India to start bidding process by October to procure 6 submarines costing Rs 55,000 crore


NEW DELHI: India is all set to launch the bidding process by next month for a Rs 55,000-crore mega project to build six conventional submarines for the Indian Navy to narrow the gap with 's growing naval prowess, go nment sources said on Sunday.


The submarines will be built in India under the much-talked-about strategic partnership model that allows domestic companies to join hands with leading foreign defence majors to produce high-end military platforms in the country and reduce import dependence.



The sources said the groundwork like specifications of the submarines and other critical requirements for issuance of the RFP (request for proposal) for the mega project, named as P-75 I, has been completed by separate teams of the defence ministry and the Indian Navy.

消息人士称,该大型项目名为P-75 I,潜艇的规格和其他关键要求(发所需的)等基础工作已经由国防部和印度海军的不同团队完成。

The RFP will be issued by October, they added.


The defence ministry has already shortlisted two Indian shipyards and five foreign defence majors for the project, being billed as one of biggest "Make in India" ventures.


The shortlisted Indian entities were L&T group and state-owned Mazagaon Docks Ltd (MDL) while the s foreign entities included ThyssenKrupp Marine Sy ems (Germany), Navantia (Spain) and Naval Group (France).


The Indian Navy plans to acquire 24 new submarines, including six nuclear attack submarines, to bolster its underwater fighting capability. It currently has 15 conventional submarines and two nuclear submarines.


The Navy has been focusing on significantly bolstering its overall capabilities in view of 's growing efforts to increase its military presence in the Indian Ocean Region.


The Indian Ocean, considered the backyard of the Indian Navy, is critical to the country's strategic interests.


According to global naval analysts, navy currently has over 50 submarines and about 350 ships. The total number of ships and submarines is projected to go past 500 in next 8-10 years.


India is one the largest importers of arms globally. According to estimates, the Indian armed forces are projected to spend around $130 billion in capital procurement in the next five years.


The defence ministry has set a goal of a turnover of $25 billion (Rs 1.75 lakh crore) in defence manufacturing in the next five years that included an export target of $5 billion (Rs 35,000 crore) worth of military hardware.



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Sham Shastry

I have found out one thing. The news portals in India have utter disregard for country's security that they regularly provide about troop movement, troop deployment, news about air force deployment, etc; in public domain. Our enemies don't need to send any spies to India to gather information. Our news portals provide regular updates.



Balhans Jayaswal

Modi knows that there is areal danger of a two front war, and so he is making India capable to face it.


Deje je

my friend if he has vision let him invest in drone technology .... drones can destroy any ships in minutes




INDIA need to ramp of Submarines & Stealth fighters from US & nuclear & S400 immediately. ALso India need to partner with Neighboring countries for mutual defense to save each other from



A Dutt

Modiji, please make 5 subs and use 11,000 crore for covid 19



Sajjan Singh Shaktawat

Go nment of India is definitely acting on war footings on enhancing defense capabilities. I wish and suggest to coverup deficiency in shortest possible time.




What's the point in spending so much when a..h.. can take big chunk of our land without firing a bullet and we can't do anything about it...




Abdul Syed

By spending huge amount of money and other resources on wons and other war material, the Indian State will have the same fate as that of USSR. That is how that entity broke asunder. That will happen with India too.

在武器和其他战争物资上花费大量金钱和资源,印度将会面临和苏 联一样的命运。这就是苏 联的原因,印度也将布其后尘


Sudhansu Sekhar Das

The vital period between 2004 to 2014was wasted by Congis resulting to such situations.



Online Review

to counter , We need financially strong and for that we need one rule for next 20 years so we see stability and mainly we need to stop re gious fighting.. wipeout congress and mta .




wow...great...Modiji hain to mumkin hai...God bless Modiji and Team....Vande Matrm



Sushil Seth

India should plan for next 30 years with a focus to make most of the sophisticated arms & equipment indigenously.Special R & D should be opened among all the major engineering institutes to build the technologies.




Let's first build hospitals in each district to counter Covid 19 and other health prob




First they created a conflict with every nation we share our border with in last 8 years including Nepal , Bangladesh and Bhutan and now they are spending lavishly on defense .. and justifying the same ...




subs ??? it 50-100 years back technology ...now is the time of drones ... your 55000 crores drones can sink in minutes .... be wise ...where to invest...

潜艇? ?这是50-100年前的技术了…现在是无人机的时代…无人机可以在几分钟内把这价值5500亿卢比的潜艇击沉…要明智一点,想清楚该买什么……

Kalyan Roy

never heard drones sinkings subs!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol



Pradipta Mitra

How long will it take to build them? 10 years.....



Axa Aga

INDIA becoming greater and much more powerful under MODI . . . Long Live INDIA !!!




Another 10yrs to build the Submarines and the cost would triple from 55k Cr. to 2L Cr. and by the way will capture half of India for sure.



Deje je

waste of money ...invest on drone technology ..which can destroy enemy ships in minutes....


R S waraich

From where will we get drone technology?


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