Coronavirus: India adds 17,000+ new cases, day’s toll remains above 400



NEW DELHI: In one of the biggest single-day jumps in Covid-19 infections, India added more than 17,000 new cases of the virus on Wednesday — the highest so far — and nearly 1,500 more than the previous peak of 15,689 recorded the previous day. Wednesday’s death toll remained above 400 for the second day running, at 422.


Covid-19 cases surged in Maharashtra (3,890 fresh infections), Delhi (3,788), Tamil Nadu (2,865), Telangana (891), Uttar Pradesh (700), Gujarat (572), Andhra Pradesh (497), Haryana (490), Bengal (445) and Assam (429), among other states, taking the day’s total to 17,156, as per data collated from state go nments. With this, India’s total caseload rose to over 4.73 lakh, just four days after crossing the 4 lakh mark.


Maharashtra, which recorded its highest single-day jump in cases, also added its second-highest death toll of 208, accounting for nearly half of all coronavirus-related fatalities reported in India during the day. Delhi reported 64 deaths while Tamil Nadu and Gujarat recorded 33 and 25, respectively. Fatalities also rose sharply in Karnataka, where 14 deaths were reported. India’s total death toll from the virus was close to 15,000, at 14,896.


On a day Delhi toppled Mumbai as the Covid capital of the country, Mumbai returned to registering 1000-plus positive cases after a marginal dip on Tuesday. The city recorded 1,118 positive cases on Wednesday following Tuesday’s 824. With 3890 cases, Maharashtra’s tally of positive cases reached 1,42,900.


Mumbai added 120 deaths to its tally, taking the overall mortality numbers to 3,964. As many as 82 deaths were from previous days.


Telangana will soon scale up Covid-19 tests to 10,000 per day in a bid to contain the rapidly spreading virus, the health minister Eatala Rajender said, as the state recorded 891 cases and five deaths. Daily cases in the state have touched a new high for five days in a row now. Telangana’s caseload stands at 10,444 and 225 fatalities so far.


Telangana’s twin state, Andhra Pradesh, registered 10 deaths, the highest single-day toll, and 497 coronavirus cases as authorities stepped up the fight to contain the virus. Andhra’s Covid-19 caseload reached 10,331 in just 100 days after reporting the first case on March 12.


Tamil Nadu recorded its highest spike in fresh infections with 2,865 cases, pushing the tally to 67,468, while the official toll went up to 866 with 33 more deaths. The number of people under treatment across the state was 28,836. With 1,654 fresh cases, Chennai remained the hotspot.


As Gujarat’s Covid numbers continued to rise, there were signs that the virus’ spread were slowing in Ahmedabad, one of the major epicentres of the outbreak in the country. On Wednesday, Ahmedabad district hit the lowest daily tally of 215 in 57 days, according to data shared by the state health department.




Stephen Mani

The worst part is the Modi Government is still claiming 'there is no community transmission of Covid 19 in India'. They will keep saying even after we have the largest numbers of infections in the world.




Illeterate chewchiya CHAIWALA said he will overcome the virus in 21 days..!!!



kash Sarma

Our PM Modi said he will do Unlock Unlock Unlock Unlock in four stages. And our health department till now don't accept community transmission. What else you can expect now.



aishvaraya gupta

India is yet to peak..



V Ku

China incursion, Covid pandemic (pathetic health facilities) Zero GDP,lowest per capita income, migrants exodus.Only hope for the go nment is Ram Temple? .

中国“入侵”,新冠肺炎大流行(卫生设施),GDP 零增长,人均收入最低,人才外流,政府唯一的希望就剩罗摩神庙了?


Ravneet Singh

Wah Wah Modiji, Atleast you have succeeded in Pushing India to No 1 in this field. We can't expect anything on econmy. GDP at 11 years low, and than too before Corona. Petrol prices increasing for straight 20 days. Rupee depreciation like crazy.



Abhishek Kumar

Plz stay at home guys things are getting worse day by day only step out if it’s very urgent



Swami baswamyanand

Feku say all iz well.



Asok Datta

In this way we are going inexorably to beat the US soon



Muhammed ashraf k

Please stay at home.



Jago Hindus Jago

Feku sought 21 days to nullify corona where is now



Bhupinder Grewal

Health Minister comparing with other countries. Most stupid person.



Chalu Pande

go india go .. let's beat US ..



Swami Babaswamyanand

We'll definitely beat US by December. Jai hind! Vande mataram!




Impose Lock down For three weeks to contain now or never


Swami Babaswamyanand

Impose lockdown for 6 months




Nothing to worry,, ICMR, BJP and media said that cases in India is very less per capita SO NOTHING TO WORRY.



Vishal Kumar

Donot worry.... worse has to come...



Sai Narayan

The way things are going, India will be first country to get herd immunity!!



Alcohol Kills Marijuana Chills

If Government wants to push everyone towards Herd immunity then it must let people know.


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