Biden solidifies US victory over Trump, 306-232 electoral votes



REHOBOTH BEACH/WASHINGTON: US President-elect Joe Biden solidified his victory over President Donald Trump on Friday after the state of Georgia went his way, leaving Trump little hope of reversing the outcome through legal challenges and recounts.


Edison Research, which made the call, also projected that North Carolina, the only other battleground state with an outstanding vote count, would go to Trump, finalizing the electoral vote tally at 306 for Biden to 232 for Trump.


The numbers gave Biden, a Democrat, a resounding defeat over Trump in the Electoral College, equal to the 306 votes Trump, a Republican, won to defeat Hillary Clinton, a 2016 victory that Trump called a "landslide."


While Trump had yet to concede, Biden officials reiterated they were moving ahead with transition efforts regardless.


Although the national popular vote does not determine the election outcome, Biden was ahead by more than 5.3 million votes, or 3.4 percentage points. His share of the popular vote, at 50.8%, was slightly higher than Ronald Reagan's share of the vote in 1980 when he defeated Jimmy Carter.


Trump, a Republican, has claimed without evidence that he was cheated by widespread election fraud and has refused to concede. State election officials report no serious irregularities, and several of his legal challenges have failed in court.


To win a second term, Trump would need to overturn Biden's lead in at least three states, but he has so far failed to produce evidence that he could do so in any of them. States face a Dec. 8 "safe harbor" deadline to certify their elections and choose electors for the Electoral College, which will officially select the new president on Dec. 14.


A Michigan state court rejected on Friday a request by Trump to block the certification of votes in Detroit, which went heavily in favor of Biden. And lawyers for Trump's campaign dropped a lawsuit in Arizona after the final vote count rendered it moot.



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With Wisconsin, Michigan and Pennsylvania rigged by Biden co unists and evil media, this election is the most rigged in world history. Lockdowns were used to rig most mail in ballots and software used in elections were rigged to favor Biden. Also many dead people voted.. This will all come up in courts.



Trump is here to stay

Biden will be a weak and bad President. Future belongs to Trump. Either Trump or his son or daughter will be elected President in 2024 surely.


Meher Gadamsetti

Then USA will be no different from any African nations where bullies rule the countries




Bihar, the least progressive state in india, accepted the election commossion results, respecting the constitution, even when the wng difference was just 0.2 % votes.

America, with 3% vote difference is still fighting like dogs. Thats the difference and Bihar , you made whole india proud, by respecting constitution.



Anand Kumar

Win or Loose is in the hands of voters. Biden is even bigger India supporter than Trump. Biden with Kamala Harris of Indian descent and another more than 20 Indian born administrators will be much better friends of Modi and India

是赢是输取决于选民。拜登比特朗普更支持印度。拜登、卡玛拉·哈里斯和另外20多位印度裔官 员将成为莫迪和印度更好的朋友

Indians live in India only

If these Indians are so patriotic then why did they leave India and settle in the US?

如果这些印度人如此爱国,为什么他们要离开自己 国家去定居美国?

Dalbir Singh

If chance is given you will leave the country immediately.




The state of Georgia has not certified Biden has the victor. Stop reporting BS from the media. Georgia has started a full audit followed by a hand recount of all votes.



Arun Kumar

Donny can ask for help from our Motuji



Indian Mumbai

USA feku lost the election.



Niladri Mantena

306-232 is the wng margin for Mr. Biden. But, this huge margin is not good enough for the discredited trump. He does not want to concede, or worse he may not vacate the WH.



Desmond Harris

People that support India should not be ho for a Biden win because there is no way he would stand up to China the way that Donald Trump does-a stronger emboldened China is bad for India,



Trump all the way

Right from the moment he announced his candidature, all of US mainstream media has been running negative stories about Trump. They have ignored that Kamala Harris owes her rise to Willie Brown, the corrupt Black politician who was 'dating' Kamala when she was 26 years old and he was 56 years old. Few years ago he did make some revelations about his romance with Kamala but was shut up by Democrat party bosses.



Pavan Kumar

This difference is enough for Trump to get out




The State of Georgia has begun to hand count the Votes today. This Report has declared Biden as winner in Georgia !



Bharat Patel

I think PM Modi was misguided by the Indian-American group and mostly by the zealous VHP members. He invested 100% on Trump. Now he has to talk to the Biden Administration. In politics you do not have permanent friend or permanent foe. Focus on your interests and navigate through the dangerous world. Never assume your enemy's enemy is your friend!!!!



Jagdish Madan

Trump must accede defeat and hand over gracefully! No point in turning the US into a banana republic!



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