Five police officers shot, wounded in US prests



WASHINGTON/MINNEAPOLIS: At least five US police officers were shot and wounded during violent prests over the death of a black man in police custody, police and media said, hours after Presi nt Donald Trump vowed to deploy the military if unrest did not stop.


Trump deepened outrage on Monday by posing at a church across from the White House clutching a Bible after law enforcement officers used teargas and rubber bullets to clear presters.


The US Secret Service, charged with precting the presi nt, on Tuesday closed down until further notice the streets around the White House, media reports said.


Demonstrators set fire to a strip mall in Los Angeles, loed stores in New York City and clashed with police in St Louis, Missouri, where four officers were taken to hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.


An emotional St. Louis police commissioner, John Hayden, said about 200 presters were looting and hurling fireworks and rocks at officers.


"They had officers with gas poured on them. What is going on? How can this be? Mr Floyd was killed somewhere else and they are tearing up cities all across the country,” he told reporters.


A police officer was shot during prests in Las Vegas, police there said in a statement. Another officer was "involved in a sh ting" in the same area, the police said. Officers were injured in clashes elsewhere, including one who was in critical condition after being hit by a car in the Bronx, police said.


Trump, a Republican, has condemned the killing of George Floyd, a 46-year-old African American who died after a white policeman ned his neck under a knee for nearly nine minutes in Minnolis on May 25, and has promised justice.


But, with marches and rallies for racial equality and ag inst police brutality having turned violent late each day in the last week, he said ful prests could not be drowned out by an "angry mob."


"If a city or state refuses to take the actions that are necessary to defend the life and property of their resi nts, then I will deploy the United States military and quickly solve the problem for them," Trump said.


Floyd's death has reignited simmering racial tensions in a po itically divided country that has been hit hard by the coronavir s pandemic, with African Americans accounting for a disproportionately high number of cases.


Democratic Illinois Governor JB Pritzker on Tuesday urged patience, saying Americans could work through these tough issues. He pledged to take legal action if Trump carried out his military threat.


Washington, DC, Mayor Muriel Bowser, in a separate MSNBC interview on Tuesday, said there were no signs of active duty US military in the city overnight.




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Helsinki Tokyo

Thugs are using this opportunity to loot and riot under the disguise of prests.




Real face of racists come under limelight only when they engage in riots, arson & looting on the pretext of prest, agitation, etc.




Thugs are using this in dence as a cover to spread violence and loot the stores.

徒们正趁机煽动暴 力,抢劫商店。


My Biswas

Punishment is must for those police officers involved in killing a black but equally mercilessly punish those involved in looting and spreading violence.




The problem is a Problem brought on to themselves by Blacks (getting involved in crimes and drugs very frequently ) in the American sy em.



Asok Datta

The white supremacist culture is taking a justified backlash as a flare up of op ession of black people through the ages




Prests should be non violent and must be peaceful in all respects. Such Riots and looting are planned in some cases and in many cases are organized to get attention. In De acy violence is not acceptable and must be condemned. Those policemen who were responsible for Floyd death action is already taken. So law should take it's own course. Death of Floyd was accidental and definitely not planned.

抗议活动应该是非暴 力的,和平的。而这种和抢劫是有计划的,是有组织的,就是为了引起关注。在国家,暴力是不可接受的,必须予以谴责。对弗洛伊德之死负有责任的警察已经被逮捕了,法律会审判的。弗洛伊德的死是一个意外,绝对不是策划好的。



Classic liberandoo behaviour soon to be joined by ji dis

典型的自 由主义行为,很快分子也会加入其中



US police are some of the worst in the world.



Maverick Tiranga

Hahahahahahaha. I hope US never points fingers at other countries on social harmony & secularism



Anik Chowdhury

just condemning the in dent is not enough he needs to ensure justice.But if the situation is out of control Army must be deployed




The USA is the Most Racist Nation on the planet. Trump is the face of the real America.



Zeeshan Khan

A very disappointing and painful situation for Americans.



Ex Secular

indian leftists are calling out for same violence in India..

印度左翼分子也呼吁在印度采取同样的暴 力行动。


Anil Dharan

Look at the Armor on those Cops ! WOW ! Terminator Stuff, man !



Ketan Dattani

When the going sets tough.、



chayan roy

We do know if there is po itics behind as US Presi ntial poll is nearing and sentiment Covit disaster must be working. However, thus is US internal matter.


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