A year after first Covid case, India’s toll drops to 4th in world



India completes one tumultuous year of the Covid-19 pandemic on Saturday, with the vir s outbreak appearing increasingly under control in most parts of the country with each passing day. On Friday, India dropped to the fourth place in deaths from the vir s, with fatalities in Meco overtaking India’s cumulative toll.


With more than 1,500 deaths reported in the past 24 hours, Meco’s Covid toll topped 1,55,000, going past India’s total recorded deaths from the vir s so far (1,54,184).


India has been recording less than 200 Covid deaths per day for more than a fortnight now, at a time when daily fatalities have been over 500 in at least eight countries. Four of these countries have been reporting more than 1,000 daily deaths over the past few days, with the daily toll in the US hovering around 4,000.


The US has registered by far the most deaths from the infection, with the toll of more than 4.4 lakh till Thursday, as per data from worldometer.info. Brazil has the second highest toll at over 2.2 lakh. The UK is the only other country, in addition to Meco and India, where the Covid toll has topped 1 lakh. With the exception of India, all the other four countries are currently witnessing over 1,000 daily fatalities.


It was on January 30 last year that the first Covid-19 case was recorded in India, that of a Ker student who had returned from Wuhan



Top Comment

Thank God.. Rahul Pappu Gandhiji is not PM during this pandemic.



Sanjoy Pandey

With the number of population only second to the creator of the Corona Vir s, India has managed the pandemic well.



Sundaresan Bkrishnan

Absolute numbers are useless with population in different nations being different, Only measure should be death per million population and every other statistics should also be like that per million citizens.



Dinesh Shetty

Had Ker, Delhi & Maharashtra cooperated with Central go nment the result would have been much better.



K Mohan Hyderabad city

The world was baffled over our desi herbs doing wonders in terminating the vir s



K Mohan Hyderabad city

India did manage the pandemic with its own program and thus proved better than other countries



Shyam Sunder

India has done an excellent job considering the population, population density, resources, infrastructure and awareness and most of all an opposition with a very negative attitude.



Kaushik Roy

The ranking parameter should be death per lakh or million in each country. With 1.5 billion population 1.5 lac deaths is far less than 0.02 billion population and 1 lac death.




Let us not become complacent..and continue with social distancing, masks etc..



crusoe rob

Thank God that bjp and NOT Congress was in power in 2020. If Pappu and his Congress had been in power India would have been decimated.



Agastya M

Indians have better diet and better immune sy em than in the West !



Common Man With Common Sense

we would be vigilant, there can always be a second wave , when school reopens...



Common Man With Common Sense

India is 100th in person per population ratios.... well done India, its medical team, front line warriors, its leaders, and public.... proud of India



Ulhas Kulkarni

Now, one only hopes that India won't see a SECCOND wave. SECOND wave is terrible in the countries that have seen it.



Suraj Srinish

This is one are where PM Modi must get total credit for success



Krishan Kumar Totlani

India has done reasonably well to control this pandemic considering its huge population as it is well under control. The Health ministry must be congratulated for this as many other big nations are still not able to control this pandemic.




India is lying about its nunbers.



our logic.

Our villages are reasonably safe as human to human contact is quite low . Our food habits must have also helped.



Doctor Meat

If Congress was in power, vaccine distribution would have been done based on your caste!


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