A moment when India can save lives, we can’t let it go: PM Modi



NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi insisted that India help out other countries that need hydroxycholoroquine rather than opting for a blanket export ban after ensuring that there will be no deficiency for demand and buffer stock in India.


Sources present in the meeting where the decision was taken to ramp up production of the drug and make it available for countries which had requested its supply said when offi als pitched for an export ban, Modi simply asked for statistics on India’s future projected consumption in the worst case scenario.


This projection would account for use by patients, close contacts and healthcare workers — as currently recommended — in kee with production capacity. “The PM said that he wanted to seize this opportunity for India and the world. ‘This is an important moment where India can save lives and we cannot let it go,’ the PM said,” according to a source.


The PM is understood to have keenly tracked emerging research on Covid-19 and after reading about hydroxychloroquine, he called some heads of pharma companies to inquire about India’s production capacity. Coming from Gujarat, his understanding of the pharmaceutical industry proved handy and he requested companies to ramp up production. This was before Presi nt Donald Trump spoke of the drug to India, said sources.


Minister of state for chemicals and fertilisers Mansukh Mandavia said, “While we went to brief the PM about India’s production capacity, he already knew most of it. He wanted us to move forward. His directive was to bring all stakeholders on board to ensure that we ramp up production immediately.”

该邦的化学药品部长Mansukh Mandavia称:“当我们向总理汇报产能时,他已经知道了大概。他希望我们提升产能,让所有利益相关者都参与进来,确保立即提升产能。”

Cadila Healthcare’s Pankaj Patel said, “PM Modi motivated the industry by saying this is the chance for India to make a mark globally. He assured us help and results are here for all to see. This month our industry produced 20 crore tablets. My company will produce APIs worth 15 crore tablets next month.”

Cadila Healthcare的潘卡.帕特尔说:“ 莫迪总理强调这是让印度在全球留下印记的机会,进而推动该行业的发展。他向我们保证会提供帮助,所有人都将看到成果。这个月我们行业生产了2亿片药品。下个月我司将生产足以生产1.5片该药品的原料药。”

Modi asked offi als to ensure standard bureaucratic procedures do not come in the way of increasing production to meet the demands of India and other countries.


India produces 70% of the hydroxychloroquine in the world. As of now India’s need is 1.5 crore tablets and has 3.28 crore tablets which will soon reach 5 crore. State go nments have also stocked these tablets which will reach 2.5 crore by end of the week.


The ‘India Model’ of proactively hel out with the medicine, said sources, is quite different from the ‘ Model’ where assistance is tied up with conditions and quality is poor. Countries from the US and Brazil to the Maldives have thanked India.



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Rnujam Thatta

Bravo India. Hail Mr Modi. This is World Statesmanship. Not just Business like the .



Nakka veera

Our Indian's prime minister modi sir is a great and true leader . he is taken the decision of extended the lockdown . It is useful to controlling the corona vir s



A G Danish

Salutations Mr Prime Minister. Hope those wecare helvwill reciprocate in our time of need.



Gobendra Fekudas Modi

all bhakts would say Modi invented Chloroquine drug too. lol.



Mango Peepal

Humanity first. Everything else, next.



Ajay Indian

Good chance for Indian pharma companies.





Letting citizens to died without proper supply of Hydroxychloroquine and medical staffs without PPE's, trying to save Americans.

We know you scared and unable to counter Americans.



Modi Number One

Trumps words did wonders.!!!




India hel other countries but don't have PPE for their own doctors , nurses , support staff and safai karmchari who are on duty 24x7.First save life of our own people, then think of others.



Subba Iyer Mani

As usual excellent decision by our PM. I am sure India’s stature has gone up in the eyes of the world.



medhaads s.k

Bravo India.... Bravo Modi sir... A True World Leader... India Loves You.. World Loves You..

印度万岁,莫迪万岁,莫迪是一个真正的世界领袖……印度爱你,世界爱你. .


Varughese A O

Yes help, but not under threat!



Avtaar Guru

Dont give a stupid buildup....the entire country knows Modi was arm twisted by Trump to immediately change the policies....



Sameer S

India should not save any lives. The Earth is overpopulated. Especially India and Africa.



Rittu Singh

Modi ji why did u send these medicines to usa when we in India require Not a wise decision by u




So after Trump’s ultimatum Modiji realised the 6 day old ban needed to be lifted to save foreign lives. 6 days back the ban was imposed due to shortage




Man’s true colours seen during crisis. He knows how to create opportunity during critical situation!



Ganesh N

Mr. Modi is already a global leader and with actions like this he is going to become humanitarion champoin of the world as well. Already he has been appriciated by multiple powerful advanced countries around the world.



M Kumar

Well done Modiji. What a great leader



Amit Misra

Proud of our beloved PM Modiji



Rajesh Ganesh

Modi got scared due to Trump's warning. Darpok Modi.



M Kumar

India is hel other countries and maintaining its centuries old tradition of being helpful to others.



R Venkatesh Govind

Boss bans, Trump threatens, Boss lifts ban.



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