Amid LAC stand-off, India approves purchase of fighter jets, missiles worth Rs 38,900 crore



NEW DELHI: With India prepared for the long haul in the border confrontation with , the defence ministry on Thursday approved several capital procurement projects worth Rs 38,900 crore. They include 33 new fighter jets, 300 long-range land-attack cruise missiles and 250 air-to-air missiles.


The projects will take at least two to three years, if not more, to translate into actual inductions into the armed forces but they signal the government’s renewed thrust on building military capabilities for the two active borders with and Pakistan despite budgetary constraints.


The defence acquisitions council (DAC), chaired by defence minister Rajnath Singh, approved procurement of 21 more MiG-29s and 12 Sukhoi-30 MKIsfrom Russia. The 21 MiG-29s, along with a further upgrade of 59 such jets already with IAF to "ensure similar standards across the fleet", will cost Rs 7,418 crore.

印度国防部长拉杰纳特·辛格日前在主持印度国防采购委员会(DAC)会议期间批准了从俄罗斯采购21架米格-29和12架苏-30 mki战机。21架米格-29,再加上进一步升级现有59架米格-29以“确保整个机队都达到类似标准”,将花费741.8亿卢比。

The 12 additional Sukhois to be licensed produced by defence PSU Hindustan Aeronautics, along with upgraded electronic warfare suites and additional supplies and spares for the fleet, in turn will come for Rs 10,730 crore.


Among the projects approved by the DAC, induction of the Astra beyond visual range air-to-air missiles will probably be the fastest. With all its developmental trials over, IAF can begin to induct the 250 Astra missiles to arm its Sukhoi fighters from next year onwards. The DRDO is also working to increase Astra’s strike range from the exsting 110-km to over 160-km.


Another big takeaway from the DAC was the approval for the eventual induction of over 300 land-attack cruise missiles with a strike range of over 1,000-km. But it will take two to three years for developmental trials of this advanced version of the Nirbhay (fearless) missile, which was first successfully tested in 2017, to be completed, said sources.


This new cruise missile, designed to fly at low-altitudes to evade enemy radars and missile defence systems, will be the longest range conventional missile in the arsenal of the armed forces. The exsting precision-strike BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles have a range of 300-km, which is now being extended to around 500-km.


Both MiG-29s and Sukhois are currently deployed at forward air bases along the Line of Actual Control due to the ongoing military face-off with . The progressive induction of 36 French Rafales from next month onwards will of course be a tremendous operational boost for IAF, which is grappling with just 30 squadrons (each has 16 to 18 jets) when at least 42 are required to handle the collusive -Pakistan threat.

由于与的军事对峙,米格-29和苏霍伊战机目前都部署在实际控制线沿线的前沿空军基地。从下个月开始逐步引进36架“阵风”战机,对印度空军的实力来说无疑是一个巨大的提升。印度空军目前只有30个中队(每个中队有16 - 18架战机),而为了应对-巴基斯坦的威胁至少需要42个中队。



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Ashish Kumar

was was under estimating india, now they will surely feel the heat of drastic rising power of india, proud of modi govt and this can be possible only under modi govt. congress and their supporters are only engaged in heat of words



Guru Ghantal

It will take another 10 to 15 years before those Migs and Sukhois are actually delivered including all beaurocratic run arounds. This dicision to purchase new fighter planes from Russia is only to placate Russians to be neutral at least if they can not support India against .



Soundar PS

are the biggest importer of Siberian oil & gas. Russian economy is dependent on . our arm purchase is relatively small compared to import.



Nageswar Murmu

Good move.



Gugi Canada

7 million homeless people are dying hungry on the streets in India and wasting money on weapons, Feku with 8th grade education can't think...







Gugi Canada

French and Germany are replacing their Fighter Jets with latest 6th Generation fighters. These countries are producing WMD and selling to the highest bidders and third world counties are buying weapons not looking after their poverty. No wonder it s cycle they stay poor in the meantime these Western Nations flourish.



6th generation fighters ? Are you on dope



real Indian

showed no sign of fearing India's 250 SU-30s and Mig-29s flying over the border area. Why should it be scared by 21 more USED MIG-29 and 12 SU-30? Buy American F22s, at least F35s. Otherwise, pure waste of money.




Arslan Ali Vistro

has been successful in wasting indias billions of dollars on arms. They could have been spent on the poor.




After quitting Weibo and banning apps, now Modi decided to purchase jets. What a strong reply by our pm.



Anonymous Delhite

After "digital" strike, now comes "weapon purchase" strike on . Be careful Dragon.



Pankaj J

This is stupid decision. The army size is 3 times larger than ours. We can only effectively match it by showing nuclear deterrence.........



Arteck Systems

whatever, knows that India is scared.



Pravin Puthur

Make Pappu PM



Shiv Thakur

What an idiotic decision. Do some surgical strikes like you did in Pakistan. Why wasting money when you can do some surgical strikes.



Ashutosh Pandey

Should have ordered before hand, and not when war is at the doorsteps.



Ram bhakt

Russia and USA are not in the business of creating peace in the world. They just want to sell weapons and it can only happen if there is more turmoil and the countries are under a constant threat of war. These two countries do not want a real war (just want a threat of a war) because if one country actually wins, no one will buy weapons from the suppliers of the losing side.




shafi khan

UPA has inked a deal of 128 Rafales, Modi reduced it to 36 and now he is out buying 40 years old Russian flying coffins. Why can't he buy American fighters from his buddy Trump. Americans certainly have an edge over Russian junk.





Sanjoy Pandey

With neighbours like and Pakistan India has to spend more on defence. Focus should be given on indigenous weapons.


Guru Ghantal

Sorry to say India cant even produce automatic rifle. They just bought from foreign country recently.



mighty India

Good. These new birds will be game changers and India will be an instant superpower



Abrupt Volcan

India is unprepared. Indian defense is exposed.



Felix Issac

This is called our Modi’s Make In India policy.


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