Entire population may not need to be vaccinated: ICMR



NEW DELHI: It may not be necessary to vaccinate the entire population with Covid-19 vaccine as inoculating a critical mass of people might be enough to break the chain of viral transmission, Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) Director General Dr Balram Bhargava said on Tuesday.


Dr Bhargava and health secretary Rajesh Bhushan also said a decision is yet to be taken on whether those who have been infected by the disease and recovered need to be administered the vaccine. While this might rationalise vaccine use, WHO literature said there is no need to measure anti-bodies before vaccination nor is there a need to find out if a person was infected.


“Our purpose is to break the chain of transmission. So, if we are able to vaccinate a critical mass of people and break the vir s transmission then we may not have to vaccinate the entire population," Dr Bhargava said. Asked about a time-line for vaccinating the entire population, Bhushan said the go nment has not said the entire country will be inoculated with Covid-19 vaccine.


“It's important that we discuss such scientific issues, based on factual information only,” Bhushan said. The go nment plans to vaccinate around 25-30 crore "priority" population including healthcare and front-line workers, elderly population and those with co-morbidities in around six months once the vaccine is rolled out and available for use.


The National Expert Group on Vaccine Administration for Covid-19 is also deliberating on whether people who have already recovered from the disease and carry antibodies need to be inoculated. Dr Bhargava said the matter is under discussion globally and though there is evidence that there may not be any adverse event if those who were infected are vaccinated, it would help the go nment spare limited doses in the initial phase of vaccination. There is strong evidence so far that those who have been infected are not likely to get Covid-19 again as long as they observe some basic precautions.



Raghunandan Padhi

Icmr is 100% correct...... Vaccination of only Po itician , Bussinessman & Bollywood stars are enough...... No need to waste money on other remaining 3rd class citizens



Nelson Dsouza

This is another opportunity for the po iticians for a scam and pocket tax payers money like - 2g 3g 4g, coalgate, national herald, commonwealth games, etc etc. They will buy vaccines by the billions for Rs200 and show invoices of Rs2000 per vaccine. There is no hope for India with the highest co ption levels.



Sanjoy Pandey

Dr. Bhargava is absolutely . Moreover, those who have already developed anti-bodies need not be vaccinated.




Vaccinate people with esting conditions first, then the elderly ( > 50) and then the rest if needed




No money for Moderna vaccine for the common man but for the bullet train ?



nkshetty krish

Let them give to corrupt rich and po iticians if there is any side effect let them die so that india will shine ... even if govt gives free I will not take for 2 years ...



Mohan K

Let all the poor get the vaccine first and then the others



prakash A B

single person left out can be pential carrier of this disease



Joel L

first give those who are infected . second other people



Mohan K

No doubt the resistent power in some people need not have the vaccine but as a precautinary everyone should have it



Mohan K

The govt should not take the risk of just vaccinating few people and getting rid of others



Sachin Mundhra

Some people will make money by selling the vaccine and also who knows the vaccine are genuine or not. But for sure Rich people and po itician will get genuine vaccine and for rest of them it depends on your luck.



Gaana User

Do all po iticians comes under entire population ?




All airports in Africa were shut down when India was busy hosting Nste Trump.



Sam Hermington

Before bihar ion: every Bihari will get free vaccine. Now: not everyone needs vaccination.



Varinder S

Bihar was promised free vaccines.



Akshay Shinde

He is if either 70 percent of population get vaccination then it will act as a herd immunity.


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