My dream is to see India and Pakistan become 'true good friends', says Mla Yousafzai



NEW DELHI: The old philosophy of having borders and divisions doesn't work anymore and the people in India and Pakistan want to live in peace, Nobel laureate Mla Yousafzai said on Sunday, stressing that it is her dream to see the two countries become "good friends".


She also said that minorities need prection in every country, be it Pakistan or India, adding that the issue is not related to re gion but to the "exploitation of power" and must be taken seriously.

她还说,每个国家的 都需要保护,无论是巴基斯坦还是印度。她补充说,这个问题与无关,而是与“权力剥削”有关,必须认真对待。

Yousafzai, a Pakistani activist for girls education who miraculously survived a bullet to the head from the militant Taliban in October 2012, said the news of internet shutdown and arrests of activists "presting peacefully" in India is "worrying" and expressed the hope that the go nment will make sure that people are heard.


"It is my dream to see India and Pakistan become true good friends and that we can visit each other's countries. You can continue to watch Pakistani drs, we can continue to watch Bollywood movies and enjoy cricket matches," the youngest Nobel Peace Prize winner said.


"You are Indian and I am Pakistani and we are completely fine, then why is this hatred created between us? This old philosophy of borders, divisions and divide and conquer... they just don't work anymore, as humans we all want to live in peace," she said.

她说:“你是印度人,我是巴基斯坦人,我们相安无事,为什么我们之间会产生仇恨? 关于边界、、和征服的古老哲学不再适用了,作为人类,我们都希望和平生活。”

The actual enemy of India and Pakistan is "poverty, discrimination and inequality" and both countries should unite and fight them, not each other, she added.


Apart from "India-Pakistan friendship", Yousufzai said she also dreams of the day when every girl would get to go to school and have access to quality education.


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My dream is to see ONE UNITED India of 18th Century.


Albert Knight

Yes. Good to dream of that. But I am not what means to achieve this dream do you have in mind. India in itself it a union of several states BUT under the current gt it has been rendered weak.




Hans Maheshwari

My dream is to see India, Pakistan, Bangladesh become one again. But Mla knows it can't happen in 1000 years, she also knows why. Hey but nobody can stop you from dreaming. Good try though, may be this will get you another nonel prize.





Sanjay Kumar

Saint Mla kept quiet on te rorm and attrocities on minorities in Pakistan

马拉拉对巴基斯坦的主义和对 的保持沉默



As an Indian American, my closest friends are Pakistanis. I often see North Indians having more affinity for Pakistanis over even South Indians, due to the same language, food, culture and more. Should Indian go nment start giving visas to Pakistani's like Pakistan has started for Indians, the enimity will break down. Both Indian and Pakistani's military complex would love for this war to continue. People to people engagement is necessary. These days one can watch YouTube videos of each country ... Read More








She is a fake - so is Greta. These 2 fakes are propped up by some rogues with sinister intent. Nobel peace prize and economics prize are the biggest jokes - meant only for procmed leftists and peace prize is the biggest joke of all.





Rajesh Singhal

This dream will never be fulfilled. Normally, neighbours can never be good friends even in our daily lives.



Logical Indian

Dreaming India & pakistan to be friends is too ambitious, it can only be of master & sl ve.



Sunil Chitravanshi

And my dream is to see Pakistan broken, shattered & fragmented.



Rajeev Dubey

India and Indians will not accept any friendship with the rogue state Pakistan till it keeps precting the te rort masterminds and keeps pushing te rort acros LOC. And Mlah, stop interfering in internal matters of India and put your attentions to all the ills of Pakistan.



Murthy B

Then influence Pakis to wind up terror ca ps in a fashion verifiable by india. And handover PoK to Indian Defence Forces. Otherwise, your dream will remain a daydream.



asian highway

Well first question to be asked is when and whether she plans to return to her own country in the future or not, let alone talk about indo pak relations. Ek se badkar ek hai bhai duniya main.




bodh ramdeo

Yes, it would be ideal for them to be friends and have peace along the borders. But s, she said it ly...a dream,




gm badal

The greatest joke of 2021.




Before she worries about Indian farmers, let her set her home - Pakistan - in order.



Albert Knight

Pakistan has to take the first step by stop the proxy war it wages ag inst India and Afghanistan and stop being a heaven for te rorts.


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