Covid-19: Record 23,500+ cases on Friday, 446 deaths



NEW DELHI: The Covid-19 pandemic continued to surge in the country as fresh cases rose to another record high on Friday, with over 23,500 reported during the day.


With more than 22,000 new infections on Thursday, India’s coronavirus caseload has jumped by about 45,500 in just two days. The death toll from the virus has risen to 18,662 with 446 fatalities recorded on Friday.


Covid-19 cases in India stood at 6,49,708, having crossed the 6 lakh mark just two days ago, as per data collated from state governments.


Meanwhile, the recovery rate crossed 60%, with more than 3.93 lakh patients having been declared cured.


As many as 23,526 new cases were reported on Friday. The spike was again led by Maharashtra, which recorded a new high of 6,364 infections.


At least seven other states reported their biggest single-day jump in cases, led by a massive increase of 1,892 in Telangana and 1,694 in Karnataka. The others were Uttar Pradesh (972 new cases), Gujarat (687), Bengal (669), Odisha (561) and Kerala (211).


Tamil Nadu became the second state in the country to cross the 1-lakh mark, reporting its second highest count of 4,329 on Friday. Delhi reported 2,520 cases, taking its caseload to over 94,600.


The southern states together accounted for nearly 9,000 fresh cases (8,987 to be precise), on the back of a major surge of the pandemic in the region since the past few days. For the second day in a row, Maharashtra added over 6,000 cases to its Covid-19 tally. Friday’s 6,364 cases are the highest so far in a day, beating the previous high of 6,330 cases on Thursday. With this, the total number of cases in the state is now 1,92,990.


Maharashtra added 198 deaths on Friday, of which 150 were from the last 48 hours and 48 from previous days.




Stephen Mani

And the Modi Government is still saying 'there is no community transmission of Covid 19 in India'.



Rajiv Grover

Out of the Population of 130 Crores, Medical Team have conducted tests only for 92 lakhs in last 3.5 months.Not even 1 Crore.

We are sitting on Virtual Time Bomb which is just waiting to explode soon.




Saleem Sheikh

India within 2 days will cross Russia and grab 3rd place in number of positive cases. Keep it up Feku great going



Raj Kumar

Population 140 crores active cases approx 3 lakhs i.e just 0.022%



Vicky Sharma

Feku getting world wide acclaim for taking full control of Corona!!



modi modi

Modi has visited India- border and delivered stern warnings to India's enemy, although he never named that enemy.



Daenerys Targaryen

Nice very nice. india will be 3rd by next week.. drink more gaumutra




best India

India is breaking the record every day. East or west, India is the best.



john p

Feku and gang are busy with ...covid is so last month news please nobody cares...



Premguru Ki Ashirvaad

why is feku totally silent over covid as cases are growing ?



Daenerys Targaryen

india will be #1 by diwali.. wah modiji wah



Sanjoy Pandey

Numbers are increasing everyday, making new records. How to control them ?



Anandarao Devalkar

The surge in numbers are a matter of concern. The cause and effects are known. The already strained health care system cannot take any further load. The preventive measures needs to be drilled among our people. Sanitise, mask and social distance ßhould be followed rigourously and moving around should be at barest minimum. Only discipline can save.



Balaji Ramana

The scariest thing that seems to be is that in our area, the recoveries are so many and so fast, that one tends to suspect it. If the patients are discharged without proper testing, our recovery percentage may improve, but it poses grave danger to others.



K Mohan

With 60 per cent recovery rate there is a hope for survival and ICMR is also speeding up vaccine find



sree singh

Until someone known get infected no one understand... Enjoy life trial...



C S Maurya

Maharashtra is paying the price for the most inefficient Govt.



Charanjit Singh

These are govt. numbers. God knows how many actual.



HappyTimes User

In spite of extended lockdown, the cases are rising. What will happen once the trains start functioning completely? Has anyone thought about it?

尽管封城延长了,但确诊病例仍在上升。一旦火车开始完全运营,会发生什么? 有人想过吗?



thank god for blessing Indians with good immunity..otherwise we would be dealing with much more dead bodies



nanjapa bidanda

We are going to beat Russia and get into bronze medal position. Stop inter state travel, and gatherings of more than 4 people, enforce social distancing, make masks mandatory, and then see how pandemic comes under control.2


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