India records 35,886 fresh Covid-19 cases, highest in 102 days



NEW DELHI: India recorded its highest Covid-19 tally in 102 days on Wednesday with 35,886 patients testing positive for the virus as Maharashtra continued to be the worst affected state, accounting for 64% of the daily count in the country.


Maharashtra added 23,179 fresh cases, the highest in six months since September 17 (24,619 cases). With this, Maharashtra reported a 30% increase in cases compared to Tuesday, taking the total caseload of the state to 23,70,507. From March 1-17, the daily cases in the state have risen four times.


The daily case count in several cities in Maharashtra was higher than the total case count of worst affected states like Punjab, Gujarat and Madhya Pradesh.


For instance, Nagpur (with 2,698 cases) alone surpassed the daily count of the four states, which recorded cases in four digits — Punjab (2,039), Gujarat (1,122), Kerala (2,098), Karnataka (1,275). With 2,698 fresh cases, Nagpur city, for the first time in pandemic, registered more daily cases than Mumbai, which recorded 2,377 cases.


The tally in Mumbai was almost three times the tally on March 1 (855).


Apart from Maharashtra, as many as 17 states and Union Territories on Wednesday logged the highest count of fresh cases since January or earlier.



Pranav Pathrikar

The rise in Maharashtra numbers is because of the excessive testing. States like UP, Bihar etc are not doing tests. Patients are getting infected and after sometime they get cured




Number are all fake. Gujarat is in crises and 16 districts under curfews yet only 1100 cases reported. Testing has completely stopped in Bihar and UP did only total 5000 test on Sunday. This BJP government is all fake and a liar. They are doing this to project a great image before crucial elections. Unless you accept the problem you cannot solve the problem.







Vasaikars M

I am not sure why deshdroyees are blaming modi ji for the new infections. Actually, it is all Nehru’s fault . He did not build good medical instituitions in the country. Modi ji built more instituions and building like bullet train, rocket to mars etc in just 5 years than nehru’s all 15 years combined





Indi vac

What happened to India highly touted vaccines and world largest vac drive? All faked?






There is a saying which goes like - You can't solve a problem until you admit you have one. Unfortunately, Feku, aka Surrender Modi, and his blind bhakts are still busy trying to shift the blame onto Nehru and state/local govts.




Vicky Sharma

Modi is there to manage. He is busy with elections in Bengal with all his cabinet. So wait until all elections get over and he will tell you bajaao thali and taali and simultaneously give gaali.



Bhensaram Pujari

The reasons why cases are the highest in Maharashtra and Punjab, both non-BJP governments is because bad governance in both these states. In Maharashtra, the state government is busy extorting money from Ambani, covering up murders and crime, so obviously they don't have time to even plan and organize to fight the Corona virus. On the other hand Punjab, a state of idiots is busy doing mass gathering of people to organize farmers' agitation. Both paying price.






Vijayendra Kumar

It is useless starting a debate about Modi and Congress. Emphasis should be on solving current problems



Rahul Gandhi

Maharastra is ruled by a coalition formed of most corrupt parties who are doing every thing to destabilize the economy. Maharastra, Kerala land Punjab, all ruled by Congress and/or Congress led coalition govts, account for 80% of the cases.

马哈拉施特拉由最腐 败的政党组成的联合政府统治,他们不择手段破坏经济稳定。马哈拉施特拉邦、喀拉拉邦和旁遮普邦都由国大党和/或国大党领导的联合政府统治,这些邦的病例占全国的80%。


kashish saini

Maharashtra's government is worst state government ever. Bunch of power hungry goons making situation worst than ever.

马哈拉施特拉邦现在的政府是有史以来最糟糕的邦政府。一群渴望权力的暴 徒把情况搞得更糟了。


Fossil By Then

Non-BJP states are worst affected and in the news.. How come??

疫情最严重的都是非人民党执政的邦。怎么回事? ?


kkd clash

Lockdown is not a solution...

Lockdown will again cause chaos...

Strict travel restrictions..

Lockdown will again bring down businesses and employment... And people might die without covid...






Nation is paying heavy price for illiterate and communal leadership.



Tejas Rangnekar

2nd wave has hit India. Negligence of people to wear mask in public places, Pandemic fatigue, irresponsible behaviour is main reason behind this increase. Totally history repeating itself.



inesh jain

Need to impose 1 month lockdown in Mumbai.



Anirban Chatterjee

For all those idiots attending cricket matches in crowded stadiums, picture this: you might lie dead alongside your loved ones a week from now



Logical chat

The recent T20 matches had 1000s in the audience. marriage and market crowds are back to normal like nothing ever happened. People wear masks on their necks rather than cover their faces . What can be expected in such cases



David Raj

India needs population control. Too many people live in this small country called India. Without managable population, every policies will fail. No commonse sense anywhere, all are selfish. It is all because of stupid religions which people follow in India.


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