Coronavir s: 2 more deaths as new cases surge by 99; total now 498


NEW DELHI: Covid-19 infections continued to spike across the country, with 99 fresh cases reported from states on Monday — by far the highest for a single day —even as two more Covid-19 patients succumbed to the disease, taking the coronavir s death toll to nine so far.


The count of coronavir s cases in the country stood close to 500, with 498 cases reported so far by the states. As many as 246 cases have surfaced in the past three days, accounting for nearly half of all cases reported since January 30. The health ministry confirmed 468 cases, of which 40 are foreigners.


On the ber side, 35 patients have so far recovered and have been discharged, health ministry offi als said. The two Covid-19 deaths were reported from West Bengal and Himachal Pradesh, even as Ker (28) and Maharashtra (23) continued to register the highest number of fresh cases.



Gujarat, with 12 new cases, was another hotspot. In all, 15 states/ UTs reported new cases on Monday, with Himachal Pradesh entering the list with three cases and one death. Meanwhile, the Indian Council of Medical Research, which has been conducting mathematical modelling of Covid-19 cases, said strictly implemented steps for social distancing would reduce the expected number of coronavir s cases by 62% and the peak number of cases by 89%.


“That’s why we are focussing so much on lockdown to stop the chain of transmission. People can help us by simply staying at home,” said an ICMR expert.

印度医学研究委员会一位专家表示:“ 我们主要通过封锁来阻止传播。人们只要呆在家里就算做贡献了。”

Bengal’s first Covid-19 death was a 55-year-old railway employee, who was admitted to Kolkata’s AMRI Hospital with severe respiratory distress, cough and fever on March 16. He had been confirmed positive for the vir s two days ago. The patient died due to cardiac arrest at 3.35pm after two failed attempts to put him on ECM (extra-corporeal membrane oxygenation) support.



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Kunal Dutt • 8 hours ago

Stay home.. Don't roam like idiots

呆在家里. .不要像傻瓜一样四处闲逛

Kunal Dutt • 4 hours ago

Yes. But the only problem now our population has is getting essential goods (food and medicine).



Only Facts • 8 hours ago

There is no need to panic,just stay home and see what happens


sam mm• 3 hours ago

This attitude will kill everyone,u should worry, stay at home , be cautious , don't be casual



Hermes Innovator• 3 hours ago

What else we can do ? Luckily controlled it by lockdown. Italy, spain and france ignored that and suffering hugely.




Pavan Kumar • 8 hours ago

People has to stay back at home. Once it starts spreading there is no stop. Understand the situation and restrict yourself to your home.


Election Beast• 3 hours ago

It's too late now...feeku woke up late



Subhas Basu • India • 8 hours ago

Don't be the enemy of the nation. Stay at home and maintain basic hygiene. You will save others' lives.



vasaml • 8 hours ago

Instead of learning from what happened in Italy and , people actually gave it a warm welcome by being on streets and not following offi al orders. India deserves pappu.



Mumbaikar • 5 hours ago

The vir s doesn’t move, people move it. We stop moving, the vir s stops moving, the vir s dies, It’s that simple.”

Pls stay home



Sudip • 5 hours ago

i appeal to all idiots who are taking it lightly please stay indoors and save yourself and others



Ninja • 4 hours ago

Guys, time to stay united and follow both center and state gt. No time to think about po itics, re gions etc. It's a huge HUGE threat and this vir s can lead to mayhem on streets if we don't follow gt advices. Even the most powerful countries have bowed down completely such as US, Italy, Switzerland etc .....



N • 4 hours ago

It is understood that some people arriving from abroad in order to escape quarantine ate taking paracetamol and relayed medicine.

This helps them thermal scanning.

Fools don't realize that their own family are put to very high risk.



Padmanaban • Hyderabad • 5 hours ago

Biggest mistake by the Go nment is allowing International passengers into the country, when there is no temperature and other symptoms. Such passengers when allowed out of Airport after advising them as home quarantine, they never followed. Instead they mingled with public. Later on they developed symptoms, meanwhile they transmitted Coronavir s to other innocent people. Now we are entering in to community spreading, which is now imminent.



Munish Anand • 4 hours ago

Staying at home is the best solution & maintain hygiene.



Kochar Bi • 4 hours ago

The huge spurt in Italy and New York is due to people not following social distancing and violating lock down restrictions. South Korea and Japan have demonstrated that vir s can be kept in control by every citizen behaving responsibly



Sudharsan • 5 hours ago

India needs to build 1000 bedded corona hospital in each and every district...like did...before worse sweeps in.



Ninja • 4 hours ago

Please talk to whomsoever you can and tell them to stay at home. If people don't stay home then MILLIONS might die all over India. That's a fact.



N • 4 hours ago

Come on RaGa, come out with some comments.

We need your entertainment at this distressed hour.




Dinesh Kumar • 4 hours ago

We will fight and defeat coronavir s. Modiji



Truth Is • 3 hours ago

We have three options. stay at home, stay in hospital or stay in photo frame. So, have some sense and opt the one you want...




Kayvee • 3 hours ago

I don't understand why the rich and mighty go to foreign countries for honeymoon and sight seeing. There are many places in India which are far more beautiful and culturally rich than these foreign sites.



Victork • 4 hours ago

Please go and drop Sonia in Itlay. They are not treating anyone ovee 60.



Dutta • Pune • 4 hours ago

god's way of controlling population and pollution



Human • 5 hours ago

India is in Better postion . Just obey ORDERS from GOVERMENT . In USA in One Day 100 died and 6000 Case increase in ONE DAY


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