Vijayawada: Ex-boyfriend sets woman on fire, she holds on to him, both die


VIJAYWADA: A 24-year-old nurse was set ablaze by her ex-boyfriend at Hanumanpet in Vijayawada late on Monday night. While the woman was charred to death, the man too succumbed to his injuries after the victim caught hold of him and did not let go of him despite being in flames. The nurse has been identified Chinnari and worked at a Covid care centre.



Police said the accused, G Nagabhushanam, 25, attacked Chinnari while she was returning home after work. Nagabhushanam followed her and both had a heated argument. As tempers flared, he doused her in kerosene and set her on fire. The woman, who was in flames, pulled Nagabhushanam towards her. He later died while undergoing treatment.

警方称,被告是25岁的G Nagabhushanam,他在Chinnari下班回家时袭击了她。他尾随女方,二人大吵。愤怒爆发时,他往女方身上浇煤油,然后点火。这名女子身上着火了,她一把拖住男方。后来,男方在接受治疗时死亡。

Police offi als said the accused had brought a kerosene can with him. Governorpet circle inspector MVS Nagaraju told TOI that an FIR for murder has been filed. Offi als have also invoked 174 of the CrPC in Nagabhushanam’s death where the police will investigate if it was a suicide. Offi als said Nagabhushanam and Chinnari were in a relationship for about two years. She eventually broke up with him under pressure from her parents, but Nagabhushanam allegedly continued to stalk her and pestered her to elope with him.

警方称,被告随身携带了一罐煤油。警官MVS Nagaraju告诉《印度时报》,谋杀指控已立案。对于Nagabhushanam之死,援引了刑法174条,警察将调查这是否属于自杀。官员们说,两人的关系持续了大约两年。在父母的压力下,她最终和他分手了,但据称,Nagabhushanam继续跟踪她,要求她和他私奔。

Despite repeated warnings, he pursued her relentlessly. About two months ago, Chinnari along with her parents lodged a harassment case ag inst him with the Governorpet police. The offi als had summoned him for questioning and given him a warning.


A couple of days later, Chinnari withdrew the compnt and requested cops to ensure that he doesn’t interfere in her life again. Sources added that this left Nagabhushanam very upset. Cops said that while Chinnari died on the spot after she was attacked Nagabhushanam, who suffered 80% burns, was taken to Guntur Go nment General Hospital where he succumbed to his injuries.

几天后,Chinnari 撤回了诉状,并要求警察确保男方不再干涉她的生活,这使Nagabhushanam非常不安。警察说,Chinnari被袭后当场死亡,而烧伤面积达80%的Nagabhushanam被送往Guntur公立医院,后因伤势过重而亡。


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Konfucius Ken

Brave lady. She had the courage to endure the pain and attack her assailant.




brave woman...and good presence of mind...hatsoff



Dom Perignon

Justice done



Girish Tyagi

He should not have died. He must have lived with 80% burned body



Rakesh Mitra

Can you imagine if this had happened in UP or Gujarat most of the Pappu bhakts would have demanded PM's and CM's resignation.



Shasti Brata

Courageous lady who seems to know about our shoddy criminal justice sy em where the aggressor may go Scott free with a short prison sentence, if any. . With great foresight the woman seemed to have literally taken matters into her own hands, and actually HELPED the man stay with her forever - in the hereafter.



Biranchi Narayan Acharya

Good. Salute to the brave lady who punished her attacker and got instant justice.



Mannu Tiwary

Very brave lady...May God give u peace!



Nitin Kapoor

Tragic! But what the women did by pulling the guy in flames is On-The-Spot, Apt and Proper justice! Such e ls should die the same.



Nemar Naidoo

Case Closed.




Well done.




Brave women. Animals roaming in the form of humans.



Biju Abdul Sd

Sad to hear the news. Good to know that she herself took justice. if she had not taken a brave decision then the culprit after doing such a crime would easily come out of the law.



Lakshmi Narayanan

Well done brave lady and RIP..



Sambappa Kalv

Glad that she punished him on the spot



Anis Shaikh

the victim herself needs to take the justice otherwise there is no justice in this go nment



Ashwani Kumar

Very heart touching. At the same time special where victim ensured instant justice for her.



Pradeep Kumar

She gave him the taste if his own medicine. Served that son of a bi*ch well! RIP sister, you deserved better from the society!!



Natarajan D

Great job by thr brave lady. Otherwise that crook would be roaming freely because of incompetent Indian judiciary and corrupt police



Gokul G

Brave heart



Bijeta Rani

Well done.



Shabih Siddiqui

Fiery justice!




Salute to the brave women...RIP.



Krisna das

RIP for the Brave Woman.... and Hell for the man.....


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