India watches as KP Oli faces ‘revolt’



NEW DELHI: After the initial hostility over Nepal’s new map, the go nment has adopted, for now, a more sedate approach to the neighbour, not least because of the fissures in the ruling co unist party coming to the fore in the past few days. While it may be too early to say that Nepal PM K P Oli’s days are numbered, his combative rival in the party, P K Dahal Prachanda, has made it clear he has had enough of the unilateral manner in which Oli is allegedly working.


According to reports from Nepal, Oli is already facing calls for his resignation. India has also closely followed reports that Nepal may have ceded territory to China but this has been strongly denied by Nepal’s foreign ministry.


India’s reaction to internal developments in the past week or so in Nepal has been limited to reminding Kathmandu that the go nment has worked to ensure that supplies of essentials to Nepal despite the lockdown have remained unaffected. Recalling that bilateral trade with Nepal surpassed $300 million in May, the go nment said this week that people of India and Nepal shared deep-rooted and familial bonds which reflected the close civilisational and cultural linkages between the two countries.


While even Prachanda is not seen as particularly friendly to India, the go nment here believes he has never really undermined India’s interests the way Oli has.





Nepali people have understood that Oli is a useless guy. People of Nepal still consider Indians as their family. Oli will not remain in the power for long that’s sure.

India-Nepal : we are one...



Real Steel

The Brainless Oli Topi don't even know if India closes its border with Nepal - They will be back in Stone Age



Gugi Canada

India should star full war with China and teach them lesson. We have strongest Army in the world. China will beg.



Ashok Gupta

We still believe Nepal is our true friend , it will come back to us ...



Gaana User

We have to be more active in maintaining relations with Nepal...



Baba Phisaddi

Better merge Nepal into India before China eats it up like




Who ever at helm of affairs in Nepal is their internal affair . India should try and win back confidence it enjoyed with Himalayan Kingdom .



Bala Srinivasan

looks more like NEPAL going the way of Pakis.




Seems Nepal is going the way Mauritius went



Chandrasekaran Krishnamurthy

Nepal a bonded labour of China is not to be trusted at all.It is not easy for Nepal to come out of the clutches of China.



Ashok Kamath

If anybody tries to harm India, they themselves get buried deep in the mud. See fate of Pakistan becoming no.1 beggar country in the world.


HappyTimes User

This was a very opportunistic move by Nepal. They are taking advantage of the situation for their own benefit. This is highly obnoxious and disgraceful.



Maya Mahant

India's wait and watch approach has failed with China. And now with China working in the background, we have fissures in our relationship with Nepal. We need to be vigilant.



Mazhar Rehman

Actually it’s US using India a proxy against China.Seems to be a deep rooted plan.India beware.



Lalit Kumar Das

Never make your neighbor into your enemy. Never say unkind words about your neighbor




KP Oli will loose power sooner than expected! Nepal will have new leadership soon! Jai Hind!






Balachandran Nair

In fact they are falling into the trap of China




Nag Balkur

Nepal is gifting land to its northern co unist buddy, while trying to capture land from India. India should be firm, blunt and seal the border as Nepal has signed BRI with China


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