Indian-Americans celebrate Ram Temple foundation stone laying ceremony



WASHINGTON: Indian-Americans across the US celebrated the foundation stone laying ceremony of the historic Ram Temple in the holy city of Ayodhya by lighting diyas and taking around a tableau truck displaying digital images of the Ram Temple around the US Capitol Hill.


The groundbreaking ceremony for the construction of the temple took place on Wednesday in Ayodhya with Prime Minister Narendra Modi performing the ‘bhoomi pujan' of the temple, bringing to fruition the BJP's ‘mandir' movement that defined its po itics for three decades and took it to the heights of power.

神庙的奠基仪式于周三在阿约提亚举行,总理纳伦德拉·莫迪主持了“bhoomi pujan”意识,让人民党的“神庙”运动结出了果实。30年来,该运动奠定了印度30年来的政治格局,并将人民党推上了权力的巅峰。

In the US, various Hindu community groups would be organising virtual events to mark the importance of the occasion.


In Washington, members from the Vishwa Hindu Parishad, America took out a tableau truck on Tuesday with the digital image of Ram Temple, and went around the Capitol Hill with chanting of slogans “Jai Shree Ram” and moving around the city later.

在华盛顿,周二,来自“世界印度教徒会议”的成员开着一辆展示罗摩神庙数字图像的生动卡车,高呼“Jai Shree Ram”口号,绕着国会山转了一圈,之后又在市里转了一圈。

In other parts of the US, Hindu community members lit diyas at home.


“Congratulations to all Indians especially to Hindus, Jains and all who worship Lord Ram on this historic day of the laying the foundation stone for building the Ram Temple in Ayodhya,” Ajay Jain Bhutoria, a California-based community leader, said.

加州社区领袖Ajay Jain Bhutoria说:“在这历史性的一天,罗摩神庙在阿约提亚奠基,祝贺所有印度人,特别是印度教徒、耆那教徒和所有礼拜罗摩的人。”

While the public celebrations were limited due to the pandemic, a number of virtual events kicked off in various parts of the country.


A mega event is scheduled at New York's iconic Times Square wherein images of Lord Ram and the proposed temple would be on display on gigantic screens.


“Individuals are celebrating in their homes too by performing pujas, lighting lamps. It will be early diwali for many. The enthusiasm among the Indians here is very high,” a community media release said.


Deepak Sridhar, a software engineer based in Austin, said he will be doing a puja at home at the same time as the ceremony in India.


Another Indian-American professional, Manik Advani, said he plans to stay up all night to watch the ceremonies online.




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Larry ram

all nationalists are very proud of Modiji you will be remembered forever,



Rukmanand Sharma

We must always be ready to preserve it at any cost!



Gumnami Baba

Great day for Bharat.




India's character is being raped by Modi and BJP. The Godi media is shamelessly playing along and the bhakts of course are happy. This is a sad day for any true hindu and for India.


sunil awasthi

Looks like you are born after the era of Congress. During Indira, Rajiv, Narsimha and MM there use to be Iftar Parties for almost 30 days in parliament and by parliamentarians of Congress. I have not seen even one Diwali, Holi, Dusshera, Onam, Baisakhi, Chat celebrations in Parliament, was that the real character of India? I think you are blind support or pn ignorant.


Govindarajan Srinivasan

He is mentally retarded like pappu




A great day for Hindus. It took 500 years to make our temple in our own country!



Ram Permalla




Olymp Medco

Some would argue Nepal is the only self-described Hindu nation in the world, but India should also declare the same offi ally. 、




Save India for the INDIANS.




Jai Shree Ram!!! Finally where Shree Ram was born got its temple when Mugals dest yed original temple and built their Mo e. Moguls dest yed many temples and now justice is been done.



Mamta Singh

Jai Shree Ram!




THis temple disrespects Ram. This temple was built by illegally demolishing a mo e and riots that killed thousands. There is blood on the hands of the BJP and it's allies.



harishu12 Naik

finally shriram got his ful AYODHYA



Joey Benra

STOP WASTING TIME ON TEMPLES, CRICKET, BOLLYWOOD, etc. We INDIANS should start looking forward to BUILD UP our nation. Look around us ... Other S.E. Asian countries have moved up 100 yrs ahead of us. And here we are ...... trying to survive in a 4th world nation with no JOBS, no CLEAN DRINKING WATER, no MODERN TOILETS, no HOPES IN THE HORIZON.



Vettri Vel

Ram means love Ram means truth Ram means Justice & peace, Ram lives in every soul and every inch of India.



Have you noticed the sl very and apartheid inside the hindu society? This brahmin supremacist re gion has ensl ved and tortured lower caste people for millenia. Your ram is not for all.



Ram Bhakt

How come these Indian Americans not move back to India for the love of Sri Ram and their motherland? By staying away from India, they are showing that their true allegiance is not with India but with USA and dollars. Shameless bigots.


Lara Lar

Why you are jealous of Indian American,atleast they are celebrating the day, there is nothing to do with making or not making money.


Ram bhakt

Not jealous. I hope their love for India is true and they stay in their motherland. Bigotry is what I am ag inst.


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