Nepal depicts Indian areas as its own in book


Three months after passing an amendment to sanction a new political map that identifies Indian territory in Uttarakhand’s Pithoragarh as its own, Nepal has inscribed the changes in its academic curriculum and currency.


The office of Nepal education minister Giriraj Mani Pokharel confirmed to TOI the book, ‘Nepalko Bhubhaag Ra Seemasambandhi Swadhyay Samagri (Nepal’s geography and territorial boundary)’ has been introduced for higher secondary school students. The preface has been written by Pokharel. The book includes the disputed area of Kalapani in Uttarakhand as Nepal’s territory. A source said it mentions Nepal has a geographical area of 1,47,641.28 sq km, of which 460 sq km is the Kalapani area.

尼泊尔教育部长Giriraj Mani Pokharel向《印度时报》证实,这本名为“尼泊尔地理和领土边界的书已纳入高中生教材出。序言由Pokharel撰写。该书将北阿坎德邦的卡拉帕尼争议地区划归为尼泊尔领土。书中提及,尼泊尔的地理面积为147641.28平方公里,其中卡拉帕尼地区为460平方公里。


The same day, the Nepal cabinet, headed by PM K P Oli, also gave permission to the country’s central bank, Nepal Rastra Bank, to mint new coins of one-rupee and two-rupee denominations with the new political map.

当天,由总理奥利领导的尼泊尔内阁也批准了尼泊尔央行(Nepal Rastra Bank),在1卢比和2卢比面额的新硬币上印制新政治版图。

Sources said this was announced by the Nepal go nment spokesperson and foreign minister Pradeep Gyawali. In all likelihood, sources added, the new coins will be in circulation by Dussehra (Dashain, as it’s called there), celebrated as a major festival in the neighbouring country.


In November last year, Nepal had protested against the inauguration of a key Lipulekh road in Pithoragarh by Union defence minister Rajnath Singh, alleging that a part of the stretch passed through Nepal’s territory. After a renewed dispute over three areas — Limpiyadhura, Lipulekh and Kalapani — Nepal’s parliament unanimously voted to amend the Constitution to update the country’s map to include them as part of its land. The go nment had then announced that all documents will start using the new map.


So now, a source said, introduction of the map in school books and coins is “fully legal” because it follows what is a regular course of action. “The go nment has started the process of issuing the new maps to Nepal embassies and is introducing it in go nment gazettes as well,” the source added.


Many in Nepal, meanwhile, said the need for a resolution is getting more important by the day. “There have been misunderstandings between the two nations over the past few months. However, introducing a new Nepal map is a sovereign decision by the country,” Khadga KC, head of the department of international relations and diplomacy at Tribhuvan University, told TOI. “But I do believe that the issues should be resolved through dialogue and a solution must be found.”

与此同时,许多尼泊尔人表示,解决这个问题的必要性与日俱增。特里布万大学国际关系和外交部门负责人Khadga KC告诉《印度时报》:“在过去的几个月里,两国之间存在误解。然而,推出新尼泊尔地图是国家的主权决定。但我确实认为,这些问题应该通过对话来解决,而且必须找到解决方案。”



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