India to build 'largest infra project' worth $500m in Maldives


NEW DELHI: With focus on greater connectivity, India on Thursday announced several developmental projects in the Maldives, including a $ 500 million Greater Malé Connectivity Project (GMCP), billed as the largest ever infrastructure project in the country.


External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar, after a meeting with his counterpart Abdulla Shahid, also announced the creation of an air bubble with the Maldives to facilitate movement of people from both sides for employment, tourism, medical emergencies.


India said in a statement that it will support implementation of GMCP in Maldives, through a financial package consisting of a grant of $100 million and a new Line of Credit of $400 million.




Jaishankar ned that this will be the largest civilian infrastructure project in the Maldives, connecting Malé with three neighbouring islands - Villingili, Gulhifahu (where a port is being built under Indian LoC) and Thilafushi (new industrial zone) – by construction of a bridge-and-causeway link spanning 6.7 km.


"Once completed, this landmark project will streamline connectivity between the 4 islands, thereby boosting economic activity, generating employment and promoting holistic urban development in the Malé region," said the go nment.


India also announced the commencement of a direct cargo ferry service between India and the Maldives and extension of urgent financial assistance worth $250 million, given the financial challenges faced by the island nation due to the Covid-19 situation. The minister announced that India had decided to extend in-principle urgent financial assistance to the Maldives by way of a soft loan arrangement. Exact modalities of the loan arrangement are being finalised by the two sides.


Offi al sources said there had been a reset in relations with the Maldives since Presi nt Solih assumed office in November 2018. "In the last one and a half years, Presi nt Solih and his Go nment has acted on its ‘India First’ policy in earnest. In line with its ‘Neighbourhood First’ policy, India has worked pro-actively to deepen its ties with the Maldives," said a source.


India’s total financial commitment in the Maldives covering all loan and grant projects is well over US$ 2 billion, all of which have been announced after the coming into power of Solih.


Sources said GMCP was a high visibility project and a key ion promise of the ruling MDP for which Solih had personally sought India’s assistance in September 2019. "It is neworthy that approvals for a project of this scale were obtained in less than an year. This is unprecedented and is testimony to the special relations between India and the Maldives," said the source.




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India should ask Maldives to join India.



jit shah

In the face of expansionism, small nations can't survive



Dean Mb

modi ji is a real visionary!



Raj S

Good initiative by Indian Go nment.



Sameer K

First give your poor people food to eat adn talking o giving 500 million for infra to another country



Lavin Vincent

BJP is no longer working for India or Indians..



Independent Observer

I have spent three years of my working life in Male’ and see the geostrategic value of the Maldives in the changing world order. India needs friendly ports close to the international ship channel. This is a good investment to bring the people of the Maldives closer to India.


Surya Kumar

No geostrategic value with Maldives. This is one of the poorest nation solely depending on tourism from India. The islands are sinking and will vanish in this century.



vempati Ratna Joshi

The infrastructure in India is worst and these people want to build something in other County .




Mitron please pay your taxes honestly we need to develop Maldives. Feku made 20 million migrants walk over 500 kilometers without food and water but he is now out to build infrastructure for Maldives.




Should have utilized to improve infrastructures, improve living standards, clean our cities, environment, prect our forests, wildlife, nature and STOP POPULATION EXPLOSION.



Arjun Reddy

Only $100M is the grant. The rest $400M is a loan. Plus Indian companies will get the contracts to build all these bridges. You will get the money back eventually, it's not a gift.




But mdives is not trust worthy, another go nment will come and cancel the agreement




Instead of investing money in Maldives, use that to wage a war ag inst our unscrupulous neighbors and get back our land. Moreover Maldives is not a trustworthy country given our bitter experiences in the recent past




I am happy to pay 2 lakh road tax and drive my car dow pot hole ridden India roads while my tax money gets used to develop Maldives.




Just like how Iran used India to build their port and then joined and India were left looking like a fool.


Independent Observer

India was not a fool. India chose not to go forward with the project due to US pressure and Iran was not worth antagonising the US. Smart move!




Maldives is strategically important to us. Money well spent, Mr Minister.



Ordinary Common Man

Money lost.



Amitava Basu

Do something for Indians in India, like jobs for youth! Every other day we hear India is doing great, why then average Indians are struggling so much?




Jagdip Vaishnav

Better first con trate on reviving Indian Economy



Rakesh Sharma

what the hail ...not at all trustworthy... has already purchaged these countries



Bji Rna

In India people are dying of hunger and farmers are committing suicide.



Joey Benra

COWARD MODI is our main problem ... not .


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