Amazon and Mukesh Ambani’s Jio are spoiling for an epic India battle


by Saritha Rai

Amazon.com Inc. has begun making forays into everything from grocery delivery and insurance to drugs in India, setting up a monumental clash with Mukesh Ambani’s hard-charging Jio Platforms.


The U.S. giant is fanning out at a pace not seen elsewhere in the world. Amazon is now delivering prescription and over-the-counter medicines and herbal remedies in Bangalore. It started last month selling car and motorbike insurance -- a first for the Seattle-based online giant -- claiming to finalize policies in under two minutes without paperwork. It piled a restaurant delivery service to Prime subscribers in parts of Bangalore last year. And it’s even reportedly unveiling wealth management services this year.


Those eclectic choices coincide with a similarly rapid-fire expansion by Jio’s parent, Reliance NSE 0.61 % Industries Ltd. The energy-to-retail conglomerate run by Ambani, one of the world’s wealthiest men, scored more than $20 billion of investment in just months from backers including Facebook Inc. and Alphabet Inc.’s Google to create an Indian internet behemoth. On Wednesday, Reliance’s retail unit announced it had acquired a majority stake in a top e-pharmacy Netmeds. And it’s preparing to add a suite of financial products and services including insurance, brokering and mutual funds.

这些广泛的选择与Jio母公司信实工业类似的快速不约而同。安巴尼是世界上最富有的人之一,他经营的这家从能源到零售的综合企业信实在短短几个月内就从Facebook 和Alphabet 旗下的谷歌等投资者那里获得了200多亿美元的投资,以将其打造成印度互联网巨头。周三,信实的零售部门宣布收购了一家顶级电子药房Netmed的多数股权,它还准备增加一系列金融产品和服务,包括保险、代理和互惠基金。


“This is going to be one fierce battle,” said Satish Meena, senior forecast analyst at Forrester Research Inc. “Amazon and Reliance want to meet a person’s every need from online retail to financial services to entertainment. It’s a fight for the household’s spending.”


Jeff Bezos regards India as a key frontier for Amazon, particularly after failing to break into China. Now he faces a homegrown champion backed by some of his fiercest U.S. rivals.


The most savage fight will be in groceries, which accounts for 55% of all Indian retail sales, according to Forrester. While it’s still early days, Amazon has been steadily pushing groceries through Amazon Pantry and produce via Amazon Fresh. Reliance only recently launched competitor JioMart in 200 cities, and it’s averaged 250,000 orders a day within weeks. Both are also tussling over one of India’s largest grocery chains, Future Retail, which controls Big Bazaar stores. Reliance is negotiating an acquisition but Amazon, which holds a minority stake, may be unwilling to allow its rival to gain control.

最激烈的竞争将发生在占印度零售总额55%的食品杂货行业。虽然还处于初期阶段,但亚马逊一直在通过Amazon Pantry稳步推进食品杂货,并通过Amazon Fresh进行生产。信实最近才在200个城市推出了竞争对手JioMart,几周内平均每天就有25万份订单。两家公司还在争夺印度最大的食品杂货连锁店Future Retail,后者控制着Big Bazaar 商店。信实正在就一项收购进行谈判,但持有少数股权的亚马逊可能不愿让其竞争对手获得控制权。

Amazon’s now testing farm-to-doorstep fruit and vegetable deliveries in the western city of Pune -- another world first. It’s a direct assault on Jio: Ambani recently said four-fifths of the fruits and vegetables sold on JioMart or through its retail outlets were sourced directly from farmers.


“The toughest battle between the two is going to be fought in grocery retail,” said Meena. “Grocery is Reliance’s strength and they will assert their pricing power by combining their offline muscle.”




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Do you need a foreign company to deliver groceries at your doorstep? That is a shame on Indian companies. Our businessmen do not stand a chance ag inst international competition unless given some prection by gt. Ofcourse Germany did provide support Aldis ag inst Walmart;




will graham

I don't see anybody wng other than these two. The people are gonna lose in the long run. They'll just kepp getting richer.



Sandeep R

This battle will be won by Reliance only. There agreement with Google ( so called FDI) to develop connectivity infra will help jiomart and soon we will see relaxation of rules regarding online selling that will help Ambani to churn huge profits. Finally after eating up compitetors , reliance will revise product pricing.



Navneet Kapoor

Winner to be decided by customer service - resolving customer grievances quickly.

Battle has just begun...

Let's wait and watch.





Muralidharan G.e.

ICICI has already accepted Chinesd capital. Modi cannot totally keep China at bay. Indian economy could crumble if they do that.



Srinivasan Vedantam

We need big corporates for manufacturing not retail trade. Tomorrow they will start chain shops in beauty parlour or hair dressing saloon or even roadside bhaji shop on franchise. Will the go nment save SMEs particularly small businesses from falling to pray of monopoly like situation created by corporate /MNC sharks.


hari krishna Johri

Clueless Gt.



Sujith Ram

I am afraid this kind of brutal competition may undermine the concept of "Make India". After all go nment doesn't seem interested to control this mad scramble to pocket their pential customers. Consumers may be benefited from predatory pricing of these giants but eventually lead to oligopoly and RIP of small and medium scale vendors.




This is present trend of On line business due to increase the trend of consumer prefer to purchase online instead going to retail shop.



Sutanu Gupta

Jio will win because of go nment support for crony-monopoly.



Aniket Mehta

Those big people are gonna hurt small business and will kill their business. Gt. Should make some policies ag inst them



Kalpesh Ganatra

we should rely on indian firm rather than mnc... services will improve by both tata and jio



Habibul Khan

Jio don't creating jobs ,only they are doing is profit.



Rohit Rajput

Fight between these giants will only destroy local vendors, they will face more problem than anyone!!



Somesh Kumar

JioMart has to improve a lot customer service. It is worst. Nobody picks up call at Customer Support, don't respond email, wrong delivery details on App etc.



Caba San Viejo

Indian MNC'S like TATA, JIO should be encouraged to grow and catch up with US MNC'S ....




Both the companies will destroy thousands of traders worldwide and that's not good for any Economy.


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