Covid-19: Trump declares New York a major disaster area after 8.3k cases


WASHINGTON: More than 70 million Americans, nearly a fifth of the nation’s population, are in lockdown as the United States wages an unprecedented battle ag inst the Covid-19 pandemic amid a brutal unmasking of the country’s inadequacies and unpreparedness.


Hels, stadiums, and parking lots are being turned into hospitals and clinics and the military and the National Guard are being deployed as the vir s is threatening to overrun inadequate infrastructure in parts of the country, notably New York City, which is being described as epicenter of the outbreak.


Presi nt Trump declared the state a major disaster area on Friday after infections doubled in 24 hours, enabling the state to access the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s $42 billion fund. It is the first time in US history a presi nt has declared a major disaster over a public health threat.





Alien on a trip here • Solar Sy em

Lockdown is an effective way to prevent the spread of coronavir s as proven in and now in S.Korea too. While Gt and health offi als can issue advisories, it is the people who can make it a success. All must follow these sensible guidelines of offi al authorities.



Bchandramenon Vengasserry • Alappuzha

US can learn a thing or two from on how to control & prevent Corona vir s.


Anthony Barbosa

How about India? Should we learn from ?



Vinay Goyal • Montreal

I think the whole world's attitude for over 20 years to put all their eggs in baskets without knowing the pros and cos is going to change.So will be a big loser and India will be big gainer.



Sanjoy Pandey • Kolkata

Trump should follow the path of Modiji and take concrete steps to control the situation.



Samuel J

Modiji is another fool who is giving lip service and allowing even his ministers and mp/mla to attend programs of pleasure with covid19 patients.



DB HUF • 4 hours ago

Next will be naPak. They also have lots of . It will be a disaster for them with their woeful medical infrastructure.



Samuel • 5 hours ago

The world is paying a heavy price for the over reliance on .



solohoh • 7 hours ago

We will get through this terrible catastrophe but we better learn a lesson from it.



Ankit Patel • 6 hours ago

and you may be also surprised to know US is the only country more vulnerable in terms of medical care there its western counterparts



Harichandan Mishra• 3 hours ago

Brahmanism said don't touch others and the world opposed that.



Ramesh T M • Bangalore • 6 hours ago

It's sad that NYC has become the epicenter of disaster. US has to prove that it can surmount any hardship & quell it. Whoever is the conspirator of this biological war, has to be captured & brought before justice



Rajesh Singhal • 2 hours ago

All trade relations should be broken with and even after the fear of coronavir s is over, should not be allowed to import or export any items at all. All should learn to live without the interference.



Ajithlal Gangadharan • 1 hour ago

He himself is a major disaster!



Sitaram • 4 hours ago

Soon after Howdy Modi, India's economy t ked. Soon after Nste Trump, USA's economy t ked. Coin dence!



Lakshmi Narayanan • 3 hours ago

World is screwed in short...


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