India looks to store ch oil in United States: Dharmendra Pradhan



NEW DELHI: India is looking at storing some low priced US oil in facilities there as its local storage is full, oil minister Dharmendra Pradhan said.


India’s plan could be similar to a move by Australia, which last month said it would build up an emergency oil stockpile initially by buying crude to store in the US Strategic Petroleum Reserve to take advantage of low oil prices.


“We are exploring some possibility if we can store some of our investment in a different country ... we are exploring the possibility in the USA if we can store some of the low priced oil,” Pradhan said.


Oil prices have dropped more than 40% so far in 2020 but have picked up in the past few weeks partly due to efforts by the Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (Opec) and allies to reduce supply.


Pradhan said India, which is the world’s third biggest oil consumer and importer, had already filled its 5.33 million tonnes of strategic storage and parked about 8.5-9 million tonnes of oil on ships in different parts of the world, primarily in the Gulf.

普拉丹表示,印度是全球第三大石油消费国和进口国,533万吨的战略储备库已满,并将850 - 900万吨石油储存在船上,这些船主要集中在海湾地区。

Indian refiners have also filled their commercial t ks and pipelines with refined fuel and oil.


Pradhan said stored oil and products amounted to about 20% of India’s annual needs. India imports more than 80% of its oil requirements.


The go nment plans to build new strategic storage to expand capacity by 6.5 million tonnes. Pradhan said India was keen to have participation from global investors in building these facilities.


India’s fuel demand nearly halved in April to its lowest level since 2007 as a nationwide lockdown and travel curbs to combat the spread of novel coronavir s eroded economic activity.


So far in May, petrol and diesel demand is about 60%-65% of what it was in the same month last year and in June fuel consumption will return to the same level as June 2019, he said.




Gaana User

Oil prices have dropped 50% or more. Why doesn't the Gt offer a 25% discount and allow Indian Citizens to fill up thier vehicles.

We have over 30 Crore vehicles across India.

If the macro t ks are full, start filling the Micro t ks.




Mukesh Shah

Each states need to have such storage t ks for their use of minimum 100 days !



K Mohan Hyderabad city

And why India is not passing the low crude oil price benefit to the customers



Murugan Elumi

Typocal Baniya mentality of BJP. Buy at low price with taxpayers money and sell at higher price later to citizen. Even if we get crude free of cost our petrol price will stay above 75.



Shankarnarayan Sarma

Due to this we will be in a position to reduce the import bill. Gt's options are very good.



Vicky Jay

Reduce the price to half in India and see people storing in sumps for ten years.



Ashok Kth

Storing oil during cher rate is helpful in reducing import bill...



Harsh Kaul

Even when international oil prices was extremely low and negative we were successful to not pass a single penny relaxation to our own people?


Ayush Jha

too much has been spent during lockdown with almost zero income.. the states need money, the centre needs money.. so they need the surplus from this for the gt. to not go broke.



Mudi Ji

Make in India lol we can't even store our own oil. Ch oil prices benefits not being passed to common man as well.



Rajesh Krishnan Kutty

Trump told to buy oil from him..



arvind rai

In a country like India where less than 5% people pay tax, the country is left with no other option but to collect the taxes through excise it puts on products like petroleum, liquor, cigarettes etc. ...



Deepak Vohra

india is a perpetual idiot and sl ve of te rort usa. Storing essential commodity oil in a foreign country half way across the world .Built storage facilities in india

印度永远是美国的奴 隶。太傻了,将必需品石油储存在隔了半个地球的美国。在印度扩建存储设施吧



What an idea... how did we them



Sadashiv Rane

Presently international oil is at throwaway prices then why Gt.is not slashing oil prices in India.



Uday Gohil

40% cher, yet not a single paisa benifits!




Oil prices highest in the world here with 66 % whop taxes. This gt has fleeced the public day in and day out.




This is not the oil that is sold to you at the petrol bunk.




How can you keep your gas cylinder in somebody else home ?



Anil Kumar

Loot of common man will continue with this BJP Go nment. They will not give any relief,even if they get crude oil for Free.



Nitish Kumar Singh

Will store ch oil and sell at high price to customers



TSR The Urbanist

US is onto severe crisis and India & other's are making strategic advantage of the same



b r.

What is the use of this to general public?

The go nment is not to reduce fuel prices.

Let them store in Mars also, if possible.

Who cares.




What benefit did the common man get in india after the oil prices crashed internationally?! Who are you so called leaders of the country trying to fool and for how long?


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