Trai: India lost 1.7 crore mobile subscribers in lockdown months



BENGALURU: The number of wireless (mobile) subscribers in India shrank by 1.7 crore to 114 crore in the months that had a nationwide lockdown — April to June — and was yet to reach the pre-April level even by the end of August, despite new additions reported in the two months after June.


The decline in the June quarter is largely because of a dip in urban subscribers — rural subscriptions actually increased. While rural subscriptions increased in July also, they dipped in August. Urban users increased in both the months.



Neil Shah, vice president (research), Counterpoint Research, said: “The major factor was the return of migrant workers to their hometowns and villages, a lot of them stopped recharging their mobiles. Also, the lockdown had an impact on many low-income group families whose mobile usage dipped resulting in a decline in subscription. However, I think that things would improve from September onwards as things get back to normal.”

Counterpoint research副总裁尼尔·沙阿称:“主要原因是农民工返乡,很多人不再给手机充值。此外,封锁对许多低收入家庭也产生了影响,他们的手机使用减少,导致用户数量下降。不过,我认为,随着一切恢复正常,情况会从9月份开始好转。”

According to the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (Trai), the number of total wireless subscribers decreased to 114 crore (1,140.71 million) at the end of June from 115.7 crore (1,157.7 million) at the end of March 2020.



The quarterly decline rate was 1.47%, and the net decline recorded during the quarter was 1.7 crore (17.04 million) subscribers. Wireless teledensity in the country decreased to 84.38 at the end of June from 85.87 at the end of March. Wireless teledensity is the number of connections per 100 people.


Separata data for the next two months show that in July the number of subscribers marginally increased to 114.4 crore (1,144.18 million) in July and further jumped to 114.7 crore (1,147.92 million) in August. However, the number is still not comparable with pre-April levels.


Reliance Jio was the only operator to add more subscribers in the June quarter, but its net addition wasn’t enough to offset the subscribers lost by other big players. Airtel, Vodafone and BSNL together reported a reduction of more than 2.6 crore subscribers — MTNL also saw a decline — while Jio added one crore new subscribers.




Dilbag Rai

When the pocket is empty as there is no earning due to lockdown restrictions it is but natural that crores of Mobile subscribers will decrease.



News Uncensored Cannot Be Purchased By Politicians

Stop these villagers from UP and Bihar entering Maharashtra they want to live their village life and mentality and criminal life in the city as well



Ranjan Thimpu

May be Voice communication is Less but Data consumption must have increased as people are working from home as Well as Students doing remote learning activities :O




Many have renewed it by now.



Godfather Senior

In practical terms, it was those who had two or three numbers with them surrendered the extra one. In many case where persons had many numbers actually returned to retain only one number. Otherwise, the number of persons having mobile phone never reduced but only the number who had more than one that is reduced. Of course, few lakhs of persons who could not afford did lose their numbers due to no income to pay for the bills.



Tony Stark

Any plans from Jio to give away free recharge for 3 months to these 1.7 poor people??



Pappu Pass or Fail

Does it means 1.7 cr lives lost on Covid!!??



Toi Subscriber

mostly who had multiple connections forced to optimise their expenditure that caused lost subscriptions



AT Indian

When the story is written on 18th November, why figures are reported for Apr june aug sep only. Why not till date?



Tsr The Urbanist

It is the reduction of fictitious and duplicate connections and not reduction of genuine users



Leon Fernandes

OMG !!! How????




This is terrible!



Truth Wins

Another factor to this might be people went for stable Broadband wireline connection due to their increased net usage. Secondly, those who had multiple sims reduced it to 1 sim that provided stable connection to their house.



Nimi Shah

IPeople should only spend money in necessary item. Stop spending money on Luxury.live a simple life .



Adolf Hitler

As the WHO said poverty and unemployment will rise globally


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