Amid stir, Modi to release Rs 18,000 crore to over 9 crore farmers under PM-Kisan



NEW DELHI: PM Narendra Modi will release more than Rs 18,000 crore to over nine crore farmers under the ‘income support’ scheme (PM-Kisan) on Friday, the birth anniversary of former PM Atal Bihari Vajpayee, with the transfers coming at a time when the Centre is trying to resolve prests by farmers ag inst the new agri laws.

新德里:星期五是前总理瓦杰帕伊的诞辰纪念日,莫迪总理宣布将根据“收入支持”计划 (PM-Kisan) 向9000多万农民发放1800多亿卢比,此时正值中央政府试图解决印度农民反对新农业法的之际。

Modi is also expected to speak on the legislations as he did a few days ago when he addressed farmers in Madhya Pradesh. “Prime minister will also have a conversation with farmers from six states during the event. The farmers will share their experiences with PM-Kisan and also on various other initiatives taken by the go nment for the welfare of farmers,” a go nment statement said. Over two crore farmers from across the country have already registered online to take part in the programme on digital platforms.


The effort is to show that the Modi go nment has been sensitive to the needs of farmers, contrary to the attacks by the opposition that the new laws are "anti-farmer" and were passed by Parliament in a rush.


Over two crore farmers from across the country have already registered online to take part in the programme on digital platforms. A s group of participants from Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and other states are expected to share their views on the benefits of the farm laws during their interaction with the PM.


Meanwhile, representatives of the confederation of NGOs of rural India on Wednesday met agriculture minister Narendra Singh Tomar and submitted over 3.13 lakh signatures, taken from across one lakh villages, in support of the central farm laws.


Under the PM-Kisan scheme, a financial benefit of Rs 6,000 per year is given to e gible farmers in three equal instalments of Rs 2000 each. The fund is transferred directly to the bank accounts of beneficiaries.



Ketan Kesare

It's not a Modi release. It's a release by "go nment of India". From tax payers money.




Money belongs to each tax payer...its not his money.



Gulab Verma

fault lies in the farmers



Top 10 on Tube

Hes fooling the farmers now...



Junaid Ahmed Khan

This is GANDI CHAAL of modi to buy sympathy of farmers wid money but it will fail. Farmer ANDOLAN ag inst modi will continue



Ram Prasad

18000 crore to gujju loers ambani and adanis!!!!!!



Sunil Jain

Past Gts have not paid even a single rupee to the farmers, it is Modi Gt who have started paying money to the farmers. For poor farmers, it is a big relief. For big/rich farmers, it may not be a big amount. Opposition will criticise even if the amount is raised to 1 lac per annum, because it may not be suffucient for some farmers !






sreejesh nair





Wastage of tax payers money for po itical gains. Setting very wrong precedences.



pradeep iyengar

thats 2000 rs per farmer i.e even if the transfer happens



John Smith

This Prime Minister is nothing but a fraudster. Now to pacify the farmers he is allotting 18000 crores to the farmers to get the farmers to accept the new farming laws which the farmers are ag inst.



Rohit K

On an average 2000 per farmer. Thats pea nuts.




mind u this money belongs to the treasury n the ppl of India bt they will transfer it in fake accounts n some middle man shall widhdraw it



Rajesh Ganesh

No need for his money, just withdraw farm law. Dont support Adani & co




our farmers are sitting in strike and doing nothing why transfer money to such farmers.



Nakheel Kazi

Most of the money will go to phony bank accounts for phony farmers ultimately finding place in BJP's pockets....



Kero Mal

Really poor Farmer should be only given, 50% of farmer are not even doing any farming nowadays..


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