Male or female, urban or rural, over 50% Indians 25 years or older



NEW DELHI: For the first time, more than half of India’s population, irrespective of gender or whether it’s in urban or rural areas, is now 25 years or older. This was revealed in the Sample Registration Sy em 2018 report released recently by the registrar general and census commissioner of India.


As India’s fertility rate goes down steadily along with a rise in life expectancy, the proportion of its young population is shrinking and the median age has been increasing. The report showed that even among rural men, the proportion of those below 25 years of age had fallen to 49.9% from 50.2% in 2017.


In all other categories — urban women, urban men and rural women — those under 25 already constituted less than half the population. Overall, the under-25s in 2018 constituted 46.9% of the population.

在所有其他类别- -城市女性、城市男性和农村女性- - 25岁以下人口占比已经不到一半。2018年,25岁以下人口占总人口的46.9%。

However, there are still several states, those that continue to have high fertility rates, where this proportion is much higher.


Thus, Bihar, with the highest fertility rate of 3.2, had the highest proportion of its population below 25 years, 57.2%, followed by UP with the second-highest fertility rate of 2.9, where the under-25 year population was 52.7%. The longer a state has had low fertility rates and relatively high life expectancy, the smaller the proportion of its population below 25 years.


That expns why though many states now have lower fertility rates than Ker, since Ker has had low fertility over a long period of time, it had 37.4% or just over a third of its population, below 25 years. Ker’s fertility rate had fallen to 1.8 as early as 1991. Though TN, Andhra Pradesh, Telangana, J&K, HP and Punjab now have a lower fertility of 1.6 compared to Ker’s 1.7, the fertility rates of these states was more than 3 in 1991, barring TN with 2.2. As a result, they have a higher proportion of under-25s than Ker.


Since fertility is lower in urban areas, the proportion of those under 25 years is less in urban areas than in rural areas.


Migration for work to urban areas could also be playing a part in this. Higher life expectancy among women and, in some states, declining sex ratios over decades also means that in most states, the proportion of under-25s among women is lower than among men. Nationally, 46.3% of the female population was below 25 years of age compared to 47.4% of males.




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A twisted way to say population in Bihar and other bimaru states is a runaway out control train. Historically, low education and poverty leads to high births per women. Fits the profile in these northern states. No jobs so they go down south for jobs. At least the south gets ch labor for manual jobs.



Only Facts

In reality none of Modi fans have nothing to worry.Modi has been wng 95% of the seats in MP/Bihar/UP/Rajasthan and Jharkhand.Its all for good Modi that these sick 5 continue to be laggards.Modi got 192 seats in these states.Its is all good for Modiji



Ravie Gupta

in erstwhile BIMARU states, population control measures should be educated vigorously.



The Sane Man

it seem the population is decreasing since modi came. I think the general feeling is no one wants to live anymore and fed up with life.



Sharad Lotlikar

It is a very bad sign but on expected line! Demographic bnce has to be maintained by making education compulsory and enforcing it by drastic measures!




the problem is that states with lowest literacy rates are having the youngest population. this is not good sign



K Mohan Twincities

With 65 crore youth power, India is the most envied country and that is why the enemy countries are up their anti



Babu Bassa

Indian population is younger because of low life expectancy. In 1950 India' s life expectancy at birth was 36 years and that of USA for example was in mid 60s. Now USA's is in mid 80s and India's is in mid 60s. That means millions of young in India are dying before reaching the age of 65 or so for various reasons.



Vijay Banga

Having so many youth is not enough unless they have sound health and education



Jagdish Madan

Low fertility rate, longevity of life, percentages of younger population are all figures intricately intertwined with the level of education in a society. Ker, TN and Andhra having low percentages of younger population is due to higher percentage of educated people in the states.



K Mohan Twincities

With the self reliant India in force the gt must utilize the youth power to much extent and surge ahead




India a country with hardly any natural resources cannot afford a huge population. Without resources life becomes hell for everyone.




Look at Bihar , UP and MP. They know only producing kids and sending those to other state as labor.



Abrupt Volcano

Over 80% Indians are Big mouth shallow knowledge and coward.




Had the forced family planning introduced during 1975 emergency continued for a decade more, India's population would have been below one billion now.



R Venkatesh Govind

Master stroke by Modijee.



aaaa bbbb

more the population more the resources needed and more the curruption too... everything is linked to one another



Maya Mahant

In a country like ours with population of over a billion people, irrespective of caste creed re gion, we need to bring in Population Control Policy.



Vivek Rajput

population control law is necessary



Shapoor Bomanjee

it simply means population is increasing rapidly and birth control is not working.


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