India tests its new light combat helicopters in Ladakh amidst border row with


NEW DELHI: India has deployed two of its new indigenous light combat helicopters, apart from the heavy-duty Apache attack and Chinook heavy-lift choppers acquired from the US, in Ladakh amidst the ongoing military confrontation with there.


The deployment of the twin-engine LCHs, which are not fully weaponized yet, in the high-altitude region is a show of support for the indigenous choppers ahead of their proposed induction into the armed forces.



The initial order for 15 LCHs is likely to be placed on defence PSU Hindustan Aeronautics (HAL) before the end of this year, with the overall requirement of such 5.5-tonne class choppers by the IAF and Army pegged at 160 as of now.


“The LCH is the lightest attack helicopter in the world, designed and developed by HAL to meet the specific and unique requirements of Indian armed forces. It reflects the crucial role of HAL in `Atma Nirbhar Bharat’,” said HAL chairman R Madhavan on Wednesday.

HAL主席R Madhavan周三表示:“轻型战斗直升机是全球最轻的攻击直升机,由HAL设计和开发,以满足印度军队的特殊要求。这反映了HAL在“印度自力更生”计划中的关键作用。”

Such LCHs figure in the negative arms import list announced by the defence ministry on Sunday, under which acquisition of 101 weapon systems and platforms from abroad will be progressively banned from December 2020 to December 2025, in a bid to bolster the fledgling domestic defence production sector.


The Indian LCHs, which are currently equipped with 70mm rockets and chin-mounted cannons, do not yet have anti-tank and air-to-air missiles. The LCH, however, has the distinction of being the first attack helicopter to land at forward bases in the Siachen Glacier-Saltoro Ridge region, 4,700 meters above sea level with a 500-kg load.


IAF vice chief Air Marshal Harjit Singh Arora also flew in the LCH, which is powered by two Shakti engines, during his visit to forward air bases in Ladakh last week. “He took off in the LCH from a high-altitude location to a forward area for a simulated attack on a high-altitude target,” said HAL.


“This was followed by a landing at one of the most treacherous helipads in the region. The LCH successfully demonstrated its quick deployment prowess to forward locations in extreme temperatures,” it added.


The LCH is “a potent weapon platform” because of its state-of-the-art systems and highly accurate weapons that are capable of hitting any type of target by day or night.


It has capability to carry an adequate weapon load at high-altitudes under varied conditions, said HAL, which hopes to achieve “peak production” of 30 such choppers per year.



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Ashish Kumar

kash, if this all Congress would have done in their regime then today india would have been in totally very high platform and would not have dared to dominate india. thanks to Modi govt. congress is purely political party only who only thinks in vote bank manner



Guptan Veemboor

Congress is a gone case. But I wonder why with all these military facilities with us, is not leaving the land they have occupied? Are they fools not to understand our strength?




Bablu Bachar

Boycott and congress.



vinood kunna

It can't grow without . Modi and his forfathers know this better than me and you.



Pradip Kumar Shome

We have hope in this brute machine developed by our engineers.




This kind of news only gives Indians the false sense of Indian superiority over . India is only testing TWO of its HAL new LCHs but blown it up as 'deployed' and combat ready. No wonder is not impressed by India's show of forces at the border.



Abhijit Sharma

All 6 years, modi was busy in competing with Pakistan and got defeated from instead. Now he is realising his mistake but it's too late. Modi is another Nehru.



Seshu Tatikola




Vikrant Chaudhri

Congratulations to HAL, our scientists, our Indian Air force. Need of the hour is to load this power packed machine with Air to air, air to ground missiles, with its own Radar tracking, jammers. Only then, it's real potential will turn out. Thank you Modi government. Jai Bharat



Shaun Singh

Boycott all and Muslims products and shops. Only support Indian products that way Hindus will progress in India.



P Narasiman

More than these helicopters and other machines, we have faith in our soldiers to drive the from our land.




Even the Iranians had the guts to send in barrage of missiles on American bases in Iraq after the Solemani tragedy



Burhan Wani

Handover borders security to AMERlCAN forces and send lndian Cwrd army to buildup toilets in the country. Remove Surrender Modi and handover County to U$..



Cyber Sikandar

Without weaponized Systems, these LCHs are just sitting dodos. Stop risking lives of our brave soldiers.



Venkat B

India is indirectly showing its powers to



Manyam Raja Ram

Much of talks than action. Either fight or leave .


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