone (EEZ) and on the continental shelf, military exercises or manoeuvres, in particular those involving the use of wons or explosives, without the consent of the coastal state," India's ministry of external affairs said in a statement.


"The USS John Paul Jones was continuously mon ored transiting from the Persian Gulf towards the Mcca Straits. We have conveyed our concerns regarding this passage through our EEZ to the go nment of the USA through diplomatic channels," the MEA statement added.


On its part, the US 7th fleet maintained that on April 7, 2021 (local time) USS John Paul Jones (DDG 53) asserted navigational s and fre ms appromately 130 nautical miles west of the Lakshadweep Islands, inside India's exclusive economic zone, without requesting India's prior consent, consistent with international law.

美国第七舰队则坚称,当地时间2021年4月7日,美国海军约翰·保罗·琼斯号(DDG 53号)在印度专属经济区内,未经印度事先同意,在拉克沙群岛以西约130海里处维护航行权利和自由,这符合国际法。



US (Biden & Kla, both pro-) must clarify its stand & Apologize, rather than coming up with such accusations, else its time to bid good bye to QUAD. Y not they dare try that at SC S ? Neither Vir s Hub or US are trustworthy & its utterly foolish to be too very dependent on them.

美国(拜登和卡玛拉都是亲华的)必须澄清立场并道歉,不该提出这样的指控,否则印度就该跟四方会谈说再见了。他们敢在南 海尝试吗? 和美国都不值得信任,太过依赖它们是愚蠢的。


India Rising

US cannot be trusted....they will back stab us!



Nadira Faizal

Brainless Biden is only worried abt h an ri hts situation in de ratic countries. Biden idiot keeps mum on pakistan turkey... Trump was straightforward and very clear in mindset

没脑子的拜登只担心国家的人 权状况,却对巴基斯坦、、土耳其保持沉默…特朗普比较坦率,思维非常清晰


Bi Sachdev

carry out joint exercises with russia on US pacific coast




US Navy could have just taken a permission from India & avoided the spat. Arrogance & ignorance of that ship's captain may be the root cause - he simply have not understood the po itical dge it caused to relationship



Desh Bhagat

beware of Americans, they are worst than any breed of chameleons on earth. to the extent that you may consider trusting but do not touch the Yankees even with a 100 mtr barge pole.




India should realize at least now not to put all eggs in one basket. US will always bully other countries and India can never be an equal partner. US always looks for its interest ONLY.



Rinku Singh

Beware US, Shreemaan Modhiji's will give you red eye treatment. Your Apps can also be banned. Ask Pak, , Nepal, Bangladesh if you don't know about Shreemaan Modhiji.



Abhijit Sharma

Indira Gandhi defeated in 1967.She faced bravely US warship in 1971.Modi got defeated by last year. He lost depsang,gogra,hot springs and india forced back in pangong Now this seless could not stop US from entering Indian waters. Bhakts must realize that Modi is not even 1% of Indira Gandhi.





it seems to me USA is trying tomsend a.signal.to India about something. Is it S400? Or something else? Whatever it is India will do what's in its best interest.





Abhijit Sharma

Modi has made india a laughing stock for the whole world.




Does Russia ever do such a thing? US thinks it can tinker with any country bcoz it’s a superpower. Will India learn from this in dent or continue to be a fool to align with US militarily?





Saki Baba

US has no clue these days what they are doing.

Sleepy Joe is always nap and Kla is completely incompetent.

As the old saying goes. Never put all your eggs in one basket.





Imtiyaz Khan

If this is congress govt they dont even question Americans , atleast BJP is questioning their intentions . We can change our policies if needed. Its still early to say , you cant decide based on one little in dent.

如果是国大党执 政,印度甚至不会向美国人提出质疑,至少印度人民党会质疑他们的意图。如果需要,我们可以改变政策。现在下结论还为时过早,不能仅凭一件小事就下结论。



US cannot afford to mess with India any longer. They will soon try reconciliation. I know



yugandhar nbolu

Never believe USA. In future.. it will try to push down india..




This is the reason why I was preferring Trump's reion. Biden/Kla are not good from Indian point of view.



Anjan Kesh

This is a direct result of our PM going to US and foolishly interfering in their ions with "Abki baar trump sarkar"



Arjun Mane

Is Biden out of his mind?




Biden and Kla are neo-liberal globalists who hate India under Modi


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