Adult woman free to live wherever, with whoever she wishes, says Delhi HC



NEW DELHI: An adult woman is free to live wherever and with whoever she wishes, the Delhi high court has said, reuniting a 20-year-old woman with her husband.

新德里:德里高等法院表示,成年女性可以自 由选择在哪里生活以及和谁一起生活。

The ruling by a bench of Justices Vi Sanghi and Rajnish Bhatnagar comes at a time when moves by Uttar Pradesh and other BJP-ruled states to enact laws ag inst "love jihad" have sparked a nationwide debate on the fre m and of an adult to marry anyone s/he chooses.

法官Vi Sanghi和Rajnish Bhatnagar做出这一裁决之际,正值北方邦和人民党执政的邦颁布法律反对“love jihad”之举引发了一场全国性的辩论,讨论关于成年人与自己选择的人结婚的自 由和权利。

The HC directed that the woman, Sulekha, be permitted to reside with Babloo, brushing aside objections by her family who alleged that she had been kidnapped and cmed that she was a minor.


After interacting with Sulekha via video-conference and verifying that she was an adult when she left home, the court asked police to escort her to Babloo's residence.


"The police authorities shall also counsel the petitioner and the parents of Sulekha not to take the law into their hands or threaten either Sulekha or Babloo," the bench categorically directed in its order while hearing a habeas corpus filed by the sister.


The Delhi HC order comes a few days after the Allahabad HC quashed a criminal case ag inst a man in an interfa th marriage and ned that "interference in a personal relationship would constitute serious encroachment into the to fre m of choice of the two individuals"

就在德里高等法院发布命令的几天前,阿拉哈巴德高等法院撤销了一起针对一名男子跨宗教婚姻的刑事案件,并指出“干涉个人关系将构成对两个人自 由选择权利的严重侵犯”。

Echoing similar reasoning, the Delhi HC highlighted that Sulekha was an adult when she willingly left her house and married a man of her choice.


"As per the status report, she was born in the year 2000, and therefore, even on the date when she went missing, she was a major. She states that she went with Babloo of her own free will and accord and that she has married him," it said.



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Sundaram Thiagarajan

With these sort if verdicts, our country will soon become a chaotic non Hindu State soon.




Marriage age for boys & girls should be 22 not 18 .



The Middle

Adult women are responsible for their own actions and decisions.



Aster T

Good decession of high courts.Dirty po itics is attacking on of liberty given by constitution.




Hindus need to be more conservative and educate their girls. If the present situation goes on in another 100 - 200 years hinduism will not est in Hindustan.Kashmir it already happened, Ker is next in line. Hindus need to wake up.

印度教徒应该更加保守,教育他们的女儿。如果现在的情况继续下去,再过100 - 200年,印度就没有印度教了。这种情况已经在克什米尔发生了,喀拉拉邦是下一个。印度人需要觉醒了。


DP World

Will HC bear the consequences of the verdict if it goes sour.?




Asserting your s without acknowledging your responsibilities isn't fre m, it's adolescence.



Rni Krishnamurthy

The country is slowly and studily returning to stoneage. It is pity that High court is the cause for it.



Nemam Natarajan Pasupathy

If this is legal, why prostitution is illegal in India?



Red Rice

Basically Indians are idiots to be debating over such issues and making laws out of it to harass people especially in UP.



Zulfa B.

Does HC mean that if a girl wants to marry a street side Romeo or vagabond or characterless person with dark background, her parents cannot stop her? Dont her parents who sacrificed everything to raise her and educate her and make her a good human have any s over her?



Gino Smith

Restrict to 2 Children per couple!!

Fine very Heavily for people breeding uncontrollably!Shoot them!



Altaf Hyder

Well done Delhi HC



Shuvendu Ghose

The Hindu children must be taught that all re gions are not same...



Sriram Acharya

Agreed that an adult women can love and live with anyone. But why force her to change her re gion and beliefs. Ridiculous. The only intention here is to destroy Hindus and Hinduism.



Gerry Menezes

It it is a relief to see the Courts affirm the fundamental fre m of choices...

it is time we focus on the economy, jobs and safety and equality of women in this beautiful country!


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