Edinburgh Zoo's giant pandas could be returned to next year as attraction suffers funding crisis amid pandemic



Edinburgh Zoo's giant pandas may have to return to next year at the end of their 10-year contract with the go nment due to financial pressures amid the coronavir s pandemic.


The Royal Zoological Society of Scotland, which runs both Edinburgh Zoo and the Highland Wildlife Park, faced enormous financial pressure when it was forced to close for three months during the summer.


Costing about £1 million a year to lease the mating pair - female Tian Tian and male Yang Guang - chief executive of the Society David Field says the charity will have to 'seriously consider every pential saving' including their giant panda contract.


Mr Field said: 'The closure of Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park for three months due to Covid-19 has had a huge financial impact on our charity because most of our income comes from our visitors.


'Although our parks are open again, we lost around £2 million last year and it seems certain that restrictions, social distancing and limits on our visitor numbers will continue for some time, which will also reduce our income.


Mr Field added: 'We have to seriously consider every pential saving and this includes assessing our giant panda contract and the cost of their daily care.


'At this stage, it is too soon to say what the outcome will be. We will be discussing next steps with our colleagues in over the coming months.'



Glass, West Midlands, United Kingdom

Lease your Panda at 500,000 per year.



SandyBrown1, London, United Kingdom

I love those Pandas. I just hope they will be treated well if they go back to .



stopeatinganimals, CORBY, United Kingdom

Pandas should be out in the wild without human interference.



SW66Bristol, Bristol, United Kingdom

Hope it works out well for the future of pandas whatever happens!



millendano, UK, United Kingdom

They shouldn't be here. Return them to . have done zing things to preserve pandas, not just lock them up in cages



Dr Sharon Delaney, sheffield, United Kingdom

all the billionaires and multi million footballers should be funding zoos and other wildlife charities



mummy quatro, Southampton, United Kingdom

I don't see a problem with outdoor attractions such as zoo's, country parks and gardens being open. We have to support what we can!



Ottaviani, Verona, Italy

A million for a Panda and Scots cant even contact a Doctor when they need one



its cold up here, Up North, United Kingdom

1 million pounds a year - another SNP initiative that puts pet projects before health and education.



NM2, notts, United Kingdom

Send them back now before you run out of money, and everyone should stop buying stuff to send a message.



Steve C, Gloucestershire, United Kingdom

Leased? What happened to good will?



Fikav, Ek

Good back where they belong



Jenna, Private, United Kingdom

The take care and treat the pandas very well - it is one of their national pride.



Johngers888, Glasgow, United Kingdom

We rent a couple of a Pandas at a million a year while children go hungry. Zoos should be banned.



HALCYON DAZE, FOD, United Kingdom

Agree. It's time these delightful animals were returned



No More Fake News, A thousand dissatisfied women, United Kingdom

If the Pandas are returning home, the Zoo will lose another major stream of income, that is generated by the Pandas being there. It is a double edged sword!



black5f, Ferroequinologist, United Kingdom

Leased ... a million a year? What about kingfishers red squirrels and water voles?




Mark Francois, Conscience, United Kingdom

Just replace them with good old British badgers. No one will know and far more patriotic.



Victoria, Nottingham, United Kingdom

Dont send them back


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