Delhi: Woman kills spouse, says he died of Covid-19



NEW DELHI: A 30-year-old woman allegedly teamed up with her lover to strangle her husband, and tried to pass off the murder as a Covid-19 death, in northwest Delhi’s Ashok Vihar. Alerted by locals, police stopped the cremation and got an autopsy conducted on the body, which revealed that the man had been smothered to death.


Police said the victim, Sharat Dass, 46, ran a small shop in the Ashok Vihar area. On May 2, Dass’s wife Anita told her neighbours that she had woken up in the morning to find her husband lying motionless, and that she suspected he had died of the coronavirus infection.


The locals informed the cops about the suspected Covid-19 death in their locality.


Covid death? Wife fails to produce documents

死于新冠肺炎? 妻子未能出示相关证明文件

A Delhi Police team reached the location and asked Anita for details. The woman could not give a proper response. The neighbours told the cops that Dass was in good health and had not appeared to be sick, as claimed by his wife.


“When we asked her for documents, particularly the Covid-19 test results of her husband. There were no documents to establish the illness and her answers were non-satisfactory. The body of deceased was preserved in BJRM mortuary for postmortem, which was done on May 4. Doctor said the cause of death as ‘asphyxa due to ante mortem smothering’. Subsequently, a case of murder under section 302 of IPC was registered and an investigation taken up.” said Vijayanta Arya, DCP, North-West.

警官Vijayanta Arya表示:“我们向她索要相关证明文件,特别是其丈夫的新冠病毒检测结果。但她提供不了,她的回答也不能令人满意。死者的遗体被放在BJRM太平间,于5月4日进行了尸检。医生说死因是“窒息”。警方根据IPC第302条登记了一起谋杀案,并开始进行调查。”

Anita was called for questioning and examined at length. She broke down and told the police that she was in love with another man and to get rid of her husband, she had killed him.


Since Sharat was aware about her relationship with another man, the couple would have regular fights, police said. Anita also told them that her husband did not treat her properly.


She said, on the night of May 1, after Dass had fallen asleep, she called up her lover, Sanjay, and asked him to come to the house. The duo then smothered Dass to death with a blanket, she said. The next morning, she decided to cremate the body and told the neighbours he might have died due to coronavirus.



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Aam Aadmi

.... women are taking men for ride , thanks to our new found feminism !


Angsuman Roy

Kind of agree to it.. But most of the cases it's the man who is actually doing wrong..



Paramjit Singh

extra marital relationship is not always due to bad treatment by her husband, sometime it is a desease/ habit. In case of no tolerance against bad behaviour of husband, easily get divorsed.



Manoj Bharati

Such a stupidity..she should have taken divorce if she didn't want to live with her husband..Now will spend life in jail..



Pradeep Kumar

When one is free to walk off legally from a marriage, why this senseless crime putting 3 lives in danger(including one killed). In this modern living, its accepted that you either live together or seperate.



Ramesh Sachdev

This man accused Sanjay is very big idiot. For second hand vehicle he will.now pay price for new vehicle


Vishal Sharma

How are you sure about it being a second hand vehicle, it can be third or fourth or fifth,you never know.



Lachhman Bhatia

What a novel way to pass off the murder as natural death! How did the woman think anybody could die of Corona virus without first being infected by any other sufferer? Her reckless act has ruined two lives.





jeet singh

true ....girls are very good at multitasking..



Sheik Mohamed

Illicit relation just for sake of lust, this woman committed this crime. Thanks to alertness of her neighbours she was finally landed in jail.




Divorces should be made much easier than marriages so that couples entangled in a row can easily part such toxc relationships. This was a planned cold-blooded homicide so the woman and her partner should be imprisoned for life without parole.



abhishek kumar

Murder means she get full control of her husband's hard earned money.

In case of divorce not so much.




Rahul K Barnwal

Getting more common by the day such regretful incidents



S Sidhu

Now both Livers will spend their remaining life in Tihar Jail.



Angraj Mishra

A social research done by a university in USA has shown that during this period of lockdown, married couples are increasingly growing intolerant of each other. Thankfully I am still single



abhishek kumar

She could have divorced him.

But she didn't.

Because murder was the only way to get full control of the husband's wealth.




Vishal Sharma

Lockdown is to blame , they could not meet due to it, emotions for uncontrollable, mind got overpowered by lust and then this happened.



Prashant Mishra

Being a divorcee is much better than being a murderer. Wrong choice women!




The bottom line is "The Husband can't able to satisfy her in bed " she was 30yrs age and her deceased husband was 46...almost 16yrs gap??? She was innocent and wanted a young gun to satisfy her well



True Queen of Delhi

Had her husband treated her right there won't be any case of extra marital relationship. Men need to ensure that they treat theri women right because always remember she might become someone else's queen



Harsh Kaul

Process of Divorce should be easy and quick so that people are not forced to commit crime.



John Abraham

Perfect .. i will do same .



aaaa bbbb

Total genius



Ashok Kamath

Becoming common these days, mainly in cities...



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