Is India really such a bad country?



Tömörbaatar Batsaikhan, Mongolian through and through!

Of course India is bad! I cannot, for the life of me, find Mongolian food there. One would think you can find some good хорхог (khorkhog), but apparently not.


Bad in that sense only. The country is full of diverse cultures as far as the eye can see. A staggering amount of the world’s languages are spoken there, and the food varies so much that calling it “Indian food” is a huge misnomer. Plus, my re gion, as well as the re gion of more than a billion others came from there, and we give India a special name (энэтхэг улс, enetkheg ulus) as well, and countless Mongolian words such as сансар (sansar, from Sanskrit संसार samsara) and шүлэг (shüleg, from Sanskrit श्लोक sloka) came from India as well.

放眼望去,这个国家充满了各式各样的文化。印度境内可以听得到多到吓人的全世界各种语言,那里的食物种类繁多,称它为“印度食物”实在是用词不当。另外,我的,以及信徒超过十亿人的都源自印度,我们给印度取了一个特殊的名字(энэтхэг улс, enetkheg ulus),蒙古语中还有无数词汇如сансар(sansar, 源自梵文的 संसार 轮回)和шүлэг (shüleg, 源自梵文的 श्लोक 颂歌) 都起源于印度.

It really depends on what you’d call bad. They do have some of the world’s greatest amounts of poverty, and there is a lot of po itical division. But from my experience, everything except the Mongolian food is excellent. At least they have the metal milk jugs, I guess.




Kriti Sharma, An Indian

India is nowhere near of being ‘such a bad country’.


India is great, diverse, colourful, spontaneous, beautiful and ancient still young!


We don't have perfect roads, ours is a populous country, there are some bad elements in our country- like anywhere else in the world. Please don't expect India to be as organised as Japan or as clean as Singapore. We certainly don't speak single language as people in UK or USA do. India’s beauty lies in its imperfections, its diversity, its uniqueness its geography, its culture and of course, its food.


Let me share some beautiful visuals from various Indian cities



Holi festival in Vrindan



Chandni Chawk market



Connaught Place, Delhi



Central Park, Connaught Place



Radhanagar beach, Andn



Amer fort, Jaipur




Indian wedding photographs




Street food



Vivek Dahiya, I am a proud Indian

Yes, it is a bad country.


Listen, India has never waged a war ag inst a country. How pathetic is that? It has never shown its masculinity like , Pakistan and many others had done.


India has won independence based on a non-violence movement started by a lawyer called MK Gandhi. What a shame? Wng independence without a war? It's like no balls to fight, ?

印度凭借一场非运动的基础赢得了独立,这场运动是由一位名叫MK Gandhi的律师发起的。真丢脸?连仗都没打就赢得了独立?这就好像没胆量打仗一样,对吧?

India has never said no to an invading country to come here and loot them for over 1000 years by the likes of Mughals, British and many more. What a shame? They never revolted.


India has sent many satellites and became one of the chosen countries in the world to successfully sent a mission to Mars in its first attempt. What rubbish, they must have bluffed to the whole world!


India has become the fastest growing economies in the world in only 70 years of its independence. What? It's a sham. Nobody has done it and this must be a lie perpetrated by India. In fact, some people in India are fool when they say that this could have been done in 10 years had the most corrupt INC never ruled India.


India has never got a permanent seat in the UN security council due to and some more nations propaganda ag inst them. Still India manages to be the safest and most growing nations in the world. This is an absolute lie. No propaganda ag inst India. They just don't deserve it, ?


And yet, India is termed as one of the best countries in the world. Of course, it has also its share of bad stuff like co ption and what not. But, recently Prime Minister Modi is trying to change all that. Some people won't like that to happen. What a shame, ?



Charles Lindsay Griffin, former GS-05 to GS-09 at U.S. Army (1972-1979)

India is truly one of the most fascinating places on the earth. Its history and re gious ideas are both deep and significant to the rest of the world.


True, India has tried to kill me each of the three times I have visited, since many westerners do not have the natural immunization that growing up in India provides to those who survive childhood. But I love it anyway.


