57% of Mumbai slumdwellers have Covid antibodies: Sero survey



MUMBAI: A sero survey conducted by the BMC on almost 7,000 people in three civic wards in the city found 57% of the people tested in slum pockets had antibodies to Covid-19 as against 16% in non-slum pockets.


The SARS-CoV2 sero-prevalence study—covering the wards R North (Dahisar), M West (Chembur) and F North (Sion, GTB Nagar and Matunga)—was done by the BMC along with Niti Ayog and Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR).

SARS-CoV2血清阳性率调查覆盖了R北区(Dahisar)、M West区(Chembur)和F北区(Sion、GTB Nagar和Matunga),由BMC、Niti Ayog和塔塔基础研究所(TIFR)共同完成。

The BMC-TIFR team said the results point to high asymptomatic spread of the virus in Mumbai’s slums. “These results show surprising amount of prevalence in slums and a sharp differential with non-slum pockets,” said Sandip Juneja of TIFR. He added that the rapid spread in slums could be due to congestion and use of common facilities.

BMC-TIFR小组表示,结果表明在孟买贫民窟,无症状感染者可能占比很高。TIFR的Sandip Juneja说:“这些结果显示了贫民窟感染人数惊人,与非贫民窟地区差异显著。”他补充说,贫民窟的迅速蔓延可能是由于人口拥挤,共用设施。

Mumbai sero survey results better than in other countries, says BMC


The slum results are encouraging because experts believe herd immunity can be achieved when around 60% of the population has been exposed to the virus. BMC deputy executive health officer Dr Daksha Shah said, “The results are better than sero reports from other countries.” A study in Spain had shown only around 5% of population had antibodies. A sero survey in Delhi showed 23% of the population could have been infected.

贫民窟的调查结果令人鼓舞,因为专家认为,当大约60%的人口感染病毒后,就可以实现群体免疫。BMC副执行卫生干事Daksha Shah博士说:“孟买贫民窟的血清调查结果比其他国家更好。”西班牙的一项调查表明,只有5%的人口有抗体。德里的一项血清调查显示,23%的人口可能已被感染。

The survey showed higher prevalence among women than in men0


The findings suggest asymptomatic infections are high, especially in slums due to population density and shared facilities. “Taking together the current prevalence (estimated here) and records from BMC on reported deaths, fatality rate (IFR) is very low (0.05-0.10%),” said the BMC statement.


Dr Ullas Kolthur-Seetharam from TIFR said while findings are good, there is need for caution. “In case of slums. it shows a large population is asymptomatic and sooner or later will reach herd immunity. But in case of non-slum pockets, the concept of social distancing and precautionary measures are important,” he said. Dr Shah said the results underline the need for people to continue wearing face masks and observing social distancing.

TIFR的Ullas kolthurseetharam博士说,虽然调查结果很好,但也需要谨慎。比如贫民窟,有大量无症状患者,迟早会达到群体免疫。但在非贫民窟地区,保持社交距离,做好预防措施是很重要的。人们有必要继续戴口罩,保持社交距离。



Common Man

40% people in India had coronavirus if they were testing as high as usa Europe then our cases would be in millions .



Akash Singhal

And ICMR continues to lie about India still not being in stage 3


Subbu India

ICMR also said that covid vaccine will be launched on 15th. August.



Anil Dharan

So much for the usefulness of Lockdowns.

I've been saying from the begng that Lockdowns are pointless in an over-populated, indisciplined country like India.

Feku blindly copied the West and destroyed our Economy, for no reason at all.



Modi Pappu Bhai H

Nice cover up for diverting from failures..sure that no scientific authority will confirm this..




If so many have antibodies, why cases and death rates are rising. Herd immunity develops at 50%.



Vande Bharat

GXXXXdu whether tthey have corona antibodies or not, stop testing and move on with life!!!!




with a vaccine still 6 to 7 moths away herd immunity is the only solution.



Axay K

It's a known fact that slum dwellers have much higher immunity to disease than other urban residents due to the severe unhygienic conditions they have grown up in.




So the people in slum who are unable to develop immunity will die and those who survive will continue to reproduce and grow



t k

if our government has kept them in filth and slums for so long that would have developed cancer antibodies also.




still there is NO community transmission in India! LOL



Ravimurthy Krishnamurthy

The story is not only true for slums in Mumbai, but it is true for entire India.



Voice of India

Prolonged lockdown has weaken the economy of the country, on the same time did not allow building herd immunity against COVID. Mumbai slumdwellers didn’t able to comply with strict lockdown and physical & social distancing due to space constraint and hence God saved them building COVID antibodies on their body.



Saptarshi Das

Hope herd immunity develops soon all over the country



Rupesh Mhatre

Yes middle-class and upper middle class has low immune system..

karma has it own ways to punish..wait and watch.



Sourabh Verma

Till the Vaccine comes , the only way to protect from virus is develop antibodies in body.



Vibhu Bansal

The serum survey results mean Ihat India has long surpassed the US to be #1 in Covid-19 infections..



Manjula Naidu

Good news...some best hope for country people's...




People from Mumbai already have lots of antibodies compare to West world.




Did any of these slum dwellers visit Wuhan ?



Umesh Patil

It would mean possibly high immunity among Indians. (2) Mumbai Slums may be near to achieve Herd Immunity pretty soon. (3) Overall it can imply good news for India.


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