No rier will be spared: Delhi top cop



NEW DELHI: Delhi police commissioner S N Shrivastava on Wednesday held the farmer union leaders responsible for the violence in the capital on Republic Day. Hinting towards a pre-meditated conspiracy, the police chief accused the leaders of bringing “militant elements” – who were not at the forefront till then – into the picture from the night of January 25 and throwing the stage open to them that ultimately led to the large-scale violence.

新德里:星期三,德里警察局长S N Shrivastava表示,农民工会领导人应对共和国日在首都发生的事件负责。警察局长暗示这是一场有预谋的阴谋,他指责这些领导人从1月25日晚开始将“激进分子”——他们此前一直不在前线——带进来,放任不管,最终导致了大规模的事件。

Addressing a press conference, the top cop asserted that Delhi Police will not spare anyone involved in the rioting. He said the number of police personnel injured in Tuesday’s mayhem stood at 394. “Nineteen people have been arrested till now and around 50 have been detained. Over 25 FIRs have been filed,” he announced. Facial recognition software is being used to identify the riers. The commissioner accused the farmer leaders of going back on their agreement with the police and violating every condition that was agreed upon. He recalled how leaders like Darshan Pal Singh, Satnam Singh Pannu and others had given provocative es which led to the violence. Meanwhile, Darshan Pal Singh has been summoned by the police for questioning in connection with the violence.

在一次新闻发布会上,德里警察局长声称,德里警方不会放过任何参与骚乱的人。他说,在星期二的骚乱中受伤的警察人数为394人。他宣布:“目前已有19人被捕,约50人被拘留。已经提交了超过25份“第一信息报告”。”警方使用了面部识别软件来识别徒。他指责农民领导人违背了与警察达成的协议,并违反了之前达成的条款。他提及Darshan Pal Singh、Satnam Singh Pannu等领导人如何发表挑衅性讲话,导致了事件的发生。与此同时,Darshan Pal Singh已被警方传唤,接受质询。

“The force showed extreme restraint so that there was no loss of life. It was done in everyone's interest,” the police commissioner added. The top cop recalled how they had come to know about the proposed rally on January 2 and immediately approached the farmers who were presting under the aegis of Sanyukt Kisan Morcha.

“警方表现出了极大的克制,因此没有人员死亡。这样做符合所有人的利益,”警察局长补充道。他提及他们是如何得知1月2日的集会计划的,并立即与在Sanyukt Kisan Morcha支持下与农民接触。

“Five rounds of extensive meetings were conducted. Initially, the kisan organisations were requested to change their date due to the police's commitments for the Republic Day parade security arrangements. Despite our repeated requests, they refused to budge,” said the police chief.


Despite agreeing on the mutually decided terms and conditions for the rally, the farmer leaders acted in a very irresponsible manner on Tuesday, said Shrivastava.


He said the most serious and reprehensible act was performed by these presters at Red Fort. They climbed atop the ASI-prected monument, vandalised the whole area and unfurled a re gious flag.


"We want to make it clear to everyone that no one involved in these violent in dents will be spared. All the leaders of the farmer organisations who were participating in these violent activities would be prosecuted,” he said.




Please include Rahul Gandhi and his gang of advisors and Sardar Captain Amarinder also as accused.



Krithi Vasan

The Governor MUST support the action of Police to bring the riers to book. Let there not b any compromise. If this is not nipped in the bud, distrarous consequences will happen. Generations will not forgive this go nment.



K Mohan Twincities

The Delhi people should also arrest those po itical leaders who incited the stir



K Mohan Twincities

Law must be quick and should not prolong for want of proof and witness



Ronak Singh

Law is law, no exceptions to rule.



K Mohan Twincities

Nearly 400 cops are injured and that proved the vengeance of the agitators



Laddu Gopal

It's very simple. Those who are caught, grant no bail for them, no access to Lawyer should be given. Put them in judicial custody and before interrogation they should be beaten black and blue, then they should be charge sheeted and sentenced for rigorous imprisonment for at least 15 to 20 years. Also, they should be charged money for causing dge to public property....




Just set an example with drastic action so that no one dare desecrate our national pride or take laws for granted. And don't spare the po itical leaders involved directly or indirectly.





dinesh berry

catch them and put them in jail, farmers are saying they were not there in roits means either they were terrerists or opposition hired scrondals

逮捕他们,把他们关进,农民说了他们没去,这意味着这些的要么是分子,要么是反对派雇的流 氓


Rakesh Mitra

Too much restraint is cowardice; enough is enough. A prest is no longer peaceful once they start blocking roads and making lives of others difficult. Give cops the freehand to use AK47 on these hooligans.



K Mohan Twincities

The farmers union gave assurance that the rally would be peaceful but it turned otherwise



Sajjan Singh Shaktawat

What Delhi police commissioner said is factually correct. No rier should be allowed to go unpunished. There is need to act fast.



Narayana Narayana

Commissioner Shrivastava the nation wants expeditious action, hi speed FIRs, speedy court trials and imprisonment of all criminals for seditious acts and violence especially on Republic Day.



Avm Malhotra

Modi has no other option as 90% Indians are seething with anger. If he does no book the culprits now, he should start making his post retirement plans from 2024



Vijay Naidu

The riot leaders and the opposition leaders finally walked into the trap set up by the cops.



Vipul Sharma

These hooligans shud be put in Jail, their lands shud be sold to recover the dge of public property during the violence. These farm leaders shud be booked under sedition charges as they defamed the national flag.

这些流 氓应该被关进,卖了他们的地,弥补期间造成的公共财产损失。这些农民领袖应该以诽谤国旗的罪名被控告煽动叛乱。



Hold them responsible. Collect money for all dges. Seize all assets. Punish severely.


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