Which country has the potential to become a future political, economic and military superpower? China, India, Brazil or any other state?




Venkata Ramakrishna Duvvuri,

In near future it could be China. But in the long run it could be India.



Sergio Souza, Managing Director at Kore (2015-present)

China already is a superpower, able to make a big difference in the global economy. The next one? Maybe India.



Suchindranath Aiyer

That depends a great deal on how the various conflicts pan out. Brazil may benefit by being far removed from the epi center of the conflict, otherwise, the world will remain without a “Super Power but with three Great Powers struggling to conatin each other.



N.Rahman, studied Linguistics at York University

China. It has the world’s largest military and the third largest stockpile of nuclear weapons.

They’ve also managed to control their population growth. They are advanced technologically and still advancing by the day.




Bill Lipton, studied at Pace University

Which country has the potential to become a future political, economic and military superpower? China, India, Brazil or any other state?


EASY: CHINA AND INDIA, with China currently in lead. .. Both nations have a multi those and year history of shaping civilization, India shaped western culture and science


Brazil is lame and self destructive with no history of achievement. Europe and the Middle East are going to destroy each other in the Third World War due in the next 15-years. Africa is out…it's already self-destructing and never really achieved anything anyway.



Yeuk C. Moy, studied Graduate Studies in Environmental and Waste Management at Stony Brook University

All three have the potential to be a regional political, economic, AND military superpower. It can be argued that China is already a regional superpower.


Of the three, I feel only China and India has the potential to ever be a global superpower. The geography of Brazil works against it. with that said, I do not believe China or India can become global superpowers with the next few decades. I think it would take much longer than that.



Rahul Kumar Jangra

Everyone can do it because everyone has potential to do big things but the most of the time we don't work properly to achieve the goal. America, Russia, China failed many times before reaching to the Mars but India reached there during its first attempt. How could it become possible? Our scientists had a little budget for it and if they would have failed it was very difficult for them to do it again so early and they concentrated there with taking view of highest degree of precision and they succeeded. The same rule can be applied everywhere.

But India has the greatest opportunities to reach at the top for we have the best resources.




Neu Tal

Obviously,China is the next superpower as it can be seen by their advanced technological progress in innovation and filling more patents than US. China is the world AI capital as many new advanced technologies are being invented in china. In terms of military and defense ,they are very strong and technically advanced.


China is the world manufacturing factory capital which have lot of exports. Innovative infrastructure development is on the rise as compared to developed countries. China is planning to attract global tourist by developing cities and preserving remaining natural resource.They are now connecting railways and sea routes with countries to do business.Such an innovative concept with proper planning and execution .By seeing reports and trends in current progress and upcoming future ,I can say that China is sure to become superpower within 15 to 20 years or it might be in upcoming 10 years also depends upon its spendings in right direction.


European Union can also become superpower if there is an yearly high growth rate and that growth rate should increase yearly. Overall progress is better but not fast and in future if skilled people around the globe started to live in Europe then that additional population can force it's economy to grow at a fast rate and also in technological advancements .In defense or military power ,it is good but don't know that defense power can able to handle large european population if increased highly . Some high population rate can make more businesses in European countries which can drive it's economy and currently Europe is seen as perfect tourist attraction around the world and many people are migrating to European countries.


India may be or may not become superpower.Overall growth is medium currently.Growth rate and technological innovation are not so impressive because their quality education of their technical institute is low or not so advanced like seen in other developed countries. In terms of military and defense power,india is very strong currently in all aspects like army,navy and airforce and that's why US need India to tackle china's overgrowing influence over the world as only India can have the power to tackle with China due to its strong defence forces



Terri Cam,

china, although not ready yet most certainly has the potential. they right now are number 2 in military power alone. china has grown financially in leaps and bounds. they are making trade deals with budding third world countries to ensure they get resources they need. they are making business deals with first world countries as well that benefit them in the long run. they are assisting poverty and providing jobs and economically friendly environments for their people through this. so they seem most fit. they of course do have a long way to go but they are headed in the right direction. brazil and india right now aren’t quite ready for that. india has the man power but they aren’t military ready and they still have major issues with pollution and uncontained wild life and extreme poverty to deal with before they can climb up the financial ladder. as for brazil while they seem to be stable economically they still have major poverty. they are also still third world. unlike china and india who seem to be climbing beyond their former status. while brazil is still progressing its just not at the speed of china or india.



