India kicks off multiple 'live tests' of BrahMos supersonic cruise missile



NEW DELHI: India on Tuesday kicked off what will be multiple operational firings of the BrahMos supersonic cruise missile this week, in yet another hard-nosed display of its precision-strike capabilities amidst the ongoing military confrontation with in eastern Ladakh.


The first “live missile test” of the 290-km range BrahMos, which is a deadly conventional (non-nuclear) won that flies almost three times the speed of sound at Mach 2.8, was conducted by the Army in the Andn and Nicobar archipelago at about 10 am on Tuesday.


Similar tests will be carried out by the Navy and IAF also in the Indian Ocean Region this week. “The requisite advance warnings to aircraft and ships in the Arabian Sea and Bay of Bengal have been issued,” said a defence ministry source.


The tests come even as BrahMos land-attack missile batteries have already been deployed in Ladakh and A Pradesh, along with t ks, howitzers, surface-to-air missiles and other wons, as part of the overall military readiness posture ag inst . Similarly, some Sukhoi-30MKI fighters armed with BrahMos missiles are also deployed in airbases closer to the Line of Actual Control.

与此同时,“布拉莫斯”陆基导弹已经部署在拉达克地区,此外还有、榴弹炮、地对空导弹和其他武器,作为对抗的军事准备的一部分。同样,一些配备布拉莫斯导弹的苏霍伊- 30mki战机也部署在靠近实际控制线的空军基地。

Sources say work is also underway to make the enhanced version of BrahMos with a strike range of almost 450-km, which has been successfully tested three to four times, operational as soon as possible. Moreover, India and Russia are also getting set to test a new version of BrahMos, with 800-km range, by middle of next year.



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Modi hai tho Mumkin hai! Without Modiji's active involvement none of these are possible. He has certainly provided a boost to the Make in India initiative. Hats off really.





Darpan Rane

Congrats! Isro , Army & BJP



Narendra Mertia

Modi ji is moving fast. Indian are thankful to him for his efforts to develop India.



Narendra Mertia

Indian are fortunate only after 70 years of their Independence when a Prime Minister like Narendra Modi is at the helm of the country and trying his best to develop the country in all directions, simultaneously.



Pappus Aas Washer

90% of Border issues can be solved by firing a bullet in the aas of corrupt antinational congressi netas



Pappus Aas Washer

B1oody corrupt antinational congress used to spend all the defence money for their selfish loot



Narendra Mertia

Modi go nment is moving too fast for making our defence forces self reliance in all respect to take on super powers of the world in general and in particular.



Swapnil Rao

Hindustan has to work strategically with USA Australia Japan to fight and Is mic Jihad of Te rort country Pakistan



Devendra Aswal

Here is the big difference between BJP and Congress, congress was busy making money through kickbacks for the dynasty and Modi Ji busy working for the motherland. Jai Hind! Jai Bharat!




Ten more years of Modi's Leadership will make India a Superpower.


Bhanwar Awat

Yes, NAMO is on Job to Strengthen the Indian Armed Force for safety of Nation had there been UPA Gt, they had No money for such Programs only Money go to Swiss Banks.



Leon Fernandes

congratulations India.



Partha Das





Enough of display of military power. Now we need brahmos like bringing up of economy! Without proper economic power, military power will be useless!




Biranchi Narayan Acharya

Good. and Pakistan should think wisely before doing any misadventure ag inst India.



Kalidas Kohale

This proves strong leadership is must for any country. DRDO has been in India since pre-independence but it was not allowed to express their pential by the congress gt even they were able to work on many projects.



Vaibhav Dhamija

I don't see any anti BJP comments here... because even Haters know that Modi deals with iron fist, when it comes to deal with and Pakistan



uday shankar

What is use? Everyday India is loosing soldiers on the border with te rort Pak. Just use on them first! Otherwise they are useless.



sahesh kumar

Boon of hard work scientist. Keep it up


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