Wear homemade masks to keep coronavir s at bay, says govt



NEW DELHI: Amid rising scare about Covid-19, the health ministry on Saturday issued an advisory on the use of homemade prective cover for the face and mouth, asking people to wear such homemade masks particularly when they step out of their houses.


“We are aware that social distancing and personal hygiene are keys to prevent Covid-19 infections. Certain countries have cmed benefits of homemade face cover for the general public. Such homemade face cover is a good method for maintaining personal hygiene. Such usage certainly will help in maintaining overall hygienic health conditions,” the advisory said.


The advisory came in the wake of a manual released by the principal scientific adviser to the PM suggesting homemade masks as a strategy to prevent the spread of Covid-19.


In the US, Presi nt Donald Trump has asked all citizens to voluntary use non-medical masks as an additional public health measure to fight the deadly coronavir s while kee medical-grade masks available for health workers.


The US Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has recommended that Americans wear basic cloth or fabric masks that can be either purchased online or simply made at home.


The health ministry’s advisory underlined that use of homemade masks would certainly help in maintaining overall hygiene while cautioning that the face cover was not recommended for either health workers or those working with or in contact with Covid-19 patients or patients themselves as these categories of people were required to wear specified prective gear.


“It is suggested that people who are not suffering from medical conditions or having breathing difficulties may use the handmade reusable face cover, particularly when they step out of their house. This will help in precting the community at large,” it said.


The advisory also prohibited sharing of such face covers and advised that two sets of such face covers be made so that one could be washed while the other was used. “Hand washing would still remain essential criteria and hand should be washed before wearing the face cover. Such face covers should also not be thrown anywhere but kept safely, washed properly with soap and hot water and dried properly before they are used,” it said.



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Aam Aadmi

Person with cough and cold should not be allowed to come in open !


Subbu India

True, if all people listen to your oion the country would have been diferent now.



Rajeev Paliwal

Absolutely advice to all citizens whether Americans, Africans or Indians.



Prateek Singh

That's ridiculous. How can go nment even expect us to make proper masks when 95% of us don't even know how to wear them properly.



Ayub Khan

Home made mask will prevent asymptomatic covid19 carrier from spreading vir s therefore will help control of covid19. All people going out should wear home made mask specially in closed environment like super markets, airconditioned area etc



Indra Prabha

Wearing masks outside the house is necessary.



Blacky Paki

now wearing will be mandatory for at least a year of more...



rajesh kumar

Coronavir s pandemic is not a natural cmity It is a man made bio won



Abby Saxena

We should be more carefull nowdays



Ganesh Kumar

Looks like Indian go nment is mirroring orders from US Center for Disease Control. Hope India also does tests as widespread as in US.



Arun Choudhary

this can easaly available ,,,& will be ch for poors ,,effortability .,,,well advice given ,,,



Melman const

Even our medical staff do not have enough PPE.



Asok Datta

after so many years of independence India is still dependent on other countries for every essential item for its survival- drugs, wons, kits to counter an epidemic AND our leaders are busy in building statues, temples, and mo es - a pathetic appraisal indeed




Saurabh Rai

Proper advertisement in all regional languages should be done by goverment along with "HOW TO MAKEHOMEMADE Masks" for proper implementation.




Continue wear face masks will cause to other medical issues.But if you don't wear face mask, then you will be affected by Corona Vir s. So please take care of yourselves. There is no need of wear mask always but to keep yourself safe better to have face mask wherever you feel there will be more people in contact.




Amit Kishore

Studies show if 80%people wear masks, transmission of pathogen can be stopped. Its as simple as that. No controversies on this one



Mithilesh Kumar

This is very good opportunity to make mask in the homes and earn money by selling it..



And then Modi will cm he has given employment opportunities even during this difficult times!!!



Avi Sharma

Face covering is recommended but not mandatory

Homemade masks are not a substitute for social distancing and staying in




A K Sharma

Face masks and sanitizers are an essential part of today's lives, and should not be avoided by anyone.



Abu Ammaar Syed

They sold at good price to serbia




Almost all tie double layered handkerchief on face to cover mouth& nose theses days in outdoor. Whether homemade masks are effective to prevent vir s transmission and act as a conventional surgical mask is the real question.




The efficiency of home made masks to filter vir ses and bacterias are almost zero compare to surgical mask.Since u.s said these copy/paste nations are following iit blindly.



Balbhadra Dhagat

People are littering pavements/surroundings with used disposable masks which pose health-risk..Use of homemade mask would obviate above problem.


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