America loves India, says US Presi nt Donald Trump



WASHINGTON: US Presi nt Donald Trump has said that America loves India as he thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi for greeting him on the occasion of the 244th Independence Day of the United States.


The Fourth of July -- also known as Independence Day or July 4th – is a federal holiday in the US commemorating the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776.


Prime Minister Modi on Saturday congratulated Presi nt Trump and the people of the US on the country's 244th Independence Day, saying as the world's largest democracies "we cherish fre m and human enterprise that this day celebrates".


"I congratulate US Presi nt Donald Trump and the people of the USA on the 244th Independence Day of the USA," Modi tweeted.


Responding to the greetings from the prime minister on the popular micro-blogging site, Trump said in a tweet: “Thank you my friend. America loves India!”


The Twitter exchange between the leaders of the world's oldest and largest democracies were welcomed by people from both the countries and it went viral on the social media.


“The world is witnessing the unbelievable bond and love between Presi nt Trump and Prime Minister Modi - America and India, the two largest democracies of the world,” said Al Mason, co-chair of the Trump Victory Indian-American Finance Committee.


“America is blessed to have you” Prime Minister Narendra Modi and “India as our valued friend. America and India - the two largest democracies in the world! God's blessings to you as you lead India,” popular African-American singer Mary Millben tweeted.


“Kudus to both leaders for cementing such a solid relationship, which can weather any storm,” he added.


“India loves America too,” tweeted one Gurdeep Singh.

Gurdeep Singh在推特上表示:“印度也爱美国。”


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Manohar Sharma

Long Live, India - USA Friendship.


Lachhman Bhatia

Every Indian is wishing that.



Subbu India

Thank you Mr. Trump. Hope you will keep it up in future too.



Sameer S

Appromately 75% of H1B visa holders in USA are Indian. Recently Trump issued an order to block H1B visas which caused many Indian American families to be separated and it caused many to loose their job. Also Trump is trying to stop all outsourcing and call centers in order to create more jobs for US citizens. This also caused many people in India to become jobless. ~

Republican Trump being Presi nt is good for upper middle class and wealthy US citizens. But he does not benefit India




Sandeep Nagar

As lomg as you fight with neighbours and buy Anerican wons, they will love you


Lachhman Bhatia

India does not fight with its neighbours. It fights only those neighbours who want to encroach upon Indian territory as and Pakistan do.



Minhaj Mashkoor

America love money , Trump love ion ... Indian love to be fool



Pradeep Pushkar

Indo-US ties need to be further strengthened in wake of the coronavir s pandemic & 's muscle fleng.

EVIL DRAGON CHINA. The Go nment of USA irrespective of which ever comes to power should support INDIA. USA should stop supporting Pakistan as its an Ally of CHINA. Hai Hind. Vande Mataram.



Nanu Pushpangadhan

In deed America is a Sincere Friend of India.



Lachhman Bhatia

It must be galling to .




India loves America too.



V Ravi Kanth

Now it is the time to US to go further step to strive for India’s permanent membership in Security council



Sameer S

Trump also said that Pakistan PM Imran Khan is his "good friend". And Trump also said that he is willing to intervene in Kashmir if both India and Pakistan want his help.


debajyoti maulik

Yes. And while he talks really sweet about India, each one of his actions have proved to be poisonous for India. The latest on display being the H1B visa ban.



Adv Latake Dm

We love and like America too.



Abhijit Sharma

America is true de acy .



Tl Chaudhuri

He loves India so much that he stopped HI B visa for which Indians will be the highest affected in the world. Out PM Is hobnobbing with a man who a few days back threatened India for not releasing a drug. The more we get closer to US , the more will retaliate. I dont think Trump loves anyone other than himself



Sudhanshu Shukla

Trump is lunatic, dont get flattered by an idiot.



Alcohol Kills Ganja Chills

It's all about selling F35s to India since IAF has shown deep interests in it recently.



Good Human Being

Well of course, Mr Trump. It's ion time in the US and you sure need those American Indian ves. You have an all the more harder ion to win there!



Vinod Kumar

Thanks America, but more than love we need modern defense technology, better fighters and other defense equipment at "friendly price". We need active support ag inst aggression - not just lip service. We want America to be seen standing by us in these crucial times. And finally we want to see America in "superpower'' saddle again.


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