UK approves Oxford vaccine, raising hopes for India rollout



NEW DELHI: In a big boost for the war against Covid-19, Britain on Wednesday authorised emergency use of the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine, making it the first country to approve the vaccine that is expected to be the mainstay of India's inoculation programme early in 2021.


The Indian regulator is expected to follow suit soon, but the subject expert committee that met on Wednesday sought more data relating to the vaccine's immunogenicity, which will mean the emergency-use approval may take a few more days. The committee is set to meet next on Friday, raising hopes of a vaccine rollout in early January.


The committee will analyse the updated data submitted by Serum Institute of India and also the indigenous vaccine candidate of Bharat Biotech. SII has said it has already stockpiled 40-50 million shots of Covishield and is augmenting this number every week.


Reports said Covishield could become the most widely used shot given its moderate pricing of $3 to $4 a dose and that it can be transported and stored in normal refrigerators for several weeks.


Pfizer-BioNTech requires freezers at minus 70° while Moderna’s needs minus 20°, and they both cost more.


The developments indicate India’s vaccination drive will roll out early January, aiming to inoculate around 30 crore people in the first phase by July.



Top Comment

Give it to frontline workers and se ior citizens first. They are more vulnerable and need this first.



Honest Indian

In india, no approvals are given so easily.




give it first to modi and team they work very hard




But the basic question is if the part time politician ( and the only genius in Cong party as considered by senior leaders of the party ) RG sitting at Italy will approve this plan of action / proposal.



Davinder Singh

I think AstraZeneca vaccine will roll out in India but remember that only front line workers will get it first and then it probably be given starting from older people as they are more vulnerable than young ones. It might take a year before most indians have it.



K Mohan Twincities

India needs some one to bell the cat and UK has came forward to use the oxford vaccines first



Vishal Raj

Just wait for 1 year for side effects and then approve



John K V

first all the politicians from India MP / MLC / MLA / Corporators from all over India present and retired should first get the vaccines including the family members. dont try on the citizens first. let us then see how many politician will take the lead.



Sangram Swain

Start with the politicians first...After all, they are the front runners of our country...lol



K Mohan Twincities

So the new year would be rewarding and more secure for our country as vaccines would be started



rajeev kumar

This we are hearing from last 2 months, half of the world is already vacationed, why India lags everywhere?



Premkumar kp

Those who write here have zero knowledge of vaccine.Yet they blame and make fun of our great scientists.




Just bribe the officials otherwise you won't get the approval.



Revres Yxorp

Give a date please. If Govt has not confirmed, then there is no concrete plan yet. Stop speculations based on assumptions. This will just make people more anous.



Subbu India

When UK has approved Oxford vaccine the same vaccine made by Serum Instt should be approved without delay.



True Patriot

Let's hope they stick to the timelines.



Mithu Roy

Keep delaying. UK had given, now why you are waiting.



Muhammad Meeran

Prevention is better than cure. Go ahead with vaccination drive.


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