With 100 days to 2020 elections, Trump trails in polls amid growing unrest



WASHINGTON: With 100 days to go for the 2020 elections, the United States is boiling with social unrest and political fervor, with riots and clashes in several cities over the weekend and a brewing confrontation between a federal Republican administration and states and cities run by Democrats.


President Trump is pouring in heavily-armed and militarized federal enforcement personnel into many cities, including Portland, Seattle, Chicago, Baltimore, and Philadelphia – all Democrat-run -- to contain growing protests that began as a Black Lives Matter movement and is now transforming into a broader agitation against the Trump administration’s strong-arm methods, including what some critics describe as Gestapo tactics where unidentified federal personnel are scooping up protestors from the streets.

特朗普总统正在向波特兰、西雅图、芝加哥、巴尔的摩和费城等许多城市派遣全副武装和军事化的联邦执法人员,这些城市都是皿煮党执政的城市,以遏制日益增加的抗议活动。这些抗议最初是一场“黑人的命也是命”(Black Lives Matter)运动,现在正演变成一场更广泛的抗议活动,以反对特朗普政府的强硬手段,包括一些批评人士所称的盖世太保战术,即身份不明的联邦人员在街上抓捕抗议者。

On its part, Trump and his supporters are characterizing protestors as “antifa radicals” and “terrorists” bent on destroying peace and social harmony while challenging the country’s dodgy historical narrative. Some of the most serious clashes have occurred in Portland, Oregon, and Seattle, Washington, both white-majority Democratic cities on the west coast, where federal personnel have engaged in a brutal crackdown.


In one of the most egregious incidents, a protestor said to be armed with an AK-47 who was marching with a BLM demonstration was shot and killed when he approached a man in a car who was also armed.


All this is happening at time of unprecedented public health crisis arising from a pandemic that is now returning with a vengeance- claiming 1000 lives each day for the last five days. The Trump administration’s shambolic response to the crisis has contributed to a public backlash in all but the strongest conservative Republican redoubts, with polls showing President Trump heading for a defeat in almost all battleground states. In fact, some surveys suggest the Republican Party is set to lose the Senate, the House of Representatives (which Democrats control), and the White House, for a trifecta rout.


The US President and his aides challenge such surveys, maintaining they are “fake polls,” and insisting that there is a vast "silent majority" that desires social stability (which some critics see as status quo that ensures white primacy), while hoping that the federal “law&order” crackdown will consolidate voters fearful of unrest.


“The Trump Campaign has more ENTHUSIASM, according to many, than any campaign in the history of our great Country - Even more than 2016. Biden has NONE! The Silent Majority will speak on NOVEMBER THIRD!!! Fake Suppression Polls & Fake News will not save the Radical Left,” Trump tweeted on Sunday as unrest spread to several Democrat-run cities.


Although he lost the national popular vote by more than 2.85 million votes, Trump was pitchforked to the White House by winning three states – Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania – by a combined 80,000 votes. Current polls show him losing all three, but his campaign managers insist the polls are flawed and the President enjoys enthusiastic if silent support.


“If we win any of these three states and the states the president won in 2016, Joe Biden stays in his basement and the president’s in the White House for four more years. It’s that simple,” Trump’s new campaign chief Bill Stepien told reporters.


While most US elections center on pocketbook matters, the coronavirus pandemic, which also has impacted the economy, had become the key issue in the upcoming polls with Trump getting hammered for his handling. Evidently realizing this, the President has made a sharp u-turn from his dismissive demeanor about the pandemic, returning to his daily briefing and adopting a more somber tone, canvassing the virtues of the face mask and social distancing, and warning that the situation is likely to get worse before it gets better.


But critics say his messaging lacks conviction. Over the weekend, he was out golfing again – his 10th outing in the past month -- this time with football great Brett Favre. Neither was wearing a mask.




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Pranabendu Raychaudhuri

An one sided story to confuse people !




Pools that predicted Hillary will win by landslide..!! Try again..



Trump is a staunch nationalist

Donald Trump is the best American president in recent times. He is a strong nationalist and has done lot for the native people of the US. He has tried his best rejuvenate American economy and has created lot of jobs for American citizens by denying foreigners H1B visas



Probhat Raha

As opposed to that Joe Biden is a brain-dead,



Khagaraj Sommu

The resurgence of Covid 19 infections in Europe and Asia is giving the lie to the propaganda of Democrats and MSM that Trump’s mistakes alone caused all the infections in the U.S.Besides Trump voters are hiding their support to him for fear of the violent retribution the Biden mob.Thus,the alleged lead of Biden over Trump is a mirage.Trump is actually on the way to a landslide victory.



Fal Rana

MAGA President Trump is leading in the polls..



Fal Rana

Only and Only mark my words, President Trump will win second term as Amrica needs him not the hoodlums not the sore loser Biden.. God will intervene and Times get your facts right..President Trump will win he is winning and he is always a winner



Logical Indian

He was trailing last time as well




Biased reporting. For fair and free, Postpone elections to 2021 as USA is reeling under Wuhan virus and economy is bad shape due to China virus.



Fal Rana

Only and Only President Tump will win again. Biden is a sore loser he is no competiution to our greatest MAGA presidetn Trump! So times of Inida get your facts right and get rid of Fake news




Month of October will be most crucial for Trump if recovery from Covid -19 starts.



DL Bhandari

Trump will go down as nincompoop in the annals of the US presidential history. Four years down and a pandemic he has failed the American people on all fronts. He should bow out in shame but he has no shame.



Surya Shakti

We don’t want a Hilal-e-Pakistan, and a racist guy who mocked Indian accent, to be a president of the USA.



Bau Saheb

America will be doomed under democrat Biden. Democrats are pro-Muslims and pro-China. Remaining industries will move to China and America will turn bankrupt.



Gumnami Baba

If Trump loses the election, China will win, world will lose.



Eternal Christ

Whatever the polls may be, White Folks may criticize him in public but when they go out to vote they will vote him. Whites are most racists then any other folks. They might not be on your face but they are. Trump will again have low votes in popular vote category but he will be able to get the electoral votes.




Let us ask one of our eminent astrologers about Trump's win.



Barinder Ahluwalia

Republicans are worried, if Trumps wins - they might lose the Senate



Bala Srinivasan

Next few weeks are going to be very crucial for the future course of USA both within the country&GLOBALLY



Alien on a trip here

Both Democrats and Republicans have been ruling since decades by turns and India-US relationship is matured and progressed under both. So the result in 2020 election will be fine whoever comes to power.


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