Army pushes ahead with plan to equip infantry soldiers with modern wons


NEW DELHI: The Army is now firmly pushing ahead with its long-delayed roadmap to induct new assault rifles, close-quarter battle carbines and light machine guns to arm infantry soldiers after several setbacks over the last decade.


The overall requirement for these basic wons for foot-soldiers, who are often forgotten in the race to acquire howitzers, tanks, missiles, helicopters and the like, is huge for the over 12-lakh strong force.



With over 380 infantry and 63 Rashtriya Rifles battalions, the Army requires around 9.5 lakh assault rifles, 4.6 lakh CQB carbines and over 57,000 light machine guns (LMGs).


“Some emergency procurements from abroad as a critical operational necessity are already underway. Bulk of the requirements will be met by `Make in India’ projects with foreign collaboration,” said a senior officer.


For starters, amidst the ongoing military confrontation with , the contract for the second lot of 72,000 SiG Sauer assault rifles from the US is set to be inked by December.


The Army has already inducted 72,400 SiG Sauer rifles, which are 7.62x51 mm caliber guns with an effective “kill” range of 500-meter, for frontline troops under a Rs 647 crore fast-track procurement (FTP) deal inked in February last year.


Simultaneously, the Army wants the stalled ‘Make in India’ project to manufacture over seven lakh Kshnikov AK-203 rifles, at the Korwa ordnance factory in Uttar Pradesh with Russian collaboration, to take off as soon as possible.


The deliveries of 16,479 Israeli Negev 7.62X51 mm LMGs, in turn, will begin from January under a Rs 880 crore deal inked in March this year. “Four to five companies have already been shortlisted for the subsequent project to manufacture the rest of the LMGs here. The trials will begin early next year,” he said. It is also learnt that the OFB has also shown interest in this project.


The RFP (request for proposal) to manufacture 4.6 lakh CQB carbines in India will also be issued early next year. This comes after an earlier FTP procurement to buy 93,895 such carbines from UAE firm Caracal was scrapped recently. “Four to five foreign companies, including Caracal, have expressed interest. They can tie-up with OFB or private companies here,” he said.



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60 years of Congress rule has left India undeveloped; India struggles to make even the simplest guns and ammunitions. The Fa ist Congress Party has squandered vital India resources on minorities giving them handouts for VOTES.





"We do not require the rifle prototype produced by the OFB which has price,quality, and time issues."That sums up why india continues to be top importer of defense equipments,even small fire arms.



Pharm Guy

We are facing a possible war on two fronts.All the branches of Indian Millitary need to be modernized




It's phenomenal ! Never in India's history , was there a govt so committed to national interests !




Shekhar Shirali

During the Modi go nment tenure The Indian military purchased wons worth lakhs of crores of rupees without there being a single scam while on the other hand every single purchase of wonry during the Congress go nment tenure was marked by some scam or the other.



Asok Datta

India can not even manufacture standard quality guns till today- so our infantry is dependent on imported guns and ammunitions; so we must be self reliant on our defense productions




Sanjoy Pandey

Most importantly, India should focus on 'Make in India' and reduce dependence on imported wons.



Stop over

We even import plastic made gun from



Sumit Nair

.......I will only ve for Modiji in the next ion if he buys 100 more 5th Generation Fighter jets...........All other issues secondary for me......




Equip them well so that they can face the enemy and butcher them. We lost 1962 war due to incompetent govt and inadequate arms and ammunition.



C S Maurya

India has the talent manpower infrastructure to make in India all domestic products and Military Hardware Indigenously but last 20 years we made dependent on Imports for small items fans lights phones Home Appliances by killing Domestic manufacturers due to liberal Import policies. This is to be reversed immediately.



Vinod Kumar

New fighter jets coming. Thousands of assault rifles being imported. Special dresses for soldiers, suitable for sub zero weather have been ordered from US under special pact. Was the Go nment slee so far ?


Mohinder Sood

India still imports clothing suitable for army in cold climate is not understandable. We have been importing from and now we are trying to import from USA is beyond belief. We cannot make clothing and we are talking about manufacturing armament.




This plan and that plan ... all we hear is plan and only plan... what all Go nment doing for last 70 years ?? Planning on paper ???



K Mohan

There is urgent need for modern infantry to the soldiers as we cannot trust



K Mohan

More assault rifles and modern guns are needed to crate more confidence in the troops



is a curse

Indian Army deserves the best in the world... Jai Hind



Suveer Singh

should be told in no uncertain terms that we are a nuclear power and would use it if provoked. Therefore Status quo as at April should be followed as mandated by earlier agreements and their soldiers should withdraw accordingly within the next one month..


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