Coronavir s: Massive evacuation operation on as huge mass of migrants heads out of Delhi


NEW DELHI/GHAZIABAD/LUCKNOW: At a time when India is in lockdown, a massive evacuation operation to take lakhs of people home began in the early hours of Saturday at Delhi’s borders with Ghaziabad and Noida and continues as you read this report.



At least 1,000 UP Roadways buses, backed up by 2,000 private buses, trucks, trolleys, tractors, goods carriers and any other vehicle that the authorities managed to bring out of the lockdown ban were deployed to clear a staggering pileup of people who gathered at the sealed borders, imploring to be allowed to pass. The Delhi go nment too deployed 100 DTC buses to ferry people from the border to Hapur in west UP.


Down the Barapulla, along Ring Road and DND, and on expressways and bylanes, as Delhi remained indoors, its deserted streets witnessed through Friday night and Saturday an unfolding humanitarian crisis — the desperate trek of thousands of migrant workers esca the spectre of starvation and economic uncertainty that the lockdown has brought upon them.



The scale of this exodus and the massive crowding at the borders and Anand Vihar ISBT, at a time when even one person walking up too close is triggering paranoia about the novel coronavir s, led to an urgent evacuation operation being ordered despite a central missive to keep people where they are and provide them food and shelter.

大批撤离者聚集在边界和Anand Vihar 车站。在这种时候,人与人之间走得太近就会引发对新型冠状病毒的恐慌,尽管印度中央政府下达文件要求人们待在原地,并为他们提供食物和住所,但德里还是下令进行紧急疏散行动。

“The evacuation exercise is unprecedented given the magnitude of people who are thronging bus depots to get back home, and in the process, safety precautions have received a setback because it is humanly impossible to screen all of them,” admitted Ghaziabad district magistrate Ajay Shankar Pandey. “But we have set up multiple thermal screening centres and are trying to get people screened, and all the buses that were pressed into service were thoroughly sanitised before boarding was allowed,” he added.

加兹阿巴德地方长官阿贾伊·尚卡尔·潘迪承认:“考虑到聚集在公交车站赶回家的人如此之多,这次疏散行动是前所未有的。在这个过程中,安全防范措施不好做,你不可能对所有人都进行筛查。”他补充说:“ 我们已经建立了多个体温检测中心,让人们接受检测。所有投入使用的公交车都经过了彻底消毒,然后才允许乘客上车。”

The boarding itself was chaotic, and though offi als tried to maintain queues and keep people part, fears about left out led to people not only packing the buses but also the roofs. Some of them carried infants and young children. At one place, a group strained to find space inside a milk van.


Delhi CM Arvind Kejriwal made an appeal to all those leaving the city not to. “I request the people who are migrating and walking back to their home, please do not leave Delhi. I will make all arrangements for you. We will provide you food and shelter, please do not leave Delhi… If we don’t follow the lockdown, this disease will spread across India. Even villages will get affected,” Kejriwal said. Two Delhi ministers, including deputy CM Manish Sisodia, were at the state borders to reassure people.

德里首席部长阿尔温德·凯杰里瓦尔呼吁所有正欲离开德里的人不要走:“我请求那些想回家的外来人员不要离开德里。我会为你们安排一切的。我们将为你们提供食物和住所,请不要离开德里……如果我们不采取封城措施,疾病就会在印度全国蔓延,甚至农村也会不能幸免。”德里的两名部长在邦边界安抚民众,包括副首席部长Manish Sisodia。

Many of those who got on the buses had masks on, but said they had a choice to make between starvation and the risk of infection. “What else can we do? There is no work, no money and no food left with us. How will I pay rent, buy food and survive? God knows for how long this crisis will continue. At least in our village in Bareilly, we have our own accommodation and food can be arranged through farming,” said Harihar, who walked at least 30km with 11 friends, all of them engaged at a construction site in Delhi and now jobless.



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Maan ki Baat

Lack of measures taken by the Delhi gt has led to such a chaos..Time is ticking and is a call for a major explosion..God save us..



Ram Prakash Shroff

This is because of no homework or planning by Modiji before announcement Kejariwal is making efforts to do the best. Modiji and BJP are not to be seen they have disappeared, Modiji is expert in creating Public confusion and putting Indian public to suffering most insensitive.



fun tastic

I am worried how many of these have taken vir s deeper into villages.

Very irresponsible opposition to idea of lockdown




Nitin Desai

No 'back stabbers' will succeed ag inst the willpower of NAMO backed by people of India




Shameless delhi go nment. Cannot provide even basic necessities to your people. On one hand you are asking them to stay back. On other side, DTC buses drop them to the border. Gross mismanagement



It is the mistake of feku to lockdown India without planning and don't blame others




It is responsibility of state go nment to take care of its people during this crisis. Look at other states how they are handling it so well. Why can Delhi go nment not do the same. Kejriwal has completely failed on handling this issue



Sharada y

Kejriwal is doing it deliberately, on paper he is so goodie but his actions are way corrupt and selfish




These poor migrant labourers are not citizens?? Why Modi could not plan anything??


Srividya Jayarn

Why Modi should do everything? Then what is CM for ? When other state CM function why not Delhi CM?




Modi should think and plan what he does. As he is putting the life of millions at risk. I am sorry this is most idiotic step taken by him or who ever his advisors are .



Hindu Defence Force

Corona has a low incubation period .. social distancing was a must ..




Poor planning by central go nment. Home minister is missing.



Gobardhan IT Cell

We miss educated elite like Dr Manmohan Singh very badly during such crisis.




Delhi gt looks loke has no control on people and there well being , AAP need to be kicked out of power.


intellectual khyatriya

Should be prosecuted




The whole idea of lock down is to keep people at the place they were,without allowing migration. But unfortunately nobody bothers and cares , want to be at their home. Same happened in Wuhan ,people migrated taking the risk of infection to higher level. Inspite of Go nment arrangements for shelter and food , which of course is bound to take time, people lost patience and made up their minds to leave.



Ramnath s

If gt arranges for mass gathering with 0 inch gap between people, then what is the purpose of lockdown? Still these states are 30 years lagging behind Tamil Nadu.

如果政府安排大家扎堆撤离,那么“封城”的目的是什么? 看来这些邦仍落后泰米尔纳德邦30年。

WB New

Is there any other alternative? Lock down came in late.



Bhishma Guru

This is real India where 90% population is engaged in informal sector living hand to mouth. Stop talking about useless statistics of making India a 5 trillion dollar economy.



Vinod Shahani

My Request to all Indians, Please stop blaming Go nment. This is the time to be United and Win the battle with Carona.

Po itics maybe someother time please.




Pradeep Reddy

Can blame state gt?




because of modi unplanned lockdown..



Saurabh Rai

There will be NO Benefit of LOCKDOWN, if such situation continues....




Outcome of population boom... if the go nment is not serious about population explosion... then India's future is doomed....


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