IAF formally inducts Rafale jets: How 'game-changer' jets will boost India's air power


NEW DELHI: The first five Rafale fighters, dubbed “game-changers”, were formally inducted into the Indian Air Force on Thursday at a glittering ceremony in the Ambala air base.


Defence minister Rajnath Singh, his French counterpart Florence Parly, Chief of Defence Staff Gen Bipin Rawat and Air Chief Marshal RKS Bhadauria were among the dignitaries who attended the ceremony.


A traditional ‘sarva dharma puja', a ceremonial 'water cannon salute' to the Rafale jets and an aerial display featuring various breathtaking manoeuvres by the aircraft marked their induction into the 17 Squadron of the IAF.

仪式包括传统的“萨尔瓦法会”(Sarva Dharma Puja,印度一种宗教祈祷),“水炮敬礼”,以及一场以各种惊险动作为特色的空中表演,这标志着“阵风”战机进入印度空军第17中队。


*Once the Rafales, with their `Meteor’ air-to-air missiles (120-150 km strike range), 'Scalp’ air-to-ground cruise missiles (over 300 km) and other armaments, are fully-operational, they will certainly be a force to reckon with.


*The Meteor missiles are arguably the best in the world for air combat duels, with “a greater no-escape zone” for hostile fighters than any comparable BVR weapon. Pakistan and China do not currently have any missiles of this class in their combat inventories.


*With a combat range of 780-km to 1,650-km depending on mission, the Rafales come armed with a deadly weapons package, advanced avionics, radars and electronic warfare systems to prevent jamming by adversaries and ensure superior survivability in hostile contested airspace. Each Rafale can also carry two fire-and-forget Scalp cruise missiles to hit high-value fortified targets well over 300-km away.

“阵风”的战斗距离为780- 1650公里,取决于任务,“阵风”装备了强大的武器、先进的航空电子设备、雷达和电子战系统,以防止对手的干扰,确保在敌对空域具有较强的生存能力。每架“阵风”都可以携带两枚即发即弃“斯卡尔普”巡航导弹,可打击300公里外已加强防御的目标。

*They will be able to outgun and outrun Pakistani F-16 and JF-17 as well as the Chinese Chengdu J-20 fighters. France has till now delivered 10 Rafales to India, with the other five being kept back at Merignac to train additional IAF pilots and technicians over the next nine months.


*"Induction of Rafale jets could not have happened at a more opportune time considering security scenario today. Rafale being based in Ambala is important as the fleet can rapidly access all areas of interest from the air base," IAF chief RKS Bhadauria said hinting at the ongoing face-off with China at the LAC.


*But the 13 India-Specific Enhancements (ISEs) or upgrades on the 36 Rafales will become fully operational only in 2022 after undergoing “software certification” after all the jets have arrived in India.


*The upgrades range from radar enhancements, Israeli helmet-mounted displays and low-band jammers to towed decoy systems, 10-hour flight data recording and engine capability for "cold start" from high-altitude regions like Ladakh.



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Trust these Rafael's together with the past and future multi-role planes -and flown by our Pilots....will help protect & safeguard our nation from our unreliable neighbouring countries! Jai Hind





Scatter Brained Kunal K

Modiji is the first PM to have inducted Rafale jets. This never happened in 70 years of Congress rule. Hats off. Salute.



Ravi Joshi

Rafale is 4.5 generation fighter!! we require 5th generation fighter.




Axay K

When Indian military has strong Govt support, they can easily defeat dwarf Chinese soldiers. We could also have won 1962 war but Nehru didn't give permission to Air Force to provide support to Army soldiers. China had no airbases nearby and would have been helpless if IAF was given permission to strike.





True Indian

6 fighters of 4 th gen don't change the game... especially when China is using fleets of 5th generation fighters... good to fool Indian ppl though




At least a begining is there of a new set of combat jets.



Pavan Kumar

First media should stop announcing this as a game changer. We are just upgrading our arms and this just a start. China has more such stealth fighters than India. Media is making as if we are the only ones having Rafles






Ashok Gupta

Persons supporting corrupt Congress mentality can never support actions of Modi Govt .



Chandra Kumar

Five aircraft s and we are celebrating as though we just won a war.Greece purchased 10 and France gave them 8 free.So see how many others have it.It is a good acquisition no doubt.But every technology gets outdated.In in 5 years every one will be having 6 gen fighters.

India must spend for research and dev on a continuous manner so that we make our own equipments both Defense and civil







Lavin Vincent

BJP has been running the story of 5 jets for the last few months. This is not a game changer.. After getting the jets, still China came 1000 km inside our territory ..



Arun Kumar

Chinese 5th generation fighter gets are mere copy of Russian SU 35 and bit US F35 gets and these Chinese virus 5th generation jets are not Combat proven. Where as Rafale Jets are combat proven and can give deadly blow to Chinese Virus bats..



Dr.Sri Venkateswara Prasad Vankayalapati

The greatest advantage Indian Airforce enjoys over our hostile neighbours is that our air warriors are battle hardened and have extensive experience in combat operations since 1999... whereas the slant eyed fellows are wimps



Truth Fails

LoL With just 5 jets you are portraying like you will win world war.




If 5 rafale is the Game Changer, then Qatar has 36 what was that ???



game changer

Indians should check how many countries are using French Rafales? 3; France, India and Qatar. Egypt has dumped it completely. Keep living in dream world





Ajit Grewal

China has already run away - just reading this article




With 5 airplanes we are suddenly powerful?!?! Guys, can we have some amount of perspective in reporting? Thank you!



Say No To Chinese Goods

Similarly, we need to build sub marines, aircraft carriers and war ships rapidly..




Just five planes and too much of hype.



Feku Ji

Bhakts, chinese have stealth jets. 6 th generation. Rafale will be of no use.


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