What helped Uttar Pradesh contain Covid-19



Almost a year into Covid-19 pandemic, UP can count over six lakh patients, but a 98.2% recovery rate and less than 1.4% death rate helped the state outshine others.


However, this success story wouldn’t have been possible without the eight factors which helped UP do better than even the ‘better off’ states despite its huge population and limited resources. Here’s a list —


FORCE OF THREE: The political leadership has been the protagonist of effective Covid management. While CM Yogi Adityanath played the lead, finance and medical education minister Suresh Khanna and health minister Jai Pratap Singh did their best in supporting roles.


THE GO-GETTERS : The next big question was ‘how to make it happen’ and UP’s Team-11 came up with all the answers.


FOOT SOLDIERS : Since 80% patients were asymptomatic, surveillance was the only way to detect and isolate virus carriers. Over 1 lakh personnel covered localities in different cities. The teams have covered 3.12 crore households in 1.86 lakh localities so far.


TESTING WARRIORS: Doctors, microbiologists, technicians, collection agents, data operators and those manning and maintaining machines helped UP conduct the maxmum Covid-19 tests in the nation. Data till March 15 shows more than 3.2 crore tests were done.


OPEN MIND : The virus was new and triggered fear of the unknown. A conventional approach may have given it a chance to spread faster and create havoc, but an open mind of government, policy-makers and health specialists strengthened the fight with initiatives like pool testing and plasma therapy.


TECHNOLOGY SHIFT: When cases started soaring and management of resources, monitoring, surveillance and inter-departmental coordination in districts became tough, technology tools like video conferencing helped. Cell phone GPS was used to keep tab on patients and call records for possible contacts to break the chain.


HELLO DOCTOR: With all focus on pandemic, non-Covid care became a challenge. Telemedicine services like e-Sanjivani became saviours. Official data reveals over 6.2 lakh persons used e-Sanjivani service in UP. Telemedicine and telephonic consultation by experts from SGPGI and other institutes helped people in distress.


FRIENDS OF THE STATE: Healthcare infrastructure needed a major push and investment to tackle the pandemic. Corporates like Tata Trust and HCL donated in both cash and kind. Individuals, too, donated to UP CM’s Covid Care Fund, social organisations and volunteers came out to help, WHO and UNICEF provided technical support, influencers like religious leaders and media helped in countering resistance when tough calls like total lockdown were made.



Biil Brace

Yogi Adityanath government is efficient,look at the progress made in the last few years,roads beter and faster,development of major tourist centers and cities .In 2 years UP will be the one trillion economy,the heart of our Nation ! Bharat mata ki Jai !



Narendra Mertia

UP Govt. and its police is more vigil in compliance of SOPs prescribed for Covid-19 by Central govt. Further, there are more tests when compared with any other state.



aaaa bbbb

yogis hard work....look at Maharashtra worst condition over there. MH government is worst in country handling the covid situation.



True Indian

no reporting and lack of health care helps Up



Narendra Mertia

Law & order situation in UP is far far better than other states which resulted in strict implementation of guidelines.




The way Yogi handles rioters and miscreants is commendable. I have seen the highways and road in Varanasi which are much much better than road of Mumbai. So no doubt on yogi on smart handling of covid cases in UP

约吉处理暴 徒和恶棍的方式值得称赞。我见过瓦拉纳西的公路,比孟买的公路好得多。毫无疑问,约吉在应对新冠肺炎疫情也很灵活



Is this a paid article?


Parmarth Chandane

absolutely... any doubts




A commendable work by UP govt and we should appreciate it kee in mind corona situation in richer states like Kerala, Maharashtra, Karnataka, and Gujarat.



Godfather Senior

It is the committed leadership with dedicated work force that made the difference. I wish, other states too get such a committed leader like Mr Yogi.



Rip Kirby

It is a big lie up govt just covers up it's civic records with fake data worst than any state



Truth Prevails

Good Governance. Thats the reason.

当地政 府管理有方,这就是原因。



Just one answer: Competent CM



Alok Singh

good job n leadership by the up govt..




Should talk peope of UP , they will tell the actual story


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