Mumbai offers highest quality of life, Chennai treats its women best: Study



NEW DELHI: Now, IIT-Bombay researchers have come up with an urban quality of life index tailored to the reality of life in India. And, for the first time, they have factored in gender parity. Chennai, it turns out, is the most women-friendly and Patna the least.


Overall, Mumbai tops the list of 14, followed closely by Delhi, Kolkata and Chennai. But so important is the gender role index that quality of life rankings of six cities would have changed had it not been considered — Delhi, Jaipur and Indore would have been ranked higher, and Mumbai, Bhopal and Lucknow would have ceded their spots. Only Chennai, Kolkata and Mumbai surpass the average score for gender index, while Indore, Jaipur and Patna are way below average.


“Women experience cities differently; meeting women’s needs becomes essential in promoting sustainable urban development,” the paper, in press to be published in Elsevier journal ‘Transport Policy’, said. The study found that Jaipur has the highest crime rate ag inst women, Chennai has the lowest . The gap in literacy rate between men and women is the widest in Jaipur (13.2%) and lowest in Kolkata (5.4%). The unemployment rate for women is the highest in Patna — at 346, it is more than four times the urban average of 73.


这篇论文将在爱思唯尔期刊‘Transport Policy’上发表。研究发现,斋浦尔的侵犯女性的犯罪率最高,金奈最低。在男女识字率方面,斋浦尔的差距最大(13.2%),加尔各答最低(5.4%)。巴特那的女性失业率最高,是城市平均失业率的四倍多。


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Sahil Chaudhary

God help us if quality of life is highest in Mumbai compared to entire India.




Mumbai IIT doing survey and chooses Mumbai as winner with regards to quality of Life????? Oh My God.




Everyone like their own city. Metros always have more facilities but still small town have more peacefull lifev




BMC has got plenty of opportunities to loot more as how can they allow Mumbai to have the best quality of life in spite of pot holed roads, dirty drinking water, polluted air, snarling traffic, co ption all around, glaring slums, prected rapes, abundance of drugs, Bullywood goons., underworld dadagiris... and a sl ve police force..??!!



Samir Patel

Absolutely absurd survey.



Venugopal Pisharody

Found Mumbai to be one of the most squalid and congested cities, I have ever been to. Most of it looks like one big slum.



Sanu Nair

highest quality of life for rich people whereas life for middle and poor class is pathetic







black panther

Mumbai is the worst city For middle class and poor family. either they have to live in slums or travel hours in filthy smelling local trains.life is good for the rich only




My personal experience, as I lived in metros like chennai, delhi, mumbai, kolkata, pune chandigarh, jaipur.. In overall I feel best life in Chandigarh- the only planned city of India, close to NCR/shimla, great people, rich infrastructure and worst in Mumbai- extremely crowded,always humid environments



Independent Observer

Why is the news not mentioning how the study was conducted and the cities factored in?



Rajesh Bhardwaj

Writer should live in Mumbai to taste best quality of life, in reality its a horrible place for common person , rich have their own slice of Mumbai away from slums.its the daily struggle of a person to survive in this city



Bharat Expansion

Quality of life is best in kashmir. Lots of people are moving to kashmir and into ladakh!



vaibhav rothe

Bombay - highest quality of life...hahahah



Help Your Society

who is telling is Mumbai is not a slum? real estate is a loot. facilites are poor. people are good and tolerant. That is all.



Rajesh Bhardwaj

Go to Chandigarh and then compare it with Mumbai. Mumbai seems like a slum. I can say that because I lived in both cities for many years



vempati Ratna Joshi

The quality of life in whole India is substandard . Forget about cities



Aman Sri

People in Mumbai have most pathetic life, this survey is only for rich and corrupt.



Santhosh Reddy

All fake survey, ground realities are totally different.




If Bombay is the best city to live then India has a problem. The best is worse than all American cities.


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