'No option but to come back to India': H-1B visa holders share their fears and hopes ahead of US ion



When Pramod (last name concealed on request), 40, landed in India with his family on February 17, little did he know that a short visit to his home country would translate into a harrowing eight month-long stay. His return to his home in Michigan and a future in the US now depends on the outcome of the November 3 polls.


Pramod, like hundreds of H-1B visa holders affected by Presi nt Donald Trump's flip-flops on the long-term work visa, is kee a close eye on the ongoing American presi ntial ions.


"These changes are just a po itical move," Pramod said, "But it's a daily thing now. It's worrisome. I don't want to go to another country. Coming back to India is my only option. I don't know what I will do here, but I will have to build my life from scratch."


Trump signed an Executive Order on June 22, barring the entry of H-1B, L-1 and J1 visa holders till the end of the year. The procltion was later suspended by a US district court in early October.


The 40-year-old, who has spent nearly 13 years in the US, said he would want to see Biden as the next US presi nt.


"Biden is good. But I don't want to keep my hopes up," he said.


Things are no different for those trapped on the US soil. 31-year-old Jeya Ganesh said the fear among visa holders is palpable and the policy changes have become a topic of discussion at every social gathering.


"We are always under threat because of the current administration's anti-immigration agenda. Trump is using the pandemic to achieve his long-standing goal to limit immigration," he said.


Many H-1B visa holders, according to Jeya Ganesh, are wishing for a Biden win.


"Biden would be the preferred choice for skilled workers. He established clearly that he would resolve the hurdles for tech workers," he said.


Throughout his 4-year term, Trump has vowed to curb both legal and illegal immigration to the US. His opponent, on the other side, has promised to be less harsh with the foreign workers. At a fundraising event in September, Biden had said he was ready to revoke the H-1B ban as soon as he was ed.


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varadharajan bsubrnian

whoever becomes a Presi nt in November in US after will not have mercy on immigrants. More Indians try to escape the harsh living conditions in India but US will not be able to accommodate all of them. The sooner the Indians realize this the better.



Dm Bhanap

It is unfair to ask Indians to leave the US after their graduation from American Universities. They spent millions to go there for higher education and contributed substantially to the US economy. They, therefore, need to receive further work experience in the US for at least 5-6 years to become fully ready to serve in the country they belong to and contribute to its economy. Every country has a to restrict foreigners entry at any time but those who are already in the US should not be asked to suffer uncertainties of the US visa policies and asked to leave US.




India. Our home land. What to worry? You dont want to stay with your family, friends, our culture? Just to be selfish to stay away and have your own life? Stay home, India needs educated people to make good society again by fighting ag inst co ption, e l acts ag inst females which are major issues for us now. If everyone leaves country India will be taken over by another country again.

印度是我们的祖国。你们担心什么? 难道你们不想和你的家人、朋友待在一起吗?






We don't have place for these arrogant indian Americans in our country.. go somewhere else...



H Two Z

Come back to India.



Sundar Narayanan

There is no clarity on why the people in the article are worried. Logic is simple. More application for the H1B and with same quota, obviously rejection will be more.



Kaukab Nadeem

India is progressing under Mr. Modi.

NRIs especially USNRIs should come back to India before Americans and Europeans start forming queues to come to live and work in India. This gentleman is lucky to be back in India. He should motivate fellow BRIs to grab this opportunity.



Venkat Alladi

You must be kidding



Prince India

Come back to India and start CHAI-PAKODA business



Nuz Reade

Just like India wants to prect its citizens from Bangladesi migrants so does USA.



Dattaram Phutane

This reporter is anti biased ag inst trump



Sanujit Roy

How many will come back?




Very nice. Come back, Sweeties. Go to Africa & Central Asia & S America. No worries.




U have to feel proud that u r back to home country.


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