Rodolfo Vaz,

China is way ahead of all other countries.

I'd like to add that Brazil has a lot to accomplish, being even behind India in order to become an economic and/or political/military superpower.



Brazil doesn't even have the power to influence South America properly, so it's unfeasible to think about influencing the world.

With all that said, I may be biased, but I believe the western world took the wrong path a while ago, and the next power will flourish from the Eastern world.



China seems to be the best candidate: big country, huge population, correct investments in Education, infrastructure and Military Power. India would be the second. Singapore and South Korea, which have done a great job at improving their countries, are too small to become an economic and military superpower. Although it's not impossible, it would be a tough task to overcome China.


Indonesia still has a lot to accomplish, just like Brazil, before being properly among the real candidates.

Russia could also be among the next candidates, but somehow they don't do proper investments, as China does, or they are hiding all the information from us




Charan Puneet Singh, an Indian

China. Following reasons:

China does not have a religious society: Hence, people in China do not see women as a threat. Compare this to current moves banning abortion in the US. Consequently women owning their health and their bodies is not a political issue for them.



China’s crime control: China is a generation ahead in using face-detection tech to prevent common crimes.

China’s technology prowess: Future wars will be very different from WW1 and WW2. They will be like conflicts in Syria, Libya and Iran, where economic and technology might will be meatier than sword. China is close to Russia and will be able to put credible defense against different non-linear attacks from West.




Rahul Manickam, Knows China and India

China is way ahead in terms of economic , political and military infrastructure than India and Brazil.

Given the current geopolitical climate, by 2030 China will be surging past the United States in all aspects,rising to world dominance.



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Wolfgang Maleck, studied at AMS Viernheim (1979)

1.The USA are a superpower, and likely to remain so for the next century, unless AOC becomes POTUS ;-(


2.CHINA IS a superpower.

Economically, they are in the discipline that counts (PRODUCING food and things) already ahead of the USA, and far ahead of everyone else (except the EU, if calculated as one country, and including the UK).



Military-wise, their true strength is not known, as they have fought only two wars past WW2, and one was a draw (Korea) and one was lost by them (Vietnam 1979). However, on paper, they are number two in military strenght, too. In reality, Russia, and probably Japan as well as the UK plus its traditional allies (AUS, NZ, CAN) are probably still a match for China.


Estimating the true capabilities of the Japanese military (also known as “self-defense forces”) is difficult for the very same reason as with China: no wars in the last decades, and the last war was lost (WW2).


3.However, JAPAN does NOT have the potential to become a superpower. EXCEPT if the two Koreas re-unite AND enter a very close cooperation with Japan.


And while the first part of the condition might be met within ten or twenty years (no one would have thought re-unification possible in Germany in 1970, or even 1980), the second part is highly unlikely unless the Chinese overplay their cards.


4.I mentioned RUSSIA. They are STILL a superpower, but mainly due to their thousands of nukes, and the fact that history (Napoleon, Hitler) shows that it is a VERY BAD idea to attack them in their home turf. But in a few years, they will be far weaker than either China or the USA. They simply lack the population base and economic base to maintain superpower status.


5.INDIA has GOOD chances to become the third strongest power (past China, and the USA) on Earth in a two or three decades. Economically as well as by military strength.


As of now, it would be a very bad idea for any single nation - even China or the USA - to attack them in their home turf, but the Indians are not yet able to PROJECT power beyond their home waters, except with nuke-tipped rockets.


6.BRAZIL does NOT have the population base and economy to become a first rate power, much less a superpower. At least not in the next decades. This could change ONLY if the South Americans unite, and accept Brazil as their natural leader. Not really likely.


7.The same goes, by the way, for INDONESIA, who COULD become a superpower ONLY if the ASEAN countries would unite and accept Indonesia as their de facto leader, with multicultural Singapore (NOT in Indonesia, but close) as their capital city. Not likely to happen. By religion, language, political system and anything, the ASEAN countries are at least as diverse as the European Union


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