I love the people. I love the food (no matter how it treats my stomach), I love the history, the great sights, the wildlife, the mountains. It is a land of many kinds of poetry and poets, of artisans and artists. It is endlessly variable and full of surprises.


Yes, it has poverty and squalor. This is not written in stone, but does seem hard to eradicate. It can be done, just visit Nawanshahr district in Punjab to see that cleanliness can be maintained with the guidance.


Anyone born elsewhere should go to India at least once in their life. Stay long enough to absorb the culture of just one place. One could not live long enough to absorb them all.



Mahendra Lohana, Student at Hinduism

It's not a ‘shithole’; it's just currently in a state of disaray.


The reason? Two answers; Colonialism and Nehruism/Gandhian po itics.


Colonialism: I'm not even going to expn this one. Before Colonialism, India held 25% of the world's GDP, after colonialism,it held 3%. We were essentially driven into poverty through our own tolerance. We never really gave the colonisers a good fight, hence why we were refered to as the ‘gem of the British empire’. Hitler whole philosophy of ‘Lebensraum’ came from the British Empire, so much so that he said ‘Russia will be to Germany what India is to Britain’.


Post Colonialism we hd every opportunity to get it , instead we ed a Hindu hating self professed Mus m who was allied with Gandhi to decide the future of India. Because of these two men:

后殖义时期,我们本来拥有一切机会去做正确的事情,但相反,我们了一个憎恨印度的自称穆 斯林的人,他与甘地结盟来决定印度的未来。因为这两个人:

-Because of partition we suffered the biggest recorded migration man has ever seen, ruining livelihoods and families, some of which have still not recovered.


-Nehrunian po itics appeased the Mus ms. The whole reason India was sp t was to create two homelands, however, we've been left with the shorter stick. Because we started new India with a appeasement, we are now expected to carry on with it.


There are many other reasons, however, re gious tensions, po itical tensions and 70 years of a corrupt family running India is the reason why ‘India is is a shithole’



Jivraj Sandhu, Bharat is my motherland. Proud of being a Bhartiya.

Yes, India is a very bad country for all those who play foul and base their world on deceit. This country since ancient times has chosen virtuosity over opulence. It has always stood by austerity , going along with truth no matter how painful the path has been. This country has always stood for eous things and takes pride in it.


We as a culture has always tried to move beyond the materialistic world, so while the modern world is gaga over the latest gizmos and gadgets, our rishis or the ancient scientists chose to deliberate on what happens after death. The concept of life and death - rather life after death and how to make death a celebration is well enunciated in our epics, culture and theology.


India is a bad country for anybody who wants to keep away from spirituality, who wants to prome vanity, enmity and violence. The environment is not conducive to divisive forces. People here are taught to worship nature as GOD and live in utmost harmony. So any tendency which tries to create rift between people or categories stand to lose out ultimately.


Country is bad for selfish people for it promes service before self, giving back to society and restricting the enjoyment of wordly pleasures to a specific phase of life - after enjoying everything, it prepares people to learn how to detach and move out with grace. SO this country can be bad for those who believe in perpetuity of this world, the pleasures, the riches and wordly things - for here it is imperative that people think of transient nature, play assigned role with full sincerity and finally move out.


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Farhaan Kaleem

India is never a bad country. India is the country which sets an example in front of whole world that even if there is diversity, we are one, we are Indians.


When it comes to sports, when it comes to festivals, when it comes to friends, our country is the best.


We as Indian get an opportunity to learn and feel different cultures and different traditions. We never distinguish between a Mus m or Hindu or Chr tian friend.


We celebrate festivals together. We are one. We are Indians.


I don't think that there is any other country in the world, who has such a diversity.


Recently our media tried to separate us on the basis of re gion. But still when we see our friends we realize that it's just po itics.


I feel so proud to say that even though there are many factors that want to destroy our unity, none of them ever succeeded.


At last I will conclude that India is the most beautiful country in the world where one can enjoy all the weathers be it snow, rain or extreme sun. We can enjoy different cultures. We can enjoy different re gions. And still when it comes to India, all are one.


Do you still feel, India is a bad country???


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