Farmer’s son gets 100% scholarship to Cornell



LUCKNOW: Scoring 98.2% in CBSE Class XII exams is just another feather in the cap of this son of a marginal farmer from UP’s Lakhimpur Kheri as he already secured a berth in New York’s Cornell University — one of the eight Ivy League Universities in the US — with a 100% scholarship.


Anurag Tiwari now is waiting for his online classes at Cornell to start from September 1. Most US universities are currently holding virtual classes due to the health emergency caused in the country by the Covid-19 pandemic.


To appreciate his feat, one must consider that till four years ago, Anurag’s village didn’t even have ricity. A humanities student, Anurag scored a perfect 100 in economics and history, 99 in po itical science and 97 in English. He scored lowest in mathematics (95).


Anurag will study economics and mathematics at Cornell. “My decision to study humanities was questioned by many who felt it was not suitable for boys,” he told TOI.


Son of farmer Kamlapati Tewari and home maker Sangeeta Tewari, Anurag till class V attended a primary school in his village, Sarasan, 60km from Lakhimpur town. It was in class VI that he made the cut by qualifying the entrance test for admissions to VidyaGyan, a rural leadership academy located in Sitapur, which handpicks economically underprivileged meritorious students from rural UP. “The call letter in 2013 changed my life. Motivation to dream big came from my hard working parents. Support came from my three elder sisters who wanted me to get world class education which they couldn’t,” said Anurag.


Anurag started preparing for SAT when he was in Class XI — he scored 1370 marks out of 1600. Anurag applied to Cornell as an ‘Early Decision Applicant’ and got the call in December last year. “Throughout the process, my school teachers helped me write the draft essays, preparing the projects. My essays were edited by senior counsellors in Delhi who even helped me choose the colleges,” he said.


“When I reached my village after class XII, everyone looked at me with high regards. People who didn’t know me earlier came to my house just to talk to me. It gives me hapess,” said Anurag, who finds an inspiration in ace cricketer MS Dhoni.

阿努拉格说:“12年级毕业后,我回到村里,大家都用崇敬的目光看着我。为了和我聊聊天,以前不认识我的人也来到我家。这让我觉得很快乐。”阿努拉格说是板球运动员MS Dhoni激励了他。

“I thought of making my son successful, but today he has made me a successful father. He taught me so much in all these years,” Kamlapati said.




Nalin Gosalia

anurag , there is matrabhumi and karmabhoomi . Please don't forget your matrabhoomi . Reach the top but don't ignore the people left at the bottom of the ladder


Anupam Pandey

Good message sir (well said), today i am staying in abroad but i still remember my father's word that never forget your mother land (your origin).



Chapar Ghanchu

All Brahmin leave this country for better life abroad as far as I know




Anurag, God bless you and may you reach the nacle of success. Wishing you the very best.



Sun Rise

Now he will go serve other countries.


Global Critic

Why you so jealous !



Propaganda Smasher

The village had no ricity till 4 years ago. Hail 60 years of Congress gt. misrule. Modi gt. rified all villages giving deserving talent like Mr. Tiwari an actual shot at pursuing their dreams. Go India.



Paki Te rort1

Go boy ... !! ... Economics and mathematics is just a combo for a plum job in investment banking ... !!

加油,男孩…! !…要活得投资银行的肥差,学经济学和数学真是再合适不过了! !


Anantha Prasanna

India creats genius upto graduation level, but casteism, nepotism, po itics in India allow foreign universities to capture these genius .Even Brahma cannot improve this situation during his life time.



Paki Te rort1

India must have a policy of attracting the best talents like the US, where Quota sy em does not apply ... if they ever think of stop brain drain ... !! ...




Well done betaji!!!!



Subrnian Rswamy

Great Anurag. Congratulation. You have proved that where is a will there is a way and God blessed those who take efforts. Keep it up




Such a wonderful piece of good news subah subah



NKG52 Kumar

Way to go Anurag !!



Ramesh T M

Nothing can stop this gifted student from getting sed to Cornell to the course of his choice. These talents are rare & deserve celebration. Wish this illustrious son of India, all the very best in all his endeavors.



Navin Chandra Mishra

Indian institutes like Delhi School of Economics and other so called prestigious colleges should wake up. They should have some mechanism to spot such exceptional talent and nurture them.



Krishnamurthy Sridhar

Way to go Anurag. You have made your parents & your village proud. Now go and make your country proud. May god bless you to be successful in all your endevours.



Raj Mehta

I am sure Anurag will help others in the village. But do not forget "Bharat Mata", who taught you ABC. Also do not forget your mother tongue. India needs good citizen like you.



Sundaresan Bkrishnan

Given opportunity every Indian can shine.



Venkitarn Govindarajan

Congratulations to him



Arabian Nights

India should be ashamed of not promoting this kind of talent which other countries are welcoming with open arms. I am one of those individuals who was offered a smililar scholarship and now call US my home.. Never returning back to India.. Like never..

其他国家张开双臂欢迎这些人才,印度应该为没有提拔这些人才而感到羞耻。我也获得了类似奖学金,现在把美国当作我的家,再也不回印度了. .


Bob Aurora

keep up good work




India has many stars... it's just an example...



Hridoy Baruah

A proud moment for all of us.


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